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Mom Of The Month: Nicole Richie

nicole richie and harlow

Who knew Nicole Richie would pop out one (soon to be two) tot and transform into a role model? The reality TV actress has turned her drugged up party girl image around and blossomed into a mom, jewelry designer, style icon and all around do-gooder. That’s why we’re celebrating Harlow’s mama as The FAB Life’s Mom Of The Month!

Why We Love Nicole:

  • Her style: Nicole has dumped the glammed up super-skinny look for relaxed, bohemian chic.
  • Her Twitter: She pokes fun at boyfriend Joel Madden and chronicles her obsession with American Idol. Nic’s almost as normal as us – except that she tweets with pals like Ashlee Simpson and Miley Cyrus.
  • Her website: One day she’s writing about her most embarrassing moment (joining an all-girl hip-hop group at age 10) and the next day she’s video-blogging about the crisis in the Congo. Self-deprecating and aware? Amazing!
  • Her charity work: Nicole and Joel started a foundation that benefits mothers and children in need. In the words of her former BFF Paris Hilton, “That’s hot.”
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Michelle Obama Sports $540 Sneakers At The Food Bank


While we love First Lady Michelle Obama and her affinity for J. Crew cardies (note the argyle number she dons below), we have to question her judgment on these overpriced kicks she wore to the Capitol Area Food Bank in DC. To the untrained eye, they appear to be your standard $40 canvas sneakers, but upon closer inspection, they’re Lanvins detailed with satin and grosgrain ribbon laces, and will run you a hefty $540-$565 at Barneys. Co-volunteer Jill Biden was no slouch as she sported a preppy look complete with Tory Burch flats. While it’s a tad tactless to wear shoes that could feed a family for a month to a food bank, at least she’s not in a skirt suit and heels.

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[Source: Buzzfeed; Photo: Getty Images]

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Mimi And Nick Celebrate One Crazy Year Together

Mariah Carey

We can’t quite believe a year has flown by since Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon shocked the world by getting married after only dating for a short while. We thought they’d be over in six weeks, but the pair has pleasantly surprised us with their bizarre love for each other, which was apparent at their one-year anniversary bash last night.

The couple gathered family and friends in the VIP section at the Moon nightclub in Las Vegas to toast their love. They chowed down on a four-foot cake as Nick deejayed and presented a surprise video to Mariah, featuring moments from their life together that were caught on tape. The singer wept during the presentation, and declared, “I have the best man in the whole wide world.”

Nick also professed his love for his bride, telling the crowd, “This is the most amazing person in the world. I dedicate my life to her daily, and together this union is gonna last forever. She is my rock.”

Congrats, you wacky lovebirds! Let’s see if you make it to anniversary #2.  [People. Photo: Splash News Online]

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Kate Moss Rocks A Hairy Shoulder


Fashion-wise, we know that for 2009, big hair is back, back, back. Big shoulders are back too. So what an insane inspired idea to combine the two in a never-seen-before fashion mash-up! Kate Moss models the new “hairy shoulders” that are sure to take off big on the cover of V magazine — and we can’t wait to see the Topshop version hit shelves soon! Hopefully they’ll come with their own brush and de-tangling conditioner to keep them in tip top shape. Let’s also hope that they don’t frizz up if you’re caught out in the rain. Brilliant. Ahem. [Photo: Mario Testino/V Magazine]


Red Carpet Report Card

Welcome to the Red Carpet Report Card, where the stars are put to the test on their red carpet fashion choices. In today’s episode, The FABlife‘s Fashion 101 teacher, Libby Keatinge, grades Drew Barrymore, Alexis Bledel, Mischa Barton, and Katie Holmes on their red carpet style. Who balances work and play and who lets Spring Fever interfere with their studies?


30 Ways To Fashionably Avoid The Swine Flu


Did you know that fashion has a habit of taking queues from disease? In the 17th century, wigs became all the rage after some crafty person discovered they hid putrid syphilis sores. It’s also thought that the long-flowing dresses of Medieval women helped them sweep diseases into their own homes, prompting a 13th century pope to ban them.

Now we face the Swine Flu, and we’re starting to see surgical masks pop up around the globe. Although they’re theoretically effective, let’s face it – masks aren’t too chic. Not to worry. We’ve done the research and assembled 30 creative ways to stay flu-free in style, from Michael Jackson to Speidi to runway fashion.

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Style Wars: Battle Of The Supermodels

Supermodels Elle Macpherson, 45, and Claudia Schiffer, 38, look nearly as stunning today as they did in their CoverGirl heydays. Here are Claudia and Elle dropping their kids off at school in London, both rocking a big pair of shades. Tell us which momma looks more fabulous. [Photos: Splash News Online]

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Speidi Can’t Mask Their Desperation

What don’t we love about Mr. And Mrs. Attention Whore – er, Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag - in this picture? The pair arrived back from their Mexico honeymoon wearing these masks in an obvious nod to the Swine Flu frenzy sweeping North America. But that’s only the beginning of the fabulousness!

Other highlights in this pathetic pic include:

  • Spencer making the loser sign with his right hand. His muscles just naturally move into that formation, obviously.
  • His inappropriately large camera lens. You know what they say about guys who overcompensate with their cameras, right ladies?
  • Is Heidi’s fly down, or is it just wishful thinking?

To be fair to Heidi, if we had to lock lips with this dud, we’d wear a protective mask too. 


Heidi Klum Is A Super-Hot Mama


By the time they’re expecting their fourth child, most people would expect to a) be looking a little careworn by now and b) be wearing one of their ancient threadbare fit-for-the-bin maternity outfits. But not Heidi Klum! Of course not — the German supermodel (who once criticized this theFABLife scribe’s legs for being shaved, not waxed) always looks inhumanly hot. She showed off her teeny baby bump — we think it’s there somewhere — under a stunning dress at at LG Mobile Phone Party. Sigh. We can’t imagine she’ll get fat ankles, either. [Photo: Getty Images]

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