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Lauren Conrad’s Fashion Line Banished To Kohl’s


Hills starlet Lauren Conrad is taking her line overpriced cotton dresses that once sold at Kitson, and recreating it as a reasonable line of cotton dresses for sale at Kohl’s. Everybody wins! “It is a little more casual.,” LC tells Us Magazine about her new (old) line. “They are basically trying to take that California style and make it accessible everywhere.”

Another way to get California style is to slip on some $3 flip flops, snag a cheap Hanes t-shirt, and cut some jeans into shorts, but don’t tell Lauren that! She gushed a bit more about the move, saying, “…I wanted to do a contemporary line…So this was my way of being able to still do what I love and work with a great company and also make it accessible to the fans that made it possible in the first place.”  [Photo: WireImage]

Check out pics of the cast out together this week pretending to be BFF below!

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Kate Moss Boldly Goes


Gah! Has Kate Moss made a rare fashion misstep? We know the new Star Trek movie has garnered rave reviews, but should it really be the catalyst for a whole new trend? Supermodel Kate was out in London for the launch of a new diamond – of course! – and dinner at Nobu when she wore this glittery space-age creation. Of course, we’re not suggesting Kate looked anything other than stunning. That would be style heresy. But the actual dress with its shiny plastic “mom made this for the school play about space exploration” feel and those frightening Victoria Beckham-style shoulder pads just don’t do it for us. [Photo: Splash News Online]


Kelly Bensimon Stole My Owl!


The Real Housewives of New York Kelly Bensimon just keeps bringing on the drama! When she’s not fighting with her co-star Bethenny or slapping her boyfriend, Kelly is being accused of stealing someone else’s owl!

Kelly is allegedly accused of stealing an idea for a jewelry line from a former Elle colleague. Kelly and Celeste Greenberg reportedly made a verbal agreement to design and manufacture owl-themed jewelry and split the profits.

Celeste has filed a lawsuit claiming that Kelly didn’t keep her word and went off and did the designs herself! Kelly currently sells an owl pendant under her own line for $325.

Celeste has refused to comment but Kelly did – being the good press-savvy Housewife that she is – and her rep said, “This girl used to work at Elle accessories with Kelly. Kelly went out of her way to book her for freelance gigs. They went their separate ways. Now she’s coming after her because she needs money and Kelly’s name is in the press. There’s no validity to this. They never had an agreement.” [Source: NYP; Photo: Getty Images]

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Lady Gaga’s Three Dollar Secret

Hm, maybe we’re warming to Lady Gaga. At first we thought she was just Christina Aguilera with an overexcited 1980’s stylist, and her lunatic interview pronouncements didn’t help. But appearing on the UK’s Paul O’Grady show she put on a fierce performance and came across as quite sweet. Dressed in one of her reliably insane looks — thigh high laced-up white leather boots and china-doll style black lipstick, anyone? — she revealed that what makes her unique look is pretty cheap.

“I [used to have] more of a beer budget so I used to buy rhinestones and beads and find things in my apartment that were really cool and glue them onto three dollar bras from Conway,” she said.

The host also told us the only thing she asked for on her dressing-room rider was houmous. Aw. She’s like an exotic pet, really. A cockatoo.

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Victoria Beckham Keeps It Zipped


Hey, we hear it happens, Victoria Beckham. You hit 35, you’re suddenly hit by the realization that you’re now closer to 50 than you are to 20 and you just start to think, “why bother?” Isn’t it much more relaxing to just slip into easy-on clothes and embrace encroaching middle age? Well, we think a top to bottom zip is as far as Posh is going to go when it comes to chilling out on her ferociously  demanding daily fashion parade. At least it only took a few seconds to put on. Baby steps, Posh. Baby steps. [Photo: Splash News Online]


Joan Collins To Terrify Brits Into Dressing Smart


Alexis Carrington is back and she’s taking no style prisoners! Magically timed to coincide with the return of 80’s shoulder pads and fluoro colors, Joan Collins is to present a new prime-time show on British TV called Joan Does Glamour bullying showing drab women how to dress like a power-crazed H.B.I.C.

“For too long it has been acceptable to wander around in T-shirts, trainers and low slung sweat pants.  I want to show British women that you don’t need a designer budget to achieve a glamorous and timeless style and that if people took a bit more care of their appearance, they might feel a little bit better about themselves,” she says.

Gulp. Is that a promise, or a threat? Shame she’s limited her search to British women – we’d love her to get her perfectly-manicured talons on Britney Spears and Samantha Ronson. [Photo: Splash News Online]


50 Celebrity Makeovers: Vote Fab Or Fail!


One would think that Hollywood celebrities could only achieve otherworldy hotness by hiring stylists or trainers or dieticians — and maybe even slapping fine Porcelain veneers on their teeth or having the fat sucked out of their hips and/or tummies or bumping up their bra size a notch or two or three. But one would be right only part of the time.

You see, some celebs prove there’s a fine line between the pursuit and realization of hotness and total freakishness. We have compiled 50 stars who’ve had Hollywood-esque makeovers. After the jump, look at their before and after pictures — and for each makeover cast your vote “Fab or Fail.”

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Angelina Jolie Makeover: Fab Or Fail?

Mama Angelina Jolie wasn’t always the serene queen of kids that she is today. The daughter of actor Jon Voight, Angie started working as a model at the age of 14. As a teen, the star embraced anything and everything gothic, sporting dark clothes and experimenting with tattoos. (She has over a dozen, with ink written in Khmer, Latin and Arabic.) When Angelina accepted the Best Supporting Actress Award for her work in Girl, Interrupted, she rocked a skin-tight, midnight black gown and lengthy hair extensions that matched in color.

But the starlet softened as she transformed into a nurturing mother, first to son Maddox and now to an ever-expanding clan of kids. She traded in the vile of blood she once wore around her neck for simple, silhouette-hugging clothes and comfortable ballet flats. On the red carpet, Angelina outshines her fellow A-Listers with stunning gowns and minimal jewels, allowing her gorgeous face to be the main focus of her look. Of course, arm candy like Brad Pitt doesn’t hurt!

Do you prefer the Hot Mess Angelina of yesterday or the Ms. Sophisticated Mom of present?

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Gwen Stefani Makeover: Fab Or Fail?

When No Doubt first exploded onto the music scene in 1995, leader singer Gwen Stefani flaunted a fashion sense that was part punk, part ska, a bit hip-hop and totally her own. She sported henna tattoos on her hands and rocked bindis in between her eyes, with her pink hair twisted in a mound of knots on her head. She made a name for herself for singing her heart out while bouncing around onstage and for flaunting her ripped abs every chance she got.

After a bout with braces brought her fabulousness to a stand-still, Gwen transformed from a rocker chick to super chic. She released a hit solo album that celebrated her obsession with Japan’s fashion freaks, the harajuku girls, and launched her still successful clothing line, L.A.M.B. Even though Gwen’s current look is more SoHo than SoCal, her style remains strictly her own.

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Samantha Ronson Makeover: Fab Or Fail?

Samantha Ronson morphed from cutesy spawn of British socialites to hard-rocking celebrity DJ who used skinny Lindsay Lohan as a piece of arm candy. Coming from an artistically talented and wealthy family, it was only natural that Samantha would be interested in music. But who knew she would go from pop princess to punk? Before ruling the club scene with her punk-chic aesthetic, Samantha released some sugary rock tracks. In the video for her single “Pull My Hair Out,” she bebops to fluffy lines while dancing with human-sized lollipops and a cat wearing a tiara. Having traded in her pink T-shirts for ripped jeans and long hair for short, the all-new Sam is an international club DJ who rocks a tough celesbian look. She’s often spotted hunkered over with a cigarette hanging out of her mouth and sometimes shouts expletives at the paparazzi while giving them the middle finger. Fab or fail?

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