The Girls Of Twilight Go Glam In Vanity Fair


Tired of Bella hogging the spotlight? Then check out this month’s issue of Vanity Fair which features the rest of the women of Twilight who are all looking pretty gorgeous, and they don’t seem to have a problem being photographed.  The vampires vamp it up for the magazine, combining old Hollywood glamour with blood-red bridesmaid dresses (except for Nikki Reed, who’s pretty in purple).

For interviews with the cast and a video of the photo shoot, check out the Vanity Fair website. Best line of the article? Ashley Greene saying “You don’t have to be psychic to know how this movie’s going to do.” Rim shot!

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Security And Paparazzi Fight Over Kristen In Sydney: Who’s Going Too Far?

Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart‘s comparision of photographers to rapists in Elle recently may have been over the top, but there’s no denying things have gotten out of hand.  Kristen and Taylor Lautner departed Sydney yesterday when security and photographers began fighting over access to the Twilight stars. Here’s one pap’s account:

Photographers descended upon the stars eager to send them off on there way with a few photos under their belt! The scene soon turned to chaos as security manhandled and assaulted photographers, people were punched, thrown to the ground and pushed out of the way while police threatened to arrest photographers while they watched on as the pack was assaulted by hired goons, Twilight security, while Kristen and Taylor hid behind their minders.

Now that’s some unbiased reporting! If Kristen’s security really was allowed to pummel photographers while police looked on and threatened the victims, we’re guessing she wouldn’t be so upset. But with the Eclipse star also accused of cursing out photographers after enjoying a cruise down under, maybe she should cut down on the endless photo ops if she can’t handle hordes of people showing up at them. It’s not like she’s going to get much sympathy from fans who wish Robert Pattinson was their alleged lover. Either way, with Breaking Dawn not scheduled for release until November 2011, it looks like she’ll have to take this crap for a bit longer…though possibly not much longer than that.

Does Kristen need to get over the chaos or is she right to be frustrated? Tell us what you think on Twitter and in the comments below.

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Kristen Stewart Praises Her Own Family, Slams LiLo’s


Kristen Stewart has never cared what people think of her, or at least she doesn’t care to pander to the interview-and-PR-heavy life that A-list actresses have to lead. She says whatever she wants, and occasionally her comments are even misconstrued as insults toward her vampire love, Robert Pattinson, but we find her candor refreshing. We got yet another sound bite today from Stewart in the form of an interview with Elle UK and this time she takes aim at one of our favorite targets, Lindsay Lohan. Hope Lindsay wasn’t a big Twilight fan!

In  the interview, which is only partially excerpted online, Stewart praises her family for keeping her grounded, despite the fact that she made her first film at age 11. “My family are amazing,” she says. “I had like, the perfect upbringing. It sucks for people like Lindsay [Lohan], but it’s not her fault that she’s so off the rails.” Ouch, hear that, Dina and Michael? Bella Swan thinks you did a crap parenting job – but um, we totally agree with her, actually. Stewart also discusses fame and the intrusiveness of the paparazzi and how much she hates it.  “What you don’t see are the cameras shoved in my face and the bizarre intrusive questions being asked, or the people falling over themselves, screaming and taunting to get a reaction. All you see is an actor or a celebrity lit up by a flash…A lot of the time I can’t handle it. It’s f***ed. I never expected that this would be my life,” she tells the magazine, explaining why she looks so sullen in photos. The complete interview is in the July issue of Elle UK.


Eclipse Is “More Guy-Friendly,” Says Werewolf

Robert Pattinson may be busy filming Water For Elephants, but the rest of the Twilight-eers have already begun the press deluge for Eclipse (only 29 days away!!!!). Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart were in Australia this weekend, shaking hands and answering questions for fans down under. Meanwhile, Tyson Houseman, one of the new werewolves in the film, told the Sun-Times the answer to our big question: can a dude watch it without clawing his eyes out? “There’s going to be a lot more action,” he promised. “There’s a very climactic fight scene. There’s an entire war at the end of the movie, and I think it’s going to be a lot more guy-friendly.” Frankly, it would have been hard to make a more painful date movie for (straight) dudes than the two-plus hours of Bella missing Edward while Jacob stands shirtless that was New Moon.

Along with action, Houseman promises an opportunity to nerd out. “Another thing that’s really, really cool…you get a lot of really cool background stories, like with the Quileutes. And with the other vampires, too, like, you get to learn about the history, about who they are.” More action and more backstory? Don’t worry, Twi-hards, we’re sure they included plenty of staring time in the forest for you, too.

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Own Robert Pattinson’s Doodle


True story, our sister was in a meeting once with John F. Kennedy, Jr. and after it ended, she picked up a napkin that he scribbled some doodles on and it’s become a prized possession of hers. Unless you’re a stalker or garbage-rummager, you’re not likely to find the random scribblings of a super-hot celebrity though, but for the next week, you can bid on one. Robert Pattinson created a doodle that’s currently accepting bids on eBay to raise money for PACT: Parents And Abducted Children Together.

The charity sounds like it’s full of Twi-hards, judging from their description of the drawing. They write “Where else are you, RPattz fanatic, going to buy what may just be an original self portrait penned by Rob himself that will go to aid such a great cause? You just won’t. So get excited, get that blood pumping, think about Edward Cullen’s eyes and go bid now!” The highest bid is currently at $940, so scrape that babysitting money together, Edward lovers, you can do this!

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In Defense Of Kristen’s Lust For Rob


In a behind-the-scenes video of Kristen Stewart (photos) shooting a spread for Flaunt, she casually chatters while adorably fussing with her well-moussed coif and exchanging her on-set pumps for all-black Converse. The interviewer asks Stewart about inner beauty, and after denying them some cheeseball sound bite, she answered “I’ve never really gone out with someone I’ve found attractive, initially.” This is where countless media outlets gasped, foamed at the mouth, removed all context and rabidly announced “Kristen Stewart Thinks Robert Pattinson Is Ugly!” 

We’re here to defend KStew and her occasional inarticulateness, and call out the insanity that anyone with the ability of sight (or feeling, hey, we have to believe a run through his glorious mop could tingle the loins) would ever think RPattz is anything but drop-dead. Kristen met Rob at their audition for Twilight, when he was just some tousle-haired, bushy-eyebrowed British actor who played Cedric in Harry Potter. And while we’ve always thought the international hysteria-inducer was handsome, after we had the joy (that’s an understatement) of interviewing Robert Pattinson, we fell head-over-heels for his self-deprecating humor and befuddled attitude regarding his fame. We’re confident Kristen simply meant she fell for his bumbling goofiness, not his gorgeous good looks, like anyone who passes a magazine stand. Though given the eye-f*cking that went down on Oprah, we’re certain the secret lovers are plenty attracted to one another.

Video of KStew’s allegedly dissing RPattz below.

Robsten photos galore after the jump. Read more…


Bella’s Windblown, Jane’s Snooty, Riley’s Furious In Latest Eclipse Posters


We had hardly begun wiping up the drool from the Muse music video premiere, and these arrived in our inbox. Our friends/enablers over at Summit just made our day even better by sending us three new Eclipse character banners featuring the Volturi, the heart-throbbing trifecta, and the newborns led by Riley. From what we’ve seen thus far, there was no shortage of male hair product on this set. [Photo: Summit Entertainment]

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Latest Muse Music Video Explodes Hearts Of Twihards Everywhere

Let us first apologize for making you all suffer a week after feeding you a 30-second sneak peek of Muse‘s music video for “Neutron Star Collision (Love Is Forever).” We’re making it up to with the fully-amazing, full-length premiere. Team Edward will be squealing over the footage of the gorgeous vamp proposing, brooding and then sucking face with Bella. Did we mention the song rocks?! We just set it to loop x infinity. Enjoy!

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Five Things Ellen Taught Us About Rob

Robert Pattinson (photos) appeared on Ellen today to discuss Eclipse, his adorable shyness, and as we mentioned earlier, his mostly-favored new haircut. While RPattz was as bumbling and giggly as ever, Ellen was able to pry five fun facts from the hysteria-inducing hunk:

5. He thinks he’s more beautiful than Julia Roberts. When Ellen asked RP how he felt about being named one of People‘s most beautiful people, he said he didn’t realized ranking was involved, and jokingly said that Julia Roberts “came out of nowhere” and he had been working on the title all year.

4. He “doesn’t think well in real-time.” When asked why he’s more at ease with a script in hand and the cameras rolling than in interviews, Pattinson said he hasn’t perfected the art of thinking before he speaks.

3. He shaved his head due to a bad case of “nits” AKA head lice. Truthfully he lopped off his lovely locks for his role opposite Reese Witherspoon in Water For Elephants, but he jumped at the chance to start a rumor that didn’t involve knocking up Kristen Stewart.

2. He practiced ballet until he was 10 years old, then “realized he was a guy.” Ellen then joked that Rob missed his opportunity to hookup with female dancers, but given he and KStew‘s eye-f*cking extravaganza on Oprah, we think Robsten (photos) is doing just fine.

1. He cannot be identified by his pecs. Producing a studio full of girl boners, Ellen invited one lucky audience member to participate in “Pattin’ Pattinson” where while blindfolded, she had to pick Rob out of a line-up just by feelin’ him up. She failed at the game, but won the award of luckiest b*tch on the planet, second only to Kristen.


Ashley Greene And Kellan Lutz Will Return To Twilight


Well, it’s official: playing chicken with your career really does pay off, and it paid off big time for the good-looking blow-up dolls supporting cast of Twilight. Kellan Lutz and Ashley Greene are confirmed for the fourth and fifth installments of the series, and they are each receiving almost $1.5 million per film each. Not quite the $4 million per film Ashley and Kellan were hoping for, but at least they realized that maybe they weren’t worth that much after all.

A source close to Summit Entertainment, the films’ production company, stated “The studio realized how valuable Ashley and Kellan are to the franchise and did what they needed to do to keep them.” Yeah, Summit may not have wanted to pay that much, but they aren’t stupid. The Twilight fan base would probably have a sh*t fit if two more actors were replaced, and the new cast would have likely been distracting and gotten the wrong kind of press for the film (because you just can’t replace actors in a franchise, did we learn nothing from Teen Wolf 2?). So Twi-hards, are you satisfied with the decision to keep these two on board and pay them more for 12 minutes of screen time than we’ll make in our lives?

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