Taylor Lautner Gets Wet For Rolling Stone

taylor lautner

Taylor Lautner spent a relaxing day at the beach for a Rolling Stone photo shoot yesterday, engaging in some of his favorite pastimes: posing on his motorcycle, playing football in the surf, and doing flips and handstands while soaked to the bone in a white t-shirt and jeans. Despite all the attention, he’s still just your average 17-year-old…with serious abs.

We can flip higher, but you can still check out Lautner’s acrobatics in the gallery below.

[Photo: Splash News Online]

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Kristen Stewart, Lip-Biting Beauty

Our pal Dan over at College Humor noticed something funny about Kristen Stewart: the girl gets off on biting her lip – a lot. In just about every movie she’s in, she’s constantly chomping down on her pretty pink mouth. We’ve seen her do it in interviews too, so it must just be some strange habit K-Stew can’t kick. Perhaps she’s just practicing her vamp moves for Breaking Dawn?


TWI-CATS: New Moon Fandom Spans Species

Much to the Internet’s discomfort, the last few months have produced hundreds of videos of teenagers high on hormones reacting to the Twilight: New Moon trailer. While their overly exuberant and awkwardly sexual screams may have caused you to vow to avoid movie theaters on November 20th (New Moon‘s release date), we would like our readers to know that not all Twi-hards are deafening.

There exists a quieter, much cuter, feline fanbase. They call themselves “Twi-Cats” and they’re blowing up YouTube with their little paws, purring over Jacob’s muscles and captivated by Edward’s confrontation with the Volturi. TheFABlife has compiled the most die-hard of Twi-Cats into one video for your viewing pleasure. Meeeeeeow!

[Starring, in no particular order: Chloe, Cleo, Finn, Rudy, Winston, Bronson Shaw Floofenheimer, John Pookie McClane, Sebastian, Abigail, Sadie and Stella]

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Video: Death Cab For Cutie’s “Meet Me On The Equinox” From New Moon Soundtrack

We’re only six weeks out from the premiere of the next installment in the Twilight film series, and New Moon fever is officially underway. Today we celebrate Cullen mania with the world premiere of Death Cab for Cutie‘s new video for their song “Meet Me on the Equinox,” the first single to be released off the New Moon soundtrack. Cue squeals and excited shrieks – now!

Death Cab bassist Nick Harmer said of the new track, “This song marks the first attempt that Death Cab for Cutie has ever made at contributing new, unreleased material for a film.  It just seems a perfect synergy that a band from the Northwest would create a song for a series of novels set in the Northwest.  We are not only proud to be a part of the Twilight legacy but also honored to join so many other fantastic artists that have leant their amazing creativity to this soundtrack.”

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The Twilight Cast: Before They Were Stars


While Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner may now be international heartthrobs, they each had to start somewhere… whether that be in class with Harry Potter, panicking opposite Jodi Foster, or appearing in 3D as Sharkboy.  The cast members who’ve blown-up since Twilight have not only gained hordes of spastic teenage fans, but have also received seriously glam-tastic makeovers. Take a look at your favorite Twi-stars and see how far they’ve come.  [Photos: Warner Bros., Getty Images]


Before hitting it big time as Bella Swan, Kristen Stewart had already made a name for herself amongst movie critics. She nabbed four Young Artist Award nominations for her roles in Panic Room opposite Jodie Foster (2002), Cold Creek Manor (2003), Undertow (2004), and Into The Wild (2007). Though she’s now grown into a sizzlin’ young woman with millions of drooling fans, Stewart continues to take her work seriously, avoiding the party scene and keeping her love life (she’s rumored to be dating co-star Robert Pattinson) on the down low.

Check out Kristen’s co-stars’ before and after pics – and a giant gallery – below the jump!

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Robert Pattinson Can’t Avoid Fame, Gets His Own Documentary Film


We feel so bad for poor Robert Pattinson. The guy clearly just wants to be left alone to play guitar and not wear deoderant while hanging out with secret girlfriend Kristen Stewart, and instead he’s stuck being written about by, well, bloggers like us who are infatuated with him. And it’s only getting worse; RPattz is now the subject of a documentary film entitled Robsessed, which follows the star from childhood, through his modeling career and his current stint as the most talked about guy on earth.

The funny thing is, Rob’s had a pretty uneventful life. He seems to come from a normal family and has only made a handful of movies. The most interesting thing the guy did this past year – besides, you know, conquering the planet – is switch up his NY Yankees hat for a new white cap. Considering the way in which he and KStew bolted from the cameras this weekend after dinner together in Vancouver, we can’t imagine the guy is gonna be thrilled the continued attention.

The real question is – will his fans, who are super-protective of the star and his privacy, spend $20 to satisfy their Rob-lust, or will they stand by their man and snub Robsessed? [Photo: Splash News Online]

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Robsten Attacked By Photogs After Dinner Date


Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were accosted early Sunday morning following an intimate dinner in Vancouver. The maybe-dating co-stars got together with singer pal Sam Bradley for a 3 hour feast that ended on a sour note when they were swarmed by photographers and followed into their hotel by a nosy cameraman. In the video below, provided by GossipCop, you can see Kristen get visibly upset with the guy as she and RPattz shuffle into an elevator together at the end of the night.

Twilight fans – who are adorably protective of the beloved co-stars – expressed their anger over the paparazzi’s uncouth behavior by twittering their disgust, turning #paparazzisucks into a trending topic on the micro-blogging network. There’s even now a fan-created petition to Summit Entertainment requesting that the production company provide the stars with beefed up security. Do you agree? Check out the video of the night’s events below the jump and tell us. [Photo: Splash News Online]

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Taylor Lautner: Werewolf Abs Before Puberty


In recent interviews, Twilight hottie Taylor Lautner has been discussing his strict workout regime to acheive a werewolf-worthy physique. He may have been slurping protein shakes and doing crunches, but these photos we stumbled upon from 2005 prove there are certainly some good genes working in his favor. At the pre-pubescent age of 13, Lautner was already flashing his washboard abs at the premiere of Sahara. Here’s hoping they write Lautner’s break-dancing moves into Eclipse. [Photos: Summit Entertainment, Getty Images]

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Pipin’ Hot New Moon Pics


Summit Entertainment has just made our Tuesday with a Twi-tastic gift in our inbox: three new one-sheets for New Moon! Each poster features a posse of Twilight in all their glory. Enjoy!

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RPattz Thought Twilight Would Be “Really Small”


Poor dazzling, dumb Robert Pattinson. The British actor has revealed that he had no idea what he was getting into when he agreed to play a handsome, thoughtful, virginal vampire alongside Kristen Stewart in the Twilight movie series. In next month’s cover story in AnOther Man magazine, RPattz reveals that he thought the flick would be “something really small.” Oops!

“It’s strange because even though the figures show that the books were successful and sold millions of copies, you couldn’t even buy them in London,” reveals the hottest man alive. “I tried a couple of bookshops and they weren’t available. Hardly anyone I knew had read them apart from one girl, a friend of my sister. I had no idea at all. I’d seen Kristen Stewart in Into the Wild and some of the director Catherine Hardwicke’s other films, and that’s all I thought it was, something really small.”

And, well, we all know how that turned out. Twilight is huge, 1.6 gazillion teenage girls want Rob to touch their lady parts (poor guy), and the rest is history. Amazingly, he has yet to turn into a fame hungry attention whore (aka Lindsay Lohan Syndrome), choosing instead to shun the spotlight. “I don’t find any particular pleasure in being an attention-seeker,” says Rob. Too bad his legions of screaming, grabby fans don’t seem to care about his desire to disappear. [via DazedDigital]

Check out more sexy pics of Rob from the AnOther Man photoshoot.

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