Exclusive: Christina Perri Weighs In On RobSten Relationship, Twilight

Singer/songwriter Christina Perri is one of the most famous Twilight fans around, and VH1 caught up with her recently and of course got her opinion on the effect Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson‘s recent relationship issues will have on the Twilight franchise. Her opinion: not much.

“I wrote ‘A Thousand Years’ for Edward and Bella because that’s my favorite love story,” she said of her song on the Breaking Dawn soundtrack. “Rob and Kristen, I think, are completely separate from Edward and Bella.” She added, “It’s their personal life. I think it’s totally separate.”

As for their relationship ups and downs (and now ups again, according to every tabloid today) affecting the Twilight franchise and fans? “It shouldn’t,” she said. “Because Twi-hards are Twi-hards for a reason.”

That we are!

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Have Robert Pattinson And Kristen Stewart Been Meeting In Secret?

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart

Is this the glimmer of hope we’ve been waiting for? Because neither Robert Pattinson nor Kristen Stewart ever said anything about breaking up in the aftermath of that Rupert Sander mess, many fans — our own Kate Spencer included — were crossing their fingers and toes that these kids two would work things out. Kristen’s ambiguous “We’re totally fine” statement at Toronto was the first indication that all was not as dire as some suspected. Now we’re hearing reports from two outlets that the Twilight supercouple have been meeting in secret.

A source told People that they met in Los Angeles last weekend and that Rob’s friends “think they’ll be a couple again.” He reportedly has discovered that moving on is “clearly harder than expected.” And two separate sources also told E! Online that Rob and Kristen have been talking and have met in two different locations.

This sounds pretty promising, especially since it’s coming from multiple sources. What do you guys think?

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Perks, Breaking Dawn, Les Miz, More: Our Top 10 Fall Movies Picks At A Glance

The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Django Unchained, Les Miserables and Breaking Dawn Part 2 are among the 10 fall movies we're dying to see

Some of us love to pore over every fall movie preview we can get our hands on, reading reviews from Cannes and Toronto, marking our calendars with premiere dates and pre-ordering our tix on Fandango as soon as we can. For others, that sounds way too much like homework. That’s why we made this quick little guide to the top 10 flicks we’re dying to see, with the kind of blurb that won’t tax your short attention spans. And sure, we’re leaving out a whole bunch of Oscar contenders, guilty pleasures and interesting films we’ll eventually watch, but this is a list based on fandom, gut instinct and, yeah, intense crushes. Here they are in (order of premiere date):

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The Perks of Being a Wallflower: Logan Lerman will make you cry, you will wish Emma Watson and Ezra Miller were your best friends, and you will go home and hunt down your long-lost mixtapes. In select theaters September 21.

Pitch Perfect: No one does smart-talking like Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson is our new imaginary girlfriend, and we think Elizabeth Banks (who produced) can do no wrong. In theaters September 28.

Alex Cross: We can’t wait to see how Tyler Perry does with someone else’s lines … as a sexy detective, no less. And Matthew Fox’s weightloss is purely fascinating. In theaters October 19.

Skyfall: Daniel Craig is our weakness — and in this James Bond installment, we’ll get to see the skeleton in Q’s closet. Let’s forget Quantum of Solace ever happened. In theaters November 9.

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2: We’ve been waiting for four years to see vampire Bella and the X-Men-style throwdown of Cullen clan vs. Volturi. In theaters November 16.

Silver Linings Playbook: Jennifer Lawrence finally gets to have some fun in a movie, opposite Sexiest Man Alive Bradley Cooper, and they’re both playing mentally unstable people in a movie directed by possibly mentally unstable filmmaker David O. Russell. In theaters November 21.
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Kristen Stewart Had James Franco Swooning Again In Toronto: Report

Kristen Stewart at an On the Road screening in New York

One look at Kristen Stewart in her stunning hair and makeup, white Balenciaga button-down and harem pants at last night’s screening of On the Road in New York, and we wonder what guy in his right mind hasn’t had thoughts of swooping in on the actress in an attempt to be her rebound. We still don’t know if she and Robert Pattinson have actually broken off their relationship — and we’re not making any pronouncements on that front. We’re just saying that, according to at least one report, there are guys possibly making a move to be her rebound. Guys like James Franco. Maybe.

We know Franco is a huge admirer of Stewart, based on the effusive Snow White and the Huntsman review he wrote for the Huffington Post back in June. Now Radar Online is reporting that his admiration went a little further when the two met in Toronto over the weekend. A source said they talked for 20 minutes, during which James praised Kristen’s work in On the Road.

“She seemed at ease in his company, and he was certainly making her laugh,” the source said. “She was wearing a huge grin on her face. At the end of their chance meeting, James took Kristen’s number and asked her out for dinner. Kristen initially said no, but is mulling over the idea. She knows she has to move on now following her break up with Rob.”

All of this sounds like a huge leap to conclusions based on observing someone else’s conversation. We’re sure we’d be grinning too, if the ever-charming and weird James Franco started complimenting us. That doesn’t automatically mean we’d be planning our future romance together. Anyway, between this meeting and the stories of Kristen’s encounters with Emma Watson and Jennifer Lawrence, it sounds like she was the most popular girl in Toronto last weekend!

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Weighing The Pros And Cons of Sitting Through A 10 Hour Twilight Movie Marathon

A press release just crossed the wire from our friends at Summit/Lionsgate, announcing an official Twilight movie marathon happening at theaters around the country on November 15. Fans will be able to watch all the films back-to-back leading up to a 10PM screening of the final film in the franchise, Breaking Dawn: Part 2. This is a super cool offering (and also a nice way to rake in some extra Twilight cash) but man, ten hours of Twilight? In a row? While we’re into seeing every meadow scene in a row, there are only so many minutes of werewolves in jorts that we can handle! Let’s weight the pros and cons of such an event, shall we? Because, truth be told, while ten hours seems long we may be convinced that this is indeed a good idea.


  • 10 hours of intense Edward stares.
  • You could eat popcorn and Junior Mints for like, three meals.
  • Follow the journey through all five films of two of the most important Twilight props: the cactus and the dream catcher.
  • You get to see the movies together as one actual saga. (This is like our one “serious” reason because honestly, it is pretty cool).
  • So many ridiculous wigs and hair transformations to admire in such a short time!
  • When you sit down to enjoy the uh, action in Breaking Dawn: Part 2, all those Edbella makeout sessions (er, and more) will be fresh in your mind.

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Kristen Stewart Is “Totally Fine” With RPattz, Totally Cool With Jennifer Lawrence

Kristen Stewart at the Toronto Film Festival

Not only did Kristen Stewart get to enjoy the kudos surrounding On the Road during her visit to the Toronto Film Festival last week, she also had the chance to put two big rumors/fears to rest: 1) That the promotional tour for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 is going to be really awkward, and 2) that she has an ongoing feud with Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence.

When asked about the potential weirdness of promoting Breaking Dawn with Robert Pattinson, she told The Associated Press, “We’re going to be fine. We’re totally fine.”

Then Stewart and Lawrence finally quashed rumors that spread this spring about a supposed rivalry between the 22-year-old actresses. They met in person for the first time while doing press at the Intercontinental Hotel. “People who saw them said they were geeking out about each other,” a source told Us Weekly. “Kristen and Jennifer told friends they had emailed in the past but had never seen each other face to face. They’re big fans of each other.”
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Twilight‘s Elizabeth Reaser Explains Why She’s Finally Getting Her Twitter On

As prevalent as Twitter is among both celebs and regular folks alike, we sometimes forget what a huge step it is for someone, particularly a public figure, to decide to put it all out there, 140 characters at a time.

“I’ve stayed away from Twitter for a long time because I didn’t trust myself with such a very intimate but public way of relating to the world,” Twilight star and Twitter newcomer (@reasereaser) Elizabeth Reaser told VH1’s Kate Spencer on the red carpet at the VMAs. “But I feel like I’ve studied it enough, and I realized I was going on other people’s Twitter pages and I love seeing what my friends are up to. I love communicating with people, and I’ve actually kind of fallen in love with it.

“It’s a legal form of voyeurism, and I’m into it,” she added. “You don’t have to leave the house but you can communicate.”

After just five days on the service, Reaser admitted, “I’m really addicted to it now. It’s embarrassing. I’m having a really good time.” And we’re having a good time following her. In addition to chatting with her onscreen husband Peter Facinelli as they took in the VMAs last night, the actress also shared a couple of awesome pictures of herself: first in the car on the way to the show, then with the Fierce Five.

Elizabeth Reaser on the way to the VMAs

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Jackson Rathbone Opens Up About Being A New Dad On The VMA Red Carpet, Melts Our Hearts

We have no idea which is cuter: Jackson Rathbone’s new baby boy, or Jackson Rathbone describing his new baby boy. Check out the video above and you’ll see what we mean. It’s a tossup! VH1’s Kate Spencer caught up with the Twilight actor on the VMA red carpet last night, and asked him about life as a dad since the birth of his son Monroe Jackson Rathbone VI in early July. And it sounds pretty darn adorable.

“I’m used to long hours and late nights, but it’s much more rewarding raising a little baby,” says the 27-year old. “He’s the most wonderful thing. He’s so beautiful, he’s got the greatest smile, little dimples.” Not only is he super precious, but he’s also a sleeper. “We’re blessed because he sleeps through the night,” he added. Sounds like the ideal baby situation to us!

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The Latest Breaking Dawn, Part 2 Sneak Peek: A Reflection In GIFs

Many a Twi-Hard heart was aflutter during tonight’s MTV Video Music Awards, counting the seconds to the promised Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 sneak peek. Naturally it was held until well into the show, and now we’re left wondering…was it worth the wait? Maybe we’re hitting the early stages of Twilight burnout (say it ain’t so!) or maybe it really was the same material we’ve seen mixed up a bit. We’ve pulled nine GIFs to illustrate loop-style what we learned, or perhaps just reviewed.

1. There will be blood, yes, and also sponsorship.

2. Jane has perfected her cat eye makeup.

3. Bella’s got mad cougar-catchin’ skillz.

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Kristen Stewart Channels Mad Men At On The Road Toronto Premiere

Kristen Stewart at the Toronto Film Festival

Because we haven’t yet seen any of the interviews Kristen Stewart did during her first public appearance since what Kevin Hart calls her “mistake,” we are forced to dip into our imaginations here. As she stepped out to promote On the Road at the Toronto International Film Festival, Kristen looked as spectacular as always in an elegant-but-edgy, floral-print Zuhair Murad dress. But here’s what else we noticed — with this super-feminine dress and her hair up in a high pony-tail, Kristen Stewart looks like Megan Draper’s long-lost sister on Mad Men. On the Road takes place in the beat era, a good 10 years before MM, so this outfit is no homage to Kerouac and company. But you know what a central theme on Mad Men is, right? Adultery. Adultery as a very complex, regrettable but sometimes forgivable and somehow natural tendency of human nature. So, is this another Freudian slip by the girl who seemingly wore her maybe-ex’s T-shirt to the airport yesterday? Something to chew on.

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