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Kristen Stewart Arrives In Toronto With Awesome Hair, Shirt Of Possibly Tragic Origin

Kristen Stewart arrives in Toronto

Who arrives at their destination after a cross-continental flight and looks better than when they took off? Kristen Stewart, naturally. Late last night, the actress landed in Toronto, where she’ll attend the Toronto International Film Festival screening of On the Road today. It will be her first public appearance since that whole traumatic mess blew up in July, so she was understandably press shy as the paps snapped her before taking off and after landing. Still, she looked pretty damn good in her T-shirt, jeans, leather jacket, dark-framed glasses and loose, wavy hair. Unfortunately, she made one mistake that People and Radar have already pounced on: That “Irie” T-shirt is one that maybe-ex-boyfriend Robert Pattinson was photographed wearing when he walked his dog last year. And god, when you think about it, this is really both devastating and embarrassing.

Kristen Stewart at LAX
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Breaking Dawn Director Bill Condon Gets Us Hyped For Vampire FX

Kristen Stewart, Mackenzie Foy, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner in Breaking Dawn Part 2

For some of you, the pinnacle of all things Twilight was the honeymoon scene in Breaking Dawn – Part 1. Personally, I’ve been dying for the ultimate Cullen-Volturi showdown since, oh, August 2008. It sounds like the folks behind the film were looking forward to it too. In an interview with MTV News, director Bill Condon gave a few details about some of the effects that they’re employing to illustrate the vampires’ various supernatural abilities. And we thought we couldn’t be more excited for this movie.

“Oh man, there are so many [effects] that are so beautiful,” he said. “I love the way, it’s very creepy, but I love the way that Alec’s mist looks. He has that mist that can make you blind, deaf and dumb, so that’s looking really good. It feels like the best Hammer [horror] movie you’ve ever seen. It’s a little different [type of mist] and sort of has tentacles that can get inside you and all that stuff.”

Dakota Fanning and Cameron Bright in Breaking Dawn Part 2

Ooh, that does sound creepy. So does the effect their using to show of Renesmee’s (Mackenzie Foy) special skill. “Her power, she touches somebody and she can show them what’s in her head and that you develop. There are some visual things, but a lot of that is done through Carter Burwell’s score, but then just recently in the mixing Dane Davis, who is a brilliant sound designer, he did The Matrix and so many other movies, he had her just speak and read poetry and things like that, and he’s turned it into hundreds of tracks. You don’t actually hear words but it becomes the chattering of her [voice], it’s a very abstract effect that I’ve never heard before. It’s really cool.”
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Robert Pattinson’s Car Talk, Underwear Dare On Kimmel Make Him The Most Regular Guy Ever

OK, so he’s charming, handsome and stars in a lot of hit movies, but deep down — scratch that, even on the surface — Robert Pattinson is also like every other guy on the planet. That’s what we learned from his appearance on last night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live. In an interview that involved absolutely no food, but a lot more talk-showy-type anecdotes than RPattz normally tells, the Cosmopolis star chatted with Kimmel about wanting to sell his cars, all of which he bought on Craigslist. “I buy everything off Craigslist,” he said. Just like most of the guys you’ve dated, right?

“You will show up at a person’s house and look at an item, like a car, and then negotiate with them?” Kimmel asked incredulously.

“Every single car I’ve bought,” he said. He said he bought his first BMW for $1000, with his agent and manager in tow, back in 2008, “literally to negotiate the price of a $1,000 car.” And three months ago, he doubled his vehicle spending when he purchased a 2001 Chevy Silverado truck for $2,000 from “this guy who lived with his parents,” in order to go for bike rides with his assistant.

Earlier in the interview, Pattinson recounted how he discovered that his favorite cycling spot turned out to be a place where people went “dogging” — as in, cruising for sex in a public space — after he rode by a raid in progress. So that was a little less “regular guy” and a little more There’s Something About Mary.
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Rob Pattinson’s Busy Week In GIF Wall Form

Rob Pattinson may not have dished the much-desired dirt on his relationship status while hopping from interview to interview promoting Cosmopolis in NYC this week, but he did provide a plethora of must-GIF moments. Over the last four days, Rob ate ice cream on The Daily Show, danced around personal questions on Good Morning America, promised he’s ok on Showbiz Tonight, laughed off awkward questions at TimesTalks, rang the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange and talked about everything but Kristen with MTV’s Josh Horowitz. From his contagious giggle to brooding contemplation to showing his teeth, Rob’s gorgeous, expressive mug is one that should be admired on loop. So have at it!

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5 Robert Pattinson Quotes That Will Immediately Be Misinterpreted Following His MTV Interview

Bravo to Robert Pattinson and MTV News for an excellent interview last night that managed to include neither food nor awkward questions about his love life. “This isn’t Oprah or Dr. Phil,” Josh Horowitz promised, probably disappointing all of the other gossip sites of the world. Which is why we just know that Rob’s answers to questions both silly and serious about Cosmopolis and the rest of his career are going to be picked apart for clues about how he feels about Kristen Stewart. We’re going to make a preemptive strike here and list those statements, just so any willful misinterpreters know we’re onto them.

1. Rob has shot a gun “many times, just recently.” Is he working off frustration and picturing Rupert Sanders’ face at the shooting range? Um, OR he is preparing to play an army interrogator in Mission: Blacklist and any other action movie he wants to do after that.

2. “I’ve been writing a lot of [music] recently.” Oh, the breakup must have inspired him to write all sorts of sad songs! OR, his crazy busy movie schedule is finally letting up enough so that he has the free time to return to his other passion.
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What Will Robert Pattinson Eat Next?

Though fans waited with bated breath for Rob Pattinson to spill the beans about his relationship (or breakup) with Kristen Stewart on the Cosmopolis press tour (we didn’t actually think he would, right?), one thing has been for certain, there’s been a whole lot more going in his mouth than coming out. After both The Daily Show and Good Morning America provided Rob edible scapegoats to avoid discussing his personal life, our wheels are turning about what tasty diversion MTV.COM could possibly provide him for tonight’s interview. In fact, what would other TV shows possibly serve up as a vehicle for Rob’s notorious (and darling) rambling? Our ideas below.

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Robert Pattinson’s Fly Was Down At TimesTalks, But He Stayed Zipped Up About Kristen Stewart

Psst. PSST! Hey. Hey Rob! Your fly’s down. Robert Pattinson has been making the rounds these past few days, going for a full media blitz in the wake of the Category 500 sh-tstorm surrounding his breakup with Twilight co-star Kristen Stewart. On the surface it’s merely to publicize his upcoming Cosmopolis film, but the romantic split is obviously on everyone’s mind. So far he’s hit up The Daily Show, GMA, and last night he attended TimesTalks alongside director David Cronenberg. With so many places to be and so many people to talk to, it’s no surprise that you get kind of fried and little things start to fall through the cracks. Like zipping your pants, for example.

But one thing he did stay zipped up about was the drama with Kristen. New York Times journalist David Carr broached the subject during the live interview, which was also broadcast online. Comparing Robsten to the English royal family, Carr asked “So if you and Kristen have trouble it’s like Charles and Di having trouble?” To be fair, Rob himself had brought up the subject of monarchy, blaming American’s addition to fame on its lack of a royal family. So Carr took the opportunity to swoop in with the K-Stew question, and reaction from the crowd was not kind. According to the Daily News, the room filled with boos and shouts of “Next question!” were heard. Rob seemed caught off guard and gave a lengthy pause before responding “Well, uh, Charles…No, I wouldn’t go that far.”

On the other side of the relationship ring, Kristen is apparently seething over her portrayal in the media. Sources tell TMZ that while the actress obviously feels intense guilt and remorse, she’s furious that Rupert Sanders isn’t facing anywhere near the scrutiny and criticism that she has dealt with in the past few weeks. With rumors of being kicked out of a Snow What And The Huntsman sequel, K-Stew is concerned about her reputation and feels that she’s being punished far to heavily for a mistake. Although she’s taken responsibility for her actions, friends say Kristen is angry that Rupert -who is 19-years older with a wife and children- isn’t being painted as a bigger villain. Friends like Jodie Foster have stepped up to show their support, but Kristen is reportedly (and rightfully) tired of taking the heat for a mistake that was caused by two people.

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New Breaking Dawn – Part 2 Stills Remind Us Of A Simpler Time

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart

Imagine, if you would, a time before we ever knew that Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson were a real-life couple. A time when they were fresh new faces to most of us, the perfect embodiment of characters that had previously lived only in our heads after we’d become obsessed with Stephenie Meyer‘s Twilight books. A time when it was just exciting enough to imagine how much passion they’d bring to the screen as Edward and Bella. Ooof. It’s hard, we know, but it seems like we need to go back to those days and completely separate what we know of the real-life drama between Kristen and Robert. We — and probably the folks at Summit Entertainment — hope that these newly released stills from Breaking Dawn – Part 2 will remind us all that the fictional Edward and Bella are still going to get their happily ever after. That is, of course, after they gather up all their special allies and face down the threat of the Volturi who are convinced that Renesmee represents the ultimate violation of vampire law. With the exception of the photo of Bella showing her daughter her new locket and a pic of Meyer in that legendary field of flowers, these pics aren’t entirely new; they all debuted in the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly. But they’re new to our site, and we’re going to enjoy every last pixel of them like they’re our very own pints of Cinnamon Toast Crunch-flavored Ben and Jerry’s. (OMG, B&J, you need to make that a thing.)

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Most Revealing Thing Fans Gathered From Rob Pattinson’s Daily Show Interview Was His Distaste For Ice Cream

Robert Pattinson may or may not be back on the market, but if you ladies had a master plan to woo him with chilled dairy product – restrategize. The Daily Show‘s Jon Stewart meant well, serving up the indulgence of choice for many going through relationship turbulence, and Rob politely ate a few melty scoops. What may not have been apparent to the untrained (er, anyone not scouring the footage while creating GIFs) was Rob’s arduous effort to get that B&J’s down his perfectly-stubbled gullet. We’re still unclear whether it was the flavor at hand – Karamel Sutra – or if he just prefers his desserts in loquat pie form (tear).

Bonus GIF of Rob blaming his “Double Spanx” below:


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    Robert Pattinson’s Stock Exchange Appearance Proves Operation “Career After Twilight” Is In Full Effect

    David Cronenberg and Robert Pattinson ring the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange

    Long before that Kristen Stewart thing we don’t want to talk about, and even as the steady stream of Breaking Dawn – Part 2 promo pics and teasers began to flow, Robert Pattinson was on a mission. Not to alienate the Twilight fans who made him a household name, but to reel in a whole new audience as well — the film-critic types, the artsy folk, the Wall Street types who’d never be caught dead watching sparkly vampires — with his sexy, weird David Cronenberg film Cosmopolis. We saw it in his European magazine interviews, his Cannes appearances and, of course, in the sneak peeks of the film itself.

    And though the rest of us got pretty distracted by his Twilight-entangled love-life woes, the past two days are proof that Pattinson will not be sidetracked from his goal. He gamely showed up for the New York premiere of the movie last night, and was an amazing sport for his appearance on The Daily Show. He knew we’d all tune in to see what he’d say about Kristen, and yet he managed to end the interview on his terms, challenging Twilight fans to help make Cosmopolis a huge success at the box office. And this morning, he and Cronenberg took part in the time-honored tradition of people from all sorts of walks of life ringing the opening bell of the New York Stock Exchange. Sure, there are probably plenty of Twi-hards buying and selling stocks and bonds on Wall Street, but it’s also a big push to make Rob’s own stock rise as an actor who can appeal to all kinds of crowds. Also, he made his typically adorable range of faces throughout the appearance. Enjoy!

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