Jason Biggs Won’t Return to ‘Orange Is the New Black,’ Prince Harry Rumored to be Dating Emma Watson + More in Today’s Last Lap

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Netflix confirms Jason Biggs‘ temporary departure from Orange Is the New Black, Prince Harry and Emma Watson have reportedly been secretly dating, an American Horror Story: Freak Show actor is in critical condition, and more celebrity news.

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‘Whiplash’ Director Damien Chazelle Talks Being the Oscars’ Underdog

by (@t_akino)

If you asked director Damien Chazelle at Sundance 2014 if he could imagine himself getting fitted for a suit for the Oscars this weekend, he’d probably laugh it off. The Rhode Island native, who graduated with a degree from Harvard’s Visual and Environmental studies program in 2007, moved to L.A. a few years ago, taking every writer-for-hire gig he could find. It wasn’t until he linked up with Jason Reitman and J.K. Simmons to make the little indie film that could, Whiplash (available on Blu-ray Feb. 24), that success began to barrel his way.
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Black Cult Classic Films Streaming on Netflix


Juice Black Cult Classics-Jasmine Grant

These nostalgic cult classics may not have won Oscars, but they’ve delivered tons of iconic quotes, life lessons, and may have even inspired a few stand out celebrity Halloween costumes (Keri Hilson and Serge Ibaka as Lisa McDowell and Prince akeem — genius). This time of year, there’s nothing better than snuggling up and having a Netflix night complete with the flicks that made you laugh, cry, and discover your first Hollywood crush (looking at you, Morris Chestnut). Read more…

Which Famous Neighbor Does Orlando Bloom Hate Living Next Door To?

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Luckily, Taylor Swift won’t have to shake anything off when it comes to Orlando Bloom wanting to move the hell away from her. Reports claim Bloom isn’t feeling being neighbors with the singer in NYC’s Tribeca neighborhood. It’s not because her cats have gotten out of control, and most definitely not because her model friends constantly parade in and out. Read more…

Two Moms Complain ‘Fifty Shades’ Sex Scenes Aren’t Hot Enough

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Moms Review Fifty Shades

Despite a big opening weekend at the box office and a rabid fan base, Fifty Shades of Grey has more than a few faults. Brave souls Andrea and Elaine shared their feelings towards the film — specifically the sex scenes — on the Internet. They’ve said what we’re all thinking (not hot enough!), but the fact that they’re middle-aged mothers, giving their review in front of their own daughters just validates everything.

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