MEET MEWDINI: The Cat That Wants To Live In A Jar


Lord knows I love a cat with a flat face. But often I think “If only there were a way to make that face flatter.”

Meet Mewdini:

Mewdini’s real name is Ksyusha (thanks again Daily Mail), which is a Japanese word for “Face Pressed Against Glass.”

But this little kitty isn’t stuck! According to his owner “She likes hiding in different places and is full of character.” It should be known the owner is not a native English speaker. And judging by these photos… he doesn’t look terrified at all!!!!!

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Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 2 Trailer May Not Be The End

by (@hallekiefer)

Baby Harry! Ghost Mom! Suicide missions! As the film’s July 15 release date nears, what is reportedly the final Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 trailer seems scientifically engineered to get Harry Potter fans hyperventilating into their old pile of Gryffindor scarfs. Based on the new scenes we didn’t see in the first Deathly Hallows trailer, audience members can look forward to plenty of Lily Potter, a glimpse of Molly Weasley going ape on Bellatrix Lestrange and of course, our favorite part, lots and lots of Warwick Davis!

However, while this might very well be the last sneak-peek before the movie comes out, author J.K. Rowling has launched Pottermore, a mysterious site that seems to suggest that we haven’t booked our last tickets to Hogwarts just yet. According to the Pottermore YouTube channel, there are currently 5 days and counting until Rowling makes an important announcement, noting “The owls are gathering… Find out why soon.” Jo better come out with it soon, or people are going to start bursting into flames just like that poor quidditch stadium.

Brooke Mueller Photographed Acting Sketchy Again In Maui


Remember how Charlie Sheen‘s ex-wife Brooke Mueller went back to rehab in April after she was spotted pawning jewelry in California? Well, Mueller and twins Bob and Max are on vacation in Maui this week, and TMZ has photos of Brooke wandering around alone in a cap and sweats, chatting outside of cars driven by skeevy young men, with a wad of cash in her hand. While it’s circumstantial evidence at best, if we’d just left rehab after a custody battle with a famous sitcom star, we’d probably avoid providing the paparazzi with photos that look a whole lot like a drug deal.

Sheen and Mueller just hashed out a joint custody agreement of the twins (who thankfully weren’t present for mommy’s cash transaction) this month, but if Brooke doesn’t come out with a good excuse for these photos, it seems likely Charlie might take another crack at gaining full custody of the kids. Sure, he’s got a storied history of drug abuse himself (not to mention a misdemeanor assault conviction following a fight with Mueller), but if he was doing public drug buys—or anything that could be construed as one—we’re pretty sure we’d hear about it. And hey,we’re sure Denise Richards would be happy to babysit!

[Photo: Getty Images]

Can You Guess The Celebrity Nip Slip?


Celebrities can’t go anywhere nowadays without flashing lights capturing their every move. Often is the case that we catch famous people in unforgiving poses, considering the bizarre Britney-Paris-Lindsay debacle of the early aughts, when starlets somehow exited their cars with no underwear, full genitalia regalia on display.

While there’s no new celebrity vagina to report on today, we have gotten our hands on a very sexy NIP SLIP! Look close and ask yourself: whose nipple is that, peeking through that becoming silk blouse?

Answer after the jump:

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The Black Eyed Peas Made Out Of Actual Black Eyed Peas


Here’s a portrait of Black Eyed Peas frontman made entirely out of literal black-eyed peas (the vegetable, not pieces of the other members). It is, like the the band’s lyrical wordsmithery, truly amazing.

Click For Full Size:

Wow. I’m not just making the obvious joke when I say that this is easily the most impressed I’ve ever been by a Black Eyed Peas related thing. Actually, I had black-eyed pea fritters at an African restaurant once that were really tasty, but we’ll call that a close second.

Artist Lee Merricks was commissioned to make the portrait by the UK theme park Alton Towers to honor the band’s upcoming show there, and spent parts of four days placing more than ten pounds of black eyed peas on the canvas by hand. So basically, he demonstrated effort and attention to detail reminiscent of the Peas’ Super Bowl choreography. (MAN these Black Eyed zingers write themselves.) Awesome portrait though – can I request one of The Cranberries?

(pic via Splash News)

Matthew McConaughey Turns Marlboro Man: Love It Or Hate It?


Howdy, partner! While last night’s Bernie premiere wasn’t the first time Matthew McConaughey has shown off his new ‘stache, his decision to top off his ensemble with a cowboy hat certainly brings out the Marlboro Man vibe—or the John Holmes vibe depending on your cultural reference point. Do you dig the look, or would you rather he bring back the smooth-faced Surfer, Dude aesthetic we’ve seen for years? Check out the gallery below for shots of mustachioed Mateo with wife Camila Alves and co-stars Jack Black and Shirley MacLaine. You have to assume movie is relatively serious if Jack isn’t pulling his Kung Fu Panda craziness on the carpet.

[Photos: Getty Images]

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Werner Herzog Reads “Go The F**k To Sleep” [Video NSFW]


Following in Samuel L. Jackson’s f***ing footsteps, filmmaker and unofficial Best Narrator Ever Werner Herzog recorded his own audiobook version of Adam Mansbach’s foulmouthed childrens’ book, “Go The F**k To Sleep”.

It is markedly different than the Samuel L. version (which you can still download for free), but what it lacks in “This man is the most proficient swearer of our time” it more than makes up for in “I could listen to Werner Herzog read the dictionary so adding F-words to that is just gravy.”

(The Atlantic Wire, via BuzzFeed)

Leonardo DiCaprio Bought Blake Lively $70k In Gifts On European Vacation


How awesome was Leonardo DiCaprio & Blake Lively‘s dalliance in Europe last month? According to In Touch Weekly, Leo bought Blake $70,000 in gifts, including jewelry, perfume and other fashion accessories. ““He bought her anything she wanted,” says their source. “Leo actually loves to shop and get gifts for family and friends…He later surprised her with other gifts as well.” Aww, just like Richard Gere in Pretty Woman. Not that we’re saying Blake is a ho or anything. Really, we’re not. Uh…Green Lantern! Now in theaters!

While it sounds like everyone had a lovely time in Europe, In Touch doesn’t sound too sure Blake & Leo’s relationship will even last as long as Leo’s run with Bar Refaeli did. “Blake can get really insecure out in public. It’s one of the main reasons she hates going out. [Leo] loves to be out at night, and tends to hit clubs and parties almost every night,” says their source. “Blake and [ex-boyfriend] Penn Badgely stayed in all the time. They watched movies and hung out in their pajamas all the time. Leo is definitely not going to be that guy.” Ah well, they’ll always have Europe…and she’ll always have those gifts.

[Photos: Getty Images]

Rebecca Black Pulls “Friday” Video Offline Over Contract Dispute


Thank goodness we as a people already saw Rebecca Black’s “Friday” video over 160 million times—we may never see it again! The singer has pulled the video off YouTube after the geniuses at Ark Entertainment tried to turn the clip into a rental, requiring you to pay $2.99 to watch it for three days. Since Black and Ark are already tangling over who exactly owns the rights to what, with her parents threatening to sue, the family decided to curb Ark’s bizarre last dash for cash.

Thankfully, we still have access to Rebecca Black’s live renditions of “Friday,” her appearance in Katy Perry’s “TGIF” video, Stephen Colbert’s version of “Friday,The Easybeats‘ “Friday On My Mind,” The Cure‘s “Friday I’m In Love,” Loverboy‘s “Working For The Weekend,” and countless other weekend jams to get us through this loss. Plus, we’re sure you can still find the clip somewhere on line if you really, really wanted to. Hey, maybe your great-grandmother hasn’t seen it yet.

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Britney Spears Kicks Off Her Femme Fatale Tour

by (@missmuttoo)

“It’s Opening Night B—TC!!!!….” is what Britney Spears tweeted last night along with a picture of her hugging boyfriend Jason Trawick in a pretty swank green white room. And thus began Britney’s Femme Fatale tour at the Power Balance Pavilion in Sacramento, California. It looked like vintage Brit-Brit up there — she looked healthy, fit, seductive and set that stage on fire! The props! The outfits! Everything was so O.T.T and so very Britney.

Here’s just a couple of things she did — she straddled a massive sparkling guitar to begin with, rode in on a motor cycle and writhed around in a cage. We also loved the Marilyn Monroe Seven Year Itch-esque white skirt flaring out. You can see all of it in the gallery below. She’s definitely  still got it! It looks like she enjoyed being back on stage and on tour again quite too. At the end of the night, Brit tweeted, “Can’t sleep.  WAY too much Adrenaline right now. Sacramento was on fire tonight. You ready San Jose?  Cause I am!!!!” Welcome back, b—ch.

[Photos: Splash News Online]

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