Backstage at Zac Posen’s Fashion Show with Makeup Artist Kabuki


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This Monday, fashion spectators from all over the world flooded Grand Central Terminal for Zac Posen‘s Fall/Winter 2015 showing at New York Fashion Week. Rihanna, Katie Holmes, and Mary J. Blige were sitting front row, and watched as stunning garments hit the runway with beautifully sleek hair and makeup to match. Read more…

Bruce Jenner Could Serve Jail Time for Fatal Car Crash

by (@TaylorFerber)

As if Bruce Jenner didn’t have enough to deal with thanks to the public scrutiny of his alleged sex change, he will now anxiously await the charges for his fatal car accident from earlier this month. The Gossip Table‘s breaking news suggests the situation could go South for Bruce very quickly.

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Michelle Phan Slathers on “Blood Sauce” for Spooky Makeup Tutorial


Michelle Phan, beauty expert and entrepreneur behind many makeup tutorials, added “digital pioneer” to her resume when she went Huge on the Tube (#HOTT). Subscribe to Huge on the Tube! She took her ubiquitous online makeup tutorial format and turned it on its head with Zombie Barbie — a combination of humor, horror, and Michelle’s incredible makeup skills. Read more…

‘Empire’ Music Director Jim Beanz Spills on Terrence Howard’s Rap Skills and Cookie’s Musical Potential

by (@hernameislex)


The seventh episode of Empire airs tonight, and we know you’re prepping for it by listening to “Drip Drop” for the hundredth time this week. While you were all daydreaming about Jamal and Hakeem, we talked to Jim Beanz, longtime Timbaland collaborator and the man behind Empire’s soundtrack, about what to look forward to this season. Would you Empire fans be down with a Terrence Howard rap performance? Read more…