TRAILER MIX: Pirates Of The Caribbean 4: Every Leftover Water Myth


We’ve got to get to the FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH! But first, we need to fight these MERMAIDS! Oh no, here comes BLACKBEARD!!! But wait, LONG JOHN SILVER is attacking us on THE FLYING DUTCHMAN and he’s high-fiving POSEIDON who’s riding on a KRAKEN and a LEVIATHAN tied together with THE LOCH NESS MONSTER who’s actually PAUL BUNYAN!!!

Pirates of the Caribbean 4: Leave no vaguely nautical myth unturned.

Minor Sidenote: Geoffrey Rush died in the first movie, and now he’s been in all three sequels. Any chance Jack Palance shows up in Pirates 4 playing Curly’s brother?

Jennifer Lawrence Does Not Take Her Role As Katniss Lightly


Jennifer Lawrence has opened up about being cast as Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games, the most sought-after role of the year. The Academy Award nominee completely understands the fan loyalty and the love people have for the character, and proves that she’s a super-fan too, calling the books “a masterpiece.”

Lawrence tells Entertainment Weekly, “I couldn’t be happier about being a part of Hunger Games and to play Katniss. I have a huge responsibility to the fans of this incredible book and I don’t take it lightly.”  When asked what other kick-ass movie heroines Katniss reminds her of, Lawrence said “Sigourney Weaver’s “Ripley” in Alien is the first that comes to mind.”

Lawrence seems to be aware that she’s a controversial casting choice and sounds committed to the role. “I will give everything I have to these movies and to this role to make it worthy of Suzanne Collins‘ masterpiece,” she said.

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Avril Lavigne’s Top 20 Hottest Outfits


Ever since she broke onto the scene in 2002, princess of punky pop Avril Lavigne has been a fashion trendsetter. Her unorthodox sense of style served as inspiration to young women everywhere that it was just as trendy and fashionable to wear hoodies and Vans on the red carpet as it was to wear something considered more traditional. As she explains it to us, “When I was 17. I was kind of a tomboy. I really was into baggy clothes. And I’ve grown up, I’m 26. I now am more into fashion than ever.”

In addition to having a brand new record, Goodbye Lullaby, on the charts, Avril has also launched a fashion lined called Abbey Dawn. In celebration of both, we here at TheFABLife have put together the following countdown of Avril Lavigne’s Top 20 Hottest Outfits. We’ve even got some video commentary from Avril herself on a bunch of these looks! Check it out below.

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Alright Fine, Here’s One Badass Photo Of The Supermoon


During Supermoon SaturdayTM this weekend, my Twitter feed filled up with people tweeting “THIS is the Supermoon?? More like POOPermoon!” or something of the sort. Numerous photo galleries have sprung up online in the Supermoon’s aftermoonth, most of which are pretty cool-looking but also not especially different than just cool pictures of the regular moon, which is always pretty cool (by super-uncool astronomy standards).

I will concede, though, on behalf of all skeptically-tweeting internet jokesterz, that this photo of the supermoon behind the Statue of Liberty is actually pretty super (click to enlarge):

FINE. YOU WIN. You’re super. I admitted it. Now someone please submit a “Supermoon” movie script that’s just a Super Nintendo version of Moon with Sam Rockwell and let’s get on with our superlives.

Supercut: Titular Movie Lines


If a character at any point in a movie says a line that contains the title of that movie, it is automatically the second best part of the movie. The first best part of any movie is, of course, when the sassy supporting character goes, “Oh, helllllll no!” Hahaha. It’s even funny now just typing it.  But we’ll talk about that another time.

You’re about to be shocked at how often the titular line is said while someone walks toward the camera.

For more on titular movie lines, please see this Upright Citizen’s Brigade sketch from their old Comedy Central series.

Also, can someone out there put together a supercut of the “oh, hell no”s? That would really make everyone’s day.

Thanks, Urlesque.

Emilio Estevez Has The Occasional Urge To Shoot Charlie Sheen


Emilio Estevez has some harsh things to say about his brother Charlie Sheen at the moment, given Sheen’s recent behavior. Estevez compared his family to the Corleones in The Godfather, specifically the moment Michael Corleone has his brother Fredo killed.

“There’s that thing in The Godfather: Part II of ‘I love you, Fredo, you’re my brother, but don’t ever take sides with anyone against the family,’” Estevez says. “Then Michael Corleone has to have Fredo ‘taken out’ on the boat. There are times, like these, when I want to take Charlie out for a boat ride. Charlie should know that he might have a boat ride in the future. Someone’s got to be Michael Corleone.” We’re sure he’d shoot him out of love, though, it’s all out of LOVE. Just like when Sheen shot Kelly Preston that time. That was out of love, too.

Before Estevez resorts to murder, he’s still optimistic that Sheen will get out of this mess he’s in. Estevez says, “There’s always hope, and there are so many examples of people pulling themselves out of the s— and having a rebirth. So you just pray for him and hope he has that moment of clarity.” Fingers crossed that moment of clarity comes soon, this winning warlock stuff is getting exhausting.

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Tom Sturridge And Sienna Miller Hide From Paps On Date Night

by (@katespencer)

Tom Sturridge and Sienna Miller are taking a page out of the Robsten playbook! The undercover couple was spotted outside London’s Groucho Club last night, but immediately split up when caught by the cameras. According to photogs on the scene, the pair separated before both entering the hot spot. They may be good actors, but they’re not fooling anyone.

Tom was previously linked with Carey Mulligan right after she and Shia LaBeouf called it quits, and Sienna is recently single again after cooling things with Jude Law. He’s either every British starlets’ favorite post-break up shoulder to cry on, or he’s the best rebound around (or both?). Kinda makes us wish we’d get dumped just to have the opportunity to cry in Tom’s bony arms and get his vintage t-shirts wet with our snot.

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Lindsay Lohan Ready To Accept Plea Deal, Prison?


TMZ has been pushing for Lindsay Lohan to consider a plea deal; sure they’d love to cover her trial, but can they risk her being off the streets for over a year? According to the site, she may finally be listening to her enablers/advisers. Despite her professions of innocence (you can’t expect her to remember what jewelry she puts on when shopping, or to return stolen goods promptly), Lohan is “seriously considering” the prison term Judge Schwartz would demand of her. The official time frame is three months, but that’s less than three weeks in overcrowded-LA-jail time.

It won’t be long until all this conjecture is moot; LiLo’s lawyer has to accept or dismiss the plea by Wednesday, and they’ll be in court to make it official Friday. Considering the DA’s planning to bring up several earlier examples of Lindsay’s alleged kleptomania (“Lindsay has major entitlement issues, which have led her down this very dark road,” a prosecution source told Radar), it certainly sounds like Lindsay might accept a forced vacation after all. You can’t start your comeback until you go away!

Kids From The Bully Bodyslam Video Get Interviewed


This is going to go down as the most heavily documented bullying event in history.

Last week, a video of a bully getting bodyslammed by his victim at a school in Australia went viral.  Below is a very comprehensive interview with both Richard Gale, the alleged bully, and Casey Haynes, the alleged slightly larger kid. It’s fascinating. Richard gale doesn’t simply come off as the little sh*t you expect and even want him to be. He’s just seems like a kid who, like every kid at some point, was mean to another kid. He claims that Casey Haynes attacked him first, and while that claim seems rather flimsy, you still feel for him.

The vitriol poured down on him that seemed so satisfying last week seems much harsher this week.

Ahhhh! Being a kid sucks so much. What a panicfest.

Thanks, Reddit.

Zooey Deschanel’s Face Gets Mangled In Makeup Ad


If nobody told us that was Zooey Deschanel‘s face in the Rimmel London makeup ad on the left, we wouldn’t have known it was her. Deschanel got quite the lip-and-cheek plumping and any number of other Photoshopped cosmetic enhancements in the new ad for Rimmel’s Lasting Finish Lipstick. Is that one of the benefits of the product? Lasting finish and also total face transformation?

It’s weird, we can’t quite put our finger on what makes Deschanel look so odd here, but if there are any SyFy nerds out there (we admit it, we are one), can you back us up that she sort of looks like Alessandra Torresani from Caprica from now?

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