POINT/COUNTERPOINT: Is Guy Fieri Terrible?


It’s an important question I’ve wrestled with for quite some time now: Is Guy Fieri terrible, or just, like, ok? In an attempt to provide some therapeutic closure for myself, I’ll present both halves of the argument in my head below — please leave your verdicts and further explanations in the comments.

POINT: Guy Fieri Is Not Terrible

My friend Kevin summed up Guy Fieri’s existence pretty perfectly, saying, “You know how some novelty diners will have, like, an alligator in sunglasses inside a pink Cadillac that’s made to look like it’s crashed through the wall? Guy Fieri is that alligator come to life.” His existence is absurd, sure, but he’s generally harmless.

Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives is one of my favorite standby “throw it on whenever” shows, and I’ve never minded Guy Fieri as the host. A number of my friends rip on him constantly for several hard-to-dispute reasons, including the fact that DD&D probably wouldn’t be any worse with any other human hosting it, but I actually sympathize with Fieri’s deceptively tough position as the host; he’s basically just there to compliment the food of nice, neighborly people, and there’s really only so many ways a person can say “this is good!” without turning repetitive or sounding like an A-Hole thesaurus.

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Oscars Cut James Franco’s Burlesque Song From Program, Ruin Oscars

by (@hallekiefer)

Seriously, why can’t the Academy just let James Franco be great? According to James’ twitter account, Franco recorded Cher’s Burlesque song only to have it yanked from Sunday’s show. “They pulled this from the oscar show. damn it,” Franco tweeted last night, linking to a clip of Franco singing Cher’s epic “You Haven’t Seen The Last Of Me.” Considering the bigwigs upstairs clearly hired an unpredictable Franco to do wacky bits like this, we can’t imagine why they’d want to stifle his creative genius so close to the production. Ugh, now all this fan fiction we wrote about James Franco transforming into Cher and performing at the Oscars just makes us look like idiots. Just idiots.

While it’s often hard to tell when James is joking vs. what’s a serious endeavor (see also: Franco’s mustache, Franco’s career over the last 12 months, etc), but from the sound of his earnest attempts at belting, Franco seems to be legitimately trying. That makes us like the song even more, given the fact that Franco knows he can’t sing. “I’m crap at . . .I’m not the best dancer. I’m not the best singer, either,” James revealed to The Guardian. As for as we’re concerned, the Academy might as well cut out the glorious moose knuckle from the inevitable Black Swan parody, or pull the plug on the giant garbage flume Franco and Anne Hathaway will undoubtedly ride to a fiery death ala Toy Story 3. Sometimes we wonder if the Oscars really want to be great after all. We honestly do.

Want to hear Franco take on Cher? We’ve got it for you below.

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OMG! Justin Bieber Cut His Hair!


This can’t be happening!!! Justin Bieber, perhaps under the influence of Rascal Flatts, has cut off his hair helmet for their upcoming video together, saying he wanted a more “mature look.” “i got a lil haircut…i like it,” Bieber tweeted. “and we are giving all the hair cut to CHARITY to auction. Details coming soon.” Smart guy—now fans can’t get mad unless they’re anti-philanthrophy. But do you like the new look? Is it a little too Emma Watson or a necessary evolution from the Bieber brain bullet? Let us know!

Richard Simmons Debuts New Persona: Lady GuyGuy


Comedian and pal Sara Jo Alloco attended a class at the Beverly Hills Slimmons Studio< last week. She walked in, and there was Richard Simmons, dressed up as Lady GuyGuy, screaming along with Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way,” which was blasting. No word if this photo took place before or after Mr. Simmons emerged from a bush.

Has there ever been a more appropriate time to use this GIF? We say no:

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Amanda Seyfried Gets Naked For Phone Interview With Justin Timberlake


With Amanda Seyfried mostly single these days and Justin Timberlake often rumored to be cheating on Jessica Biel, we’re guessing these two would have already seen each other naked while shooting Now in LA if they wanted to. But it’s still surprising Seyfried would confess to the spoken-for stud that she was bare-assed while doing a phone chat with him for Interview‘s March cover story. “I think I should mention that I’m not wearing any clothes,” Seyfried explained to JT, who responded “Well if that’s how you’d like to be interviewed then that’s totally fine.” Wonder if Jessica agrees, dude.

“I’m most comfortable in my birthday suit,” she continued, and sadly the transcript does not feature the spring and champagne bottle sound effects that undoubtedly followed on Justin’s end of the line. Even Justin is totally faithful to Miss Biel and has never dallied with Olivia Munn or any other fair lady that’s passed his way, one just has to look at her get-ups on the Now set to know JT wouldn’t mind getting a peek.

[Photo: Splash News Online]

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Kevin Costner Cast In New Superman Reboot


Kevin Costner‘s career has been in a holding pattern for the past few years and aside from helping to clean up the Gulf oil spill in 2010, he hasn’t done much good work lately. His career just might be on the upswing though, because Costner is rumored to have been cast in the new Superman reboot. Costner has reportedly won the role as Jonathan Kent, father to Superman himself, who will be played by Brit actor Henry Cavill.

There’s been so much speculation regarding the casting choices for the Zack Snyder-helmed reboot, though Lois Lane still hasn’t been cast despite the fact that Olivia Wilde, Kristen Stewart and Jessica Biel have all been considered for the role. We’re happy for Costner though, we’ve always been a fan of him in any role where an accent isn’t required.

Giant Toasted Ants: Now A Snack


“Looking for a snack… Let’s see, we got some soda, purple stuff, Sunny D… Hey, Giant Toasted Ants! Grab that container of Giant Toasted Ants so we can snack on some giant ants! Your mom’s the best.”

Giant Toasted Ants Snack now on the market, people:

The container, which resembles something a John Cena character would be tricked into taking but he’d kill his captor and get the antidote, boasts these three enticing attributes:

- The World’s Largest Ant (Not one of the first 900 questions I was going to ask)

- Nutty Bacon Like Taste (Actually something)

- Rare Delicacy Of The Guane Indians (I base nothing in my life on the actions of those people)

I’m all for trying new things, but I actually just said that vague first half of this sentence so I could then say “but I do not want to eat a container of giant toasted ants” without seeming closed-minded and obvious. If I want to eat something that tastes like bacon, I’ll just stick with bacon scorpions, thank you very much.

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Oscar Flashback: Red Carpet Memories From 2011′s Nominees


While some first-time nominees like Christian Bale have never attended the Oscars, plenty of this year’s crop have been red carpet regulars. Nicole Kidman‘s first time at the Academy Awards was just over twenty years ago, back when she was Tom Cruise‘s arm candy. “I just was like absolutely stunned,” she said recently. “It was like the biggest thing I had ever seen. I couldn’t believe how loud the photographers were.” Do you remember which Best Actor hopeful brought his mom the first time he was up for the trophy ten years? Or which two ladies up for a trophy in 2011 previously competed against each other in 2006? Find out all this and more—like who went with Ed Begley Jr. right before hooking up with her future husband—by checking out the gallery below.

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