Wendy’s Thirst Is the Only Thing People Will Remember About ‘Peter Pan Live!’


Peter Pan Live Wendy and Peter

-Tara Aquino

So many Peter Pan Live! hate-watch parties didn’t go as planned last night. Clumsy camera transitions, overstuffed set design, and timid action sequences proved too dull to engage viewers with secondhand-embarrassment. Luckily, the story had Wendy Darling (played by Taylor Louderman) to carry the entire conversation.

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Why Did These Celebrities Agree To Do These Random Commercials?


Amy Poehler Old Navy Commercial

-Megan Meadows

We can all probably admit that we’ll spend a good amount of the holiday season in front of the tube mindlessly watching lame commercials. Yet something that always makes us do a double take is when we see an awesome celebrity in one of these lame commercials shilling some random product that: 1. You know they’re not using, and 2. They’re way too good for. Read more…

Jamie Foxx on Racism: “As a Black Man, I Fear Certain Cops”

by (@TaylorFerber)


On Good Morning America Thursday, Annie star Jamie Foxx spoke about recent Ferguson and Eric Garner grand jury decisions, saying: “It’s time to start healing.” At a later press conference for the new film, Foxx further explained how these events have affected him personally and addressed how we as a country can move forward.

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