Sex Offenders Now Required To Wear This Terry Richardson Jacket


It’s a much easier way to identify your local sex offender than that website or a door to door meeting. Because goodness knows every Tom, Dick and Terry has those Stanley Tucci in The Lovely Bones glasses and you don’t want to mistake your local hipster for the sex offender who introduced himself to you weeks ago. The red really pops to make them easily identifiable. And there’s the hat for good measure. Oh, “He’s a Terry.” Stay away!

I really have a bone to pick with this flipped brim hat situation that the boys these days seem to be rocking. Wesley Snipes perfected the look in White Men Can’t Jump, and I’d thank the current white men who also can’t jump to cease and desist on this trend.

Terry Richardson himself modeling his jacket after the jump.

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Bristol Palin Responds To Margaret Cho With A Gay Joke (Ha?)


Bristol Palin & Margaret Cho

Oh, those irascible Palin kids. First Willow Palin called someone a “f—-t” for dissing her mom on Facebook, now Bristol‘s getting in on the action. Unsurprisingly, the Dancing With The Stars‘ contestant took umbrage with competitor Margaret Cho saying Sarah Palin made her daughter perform on the show as payback for damaging her campaign for Vice-President in 2008. “Let me shamelessly steal from Saturday Night Live,” Bristol posted on Facebook,  “Really, Margaret? Really?…The show approached me.  I thought about it.  I made the decision.  After first worrying for me in terms of being exposed to those who hate us for what we believe in, both my mom and my dad became my number one supporters.”

Despite bemoaning Cho’s “hurtful and false narrative that people promote to make my mom look bad,” she repeatedly refers to the comedienne as her “friend.” Maybe that chumminess is why she thought she could get away with her final bon mot. “You say you ‘don’t agree with the family’s politics at all’ but I say, if you understood that commonsense conservative values supports the right of individuals like you, like all of us, to live our lives with less government interference and more independence, you would embrace us faster than KD Lang at an Indigo Girls concert.” Haha, because Cho identifies as a bisexual, right? That’s why you made an incoherent reference to famous lesbians, Bristol? Lolz-a-rama! You’re sure to grab Cho’s audience with “commonsense conservative” actions like that. Cho has yet to give her two cents on Bristol’s bit of “outreach,” but we’re sure it’s coming.

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Keep Your Panties On: Queen Elizabeth II’s Underwear Up For Auction


First, an apology. No one wants to read the word “panties.” Or say the word, let alone on a Monday morning. But, you know, it worked in the title.

Anyway! Some rich dude in Florida passed away and guess what he had secreted away in his rich man’s treasure trove of curios? A pair of Queen Elizabeth II’s underwear. Reports TMZ:

The pair of panties came in to the possession of a famous Miami playboy named “Baron” Joseph de Bicske Dobronyi — or Sepy, as he was known. As the story goes, Sepy got them from a friend after they were left on a private plane when the Queen visited Chile in 1968.

Creepy? Yes, creepy.

Without further ado/I present to you/the QE 2 Underoo:

When I first saw there I thought they were Elizabeth I’s underwear. But then I realized that hers were probably made of metal and chain. They served the double purpose of protecting her in battle and maintaining her virginity*. Fact.

So, despite the fact that my initial reaction is “Ew, gross,” whenever I see a Queen’s underwear (which is so often), these are actually pretty cool in a vintage-y way. I like the design. My best guess is that they were a date night pair of underwear. Fancy dress underwear. Then again, I’m sure when you’re the Queen of England every day is fancy underwear day and your laundry is always done in a timely manner instead of, say, avoiding the task and going to Rite Aid to buy a new pair. And then sewing your own royal seal on a pair of Hanes.

* We all know from Cate Blanchett’s portrayal of Queen Elizabeth I that home girl got plenty of ass, but I’m just saying her metal and chain underwear maintained the appearance of virginity. Double fact.

Christina Aguilera Gets Shy About Her Short Skirt


Christina Aguilera

This is not how you fight pregnancy rumors, Christina Aguilera. The singer was visibly concerned with her short skirt at a press conference for Burlesque in Tokyo this weekend—did it fit fine the other day or something? While we know it’s unkind to whisper about these things, it wouldn’t be unthinkable that Christina’s quotes about boyfriend Matthew Rutler could be building to a revelation about a certain “glow” some are detecting. Photos surfacing of Christina and Matthew together in February serve as further circumstantial evidence that they may have been dating well before her October split from husband Jordan Bratman. This story’s getting more dramatic than the movie Christina met her new man filming!

See more for photos of Christina’s crotch-blocking in the gallery below.

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Kathy Griffin’s Most Insane Yet Patriotic Outfits At 2010 VH1 Divas



In her intro on the 2010 VH1 Divas Salute The Troops, Kathy Griffin explained that she was give a set of rules for performing in front of the evening’s crowd. “Rule number one: Entertainment must be wholesome and adhere to the standards of good taste. We f*cked that up already,” she said after pulling said rules out of her bikini bottom. From there, Griffin continued to flaunt every rule she was given and probably made the producers think about a few new ones they might want to instate next year. She also continued to flaunt her insanely taut body throughout the show. Girlfriend works OUT and isn’t afraid to show off her buns. At one point she actually looked like Popeye dressed in Latex – Katy Perry better watch her back, she’s got competition in the rubber-dress department.

In case you missed some of Griffin’s crazier looks throughout the night, check out our gallery with all her military-inspired looks below.

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George Clooney’s Got Spit In His Eye

by (@missmuttoo)

Women tend to have different reactions to George Clooney. These can range from grabbing him, blowing kisses at him… and spitting on him. Clooney can’t help it… because ladies brain cells seem to scramble around his silver foxiness.

On a recent trip to Sudan, one the female elders in a village called Abyei, fell prey to Georgie’s charms. And her only outlet of adoration was to spit on him… for good luck. Because in Abyei, spitting on a person’s head brings good fortune rushing in, apparently. Because Clooney’s such a cool customer, he happily bore the spitting without batting an eyelid. He reportedly commented, “It was a tradition I haven’t seen. She pulls you down and spits into your hands, then she pulls your head down and spits on top of your head.”  He was in Sudan for Dateline NBC to discuss the ongoing conflict in the region. Spitting, swapping spit… we’d happily comply with any “traditions” if he was around.

Willow Smith Whips Her Holiday Hair

by (@missmuttoo)

This girl makes us involuntarily turn into Tyra with the amount she makes us say Fierce. Because she IS. Who else could rock candy cane hair extensions like Willow Smith?  Miss Willow turned up at the 2010 Holiday Tree Lighting at L.A. Live on Saturday, rocking mini Gaga-esque hair hair-bows and the candy cane braids. And just in case that wasn’t pushing the envelope enough, the 10-year old also slipped on gold gloves. How can you not love her?

What’s even cooler is that she performed Whip my Hair as a part of a line-up that also included Seal and Stevie Wonder. Also, Pauly D, but let’s just forget that. This is just another snapshot in what’s turning out to be the year of Willow’s fashion extravaganza (photos). And to that we’re going to nod our heads sagely and say… Fierce!

Amber Heard Comes Out

by (@missmuttoo)

Amber Heard officially came out this weekend, with her girlfriend Tasya van Ree at the GLAAD 25th anniversary party in Hollywood. The Pineapple Express actress and her partner have been together since 2008 but picked the GLAAD event to put their relationship out in the open. Heard expressed her gratitude to the organization to the website post the event saying, “I think GLAAD is one of the many reasons that I, as a 24-year-old, can come out.”

She seems to be quite smitten with her girlfriend of two years. Van Ree is a photograph and an artist, and of their relationship, Heard expressed, “She is beautiful. I mean, you’d have to be crazy not to want to go out with her!” Happy news to start the week with! Even though these two are so gorgeous we can hardly stand it.

20 Sexiest Katy Perry Shots From VH1 Divas

by (@seapeaz)


In case you missed VH1 Divas Salute the Troops we have two words for you: Katy Perry. The California Gurl rocked the two-hour show in no less than four outfits — not to mention she sang from a parachute and ran through “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” with hip-hop’s new queen Nicki Minaj. Her skintight latex army outfit and her jaw dropping Jessica Rabbit dress made for moments where it was hard to focus on anything other than her Divalicious body. We’ve gathered 20 of the sexiest Katy Perry pics from the show. Which one’s your favorite?

Bonus: In the clip below check out Katy Perry proudly admit she’s a diva and watch her channel Beyonce as she sings Bey’s hit song “Diva.” [Photo: Getty Images]

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