Yodel-y, Condescending Songwriting Show In The Works


It’s hard for us to hear any news about Kara DioGuardi without frowning. That’s because news about Kara DioGuardi means she, as a public figure, has not yet become obsolete. She was eaaaasily our least favorite American Idol judge, there was just something so smug about her comments and her be-glittered decolletáge that rubbed us the wrong way. DioGuardi is back though, America! In 2011, she’ll be the judge of a new singer-songwriter show on Bravo called Going Platinum. And if Kara’s star power isn’t enough for you, the show will be hosted by Jewel! (All together now: “Who will hoo-ee-oost your show?”) And the contestants will all live together in a house! And have their lives taped. To find out what happens when people stop being polite, and start getting musical.

DioGuardi explains that the show is more creative and less performance-based than Idol, and says “I am happy to be a part of a show that helps up and coming songwriters pursue their dreams, while giving the public a look into the creative process.” And here we thought Bravo already found the world’s greatest songwriter in Countess Luann De Lesseps, whose song “Money Can’t Buy You Class” has been stuck in our heads for about a year now.

New TRON: Legacy Trailer Now Daft Punk-ier


Daft Punk has a new track, “Derezzed,” which just happens to be the song that plays along with the new TRON: Legacy trailer. Check it out:

Cool! It’s like you don’t even need your glow sticks, this trailer provides them for you! So, is TRON: Legacy just providing the visuals for a Daft Punk album? Or is Daft Punk the soundtrack to TRON: Legacy? I must say, even though I’ve never seen the original TRON, I’d give this film a go. I do love me some Jeff Bridges and body suits. That being said, I have seen neither Avatar nor Inception nor The Social Network, so I’d rather not break my streak just yet.


A Baby Boy For Mariah Carey?

by (@JordanRuntagh)

No, we’re not talking about Nick Cannon. Is Mariah Carey four months pregnant with her first child? That’s what the folks at Hollybaby.com are saying in an exclusive report. According to an insider, the diva and daddy Nick are expecting a baby boy this March.

Why has the Grammy winning singer kept quiet for so long? According to the source, “the reason she didn’t want to say anything is because she is 40, and she’s superstitious.” Fertility drugs allegedly helped the couple conceive, causing Mariah’s much-reported weight gain earlier this year. The insider went on to say that the she is expected to make an official announcement during her appearances on The View and Oprah, where she’s promoting her upcoming Merry Christmas II You album.

Is this truth or just a ploy to get more people to watch Mariah on TV? Rumors have been circulating for months, and none have have been denied by the couple. In fact, they kinda sorta maybe possibly confirmed the pregnancy in August. After the Beyonce baby buzz proved premature last week, we can’t help but feel a tad bit skeptical. But we’ll keep our fingers crossed.

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Director of The Hangover 2 Explains Why Mel Gibson Got The Boot. Hint: ‘Cause He’s Terrible

by (@hallekiefer)

After a week of rumors and gossip-mongering (you’re welcome), The Hangover 2′s director Todd Phillips now confirms that yes,  Mel Gibson got the boot because some of the cast (i.e. everyone except Todd Phillips) was not ready share a craft services table with Mel’s wack-a-doodleness.

Defending Gibson (sort of), Phillips explains, “He’s one of our finest actors and, quite honestly, one of our finest directors. But The Hangover 2 is a family … and as much as I loved the idea, a lot of people didn’t … I didn’t want anything to come in between that family.” You see, it’s a lot like your real family at Thanksgiving. Your dad reluctantly invites ol’ racist Uncle Mel even though you all know he’s just going to drink the cooking sherry and call your new boyfriend “sugar tits”, and it’s not until Uncle Zach Galifianakis threatens to quit that Uncle Mel has to leave. Or something like that. Our point is: good call, Todd!

Reportedly having put up the biggest stink against Gibson’s cameo, Galifianakis joked on Monday that director Phillips was  “the worst Jew in Hollywood,” explaining, “that’s an inside joke.” You guys, it’s one thing to kick Gibson off the movie, but to steal his lines?  For shame. We as an audience really don’t mind waiting for another one of Gibson’s secretly recorded rants to hear another gem like that one. No, really. We don’t.

Lots Of Fashion Do’s At The Glamour Reel Moments Event


Glamour‘s Reel Moments event is a night celebrating stories written by women and brought to life on film by female directors. This year, the directors included Jessica Biel, Eva Mendes and Rachel Weisz, and their films can be viewed on the Reel Moments website.

In addition to their talent, they also have the ability to look flawless on the red carpet – just check out Mendes and Biel as proof. Demi Moore, who directed a film for the event last year, was also there looking effortlessly cool and casual. There will be no black bars over any of these ladies’ eyes, that’s for sure. Does Glamour still do the Fashion Do and Don’ts? Is that reference still topical? Doesn’t matter, point is, these ladies are all smoking hot.

Alex Winter Fails To Cheer Sad Keanu :(


BeHOLD. Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter, REUNITED. All is how it should be.

I am so into this dude. Alex Winter, that is. Keanu, well, yes. Obviously. You can’t NOT be into Keanu, at least a little. At least in a Point Break sense. But, back in 1989 when Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure came out, my friend and I argued over who would be Bill and who would be Ted for Halloween. We both wanted to be Bill, because he was the cooler one. I don’t know where that logic came from, but children know these things. And they are always right, like that old saying from the 1500′s goes, “Children and fools tell the truth, and should dominate pop culture and politics.” You probably have that embroidered on a pillow somewhere.

But back to Alex Winter. He was so good in the Bill and Ted’s and in Lost Boys (best credits song ever) and I ALWAYS wanted to see the film Haunted Summer, after I saw a preview for it, but I never could find it. The imdb description reads thusly:

In 1815, authors Lord Byron, Mary Shelley and Percy Shelley get together for some philosophical discussions, but the situation soon deteriorates into mind games, drugs and sex.


Anyway. If whatever is depressing Keanu can’t be cured by close proximity to Alex Winter, I don’t know what’s going to work.

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The Daily Hot: Taylor Momsen Blows Sh*t Up, Forgets To Wear Pants


Welcome to The Daily Hot – our round-up of the sexiest pics and stories on the interwebs. Today’s steaming pile of hotness:

1. Adriana Lima wishes you a very cleav-filled Christmas.
2. Taylor Momsen in Revolver magazine donning little more than lingerie and artillery.
3. Shocking! Playmates trying on skimpy Halloween costumes.


Five Minutes Of People Doing Awesome Things


It’s the age-old philosophical question: Is man, by nature, awesome?

The question philosophers have debated for literally months , if I know my history right, has finally received its most comprehensive, complete answer, in the form of this five-minute video of human beings doing awesome things with no visual tricks involved and set to an 80s montage power-soundtrack:

(via Kotaku)

Everyone Was At The Hollywood Awards Gala But Us

by (@JordanRuntagh)

If you’re an actor and you weren’t at last night’s 14th Annual Hollywood Awards Gala, then fire your agent immediately because everyone else was. We aren’t even actors and we’re still sort of hurt we weren’t invited. Come on guys, we’re fun!

A dazzling array of A-listers turned up at LA’s Beverly Hilton Hotel, including Halle Berry who shone in a darlingly low cut sequined dress. Hilary Swank, Milla Jovovich, Jodie Foster and Helena Bonham Carter were just a few of the many mega-celebs who looked radiant as they made their way inside.

But looking fabulous on the red carpet was just the half of it. The Tinsel Crew then settled down for some hardcore award presentations. Among those honored were Sean Penn for his humanitarian work, Sylvester Stallone who was presented with a Career Achievement Award. Mia Wasikowska and Andrew Garfield were singled out as the most promising break through stars, and Zach Galifanakis won- what else?- Best Comedy Actor. But The Social Network made out the best, netting an award for Best Ensemble Cast as well as Best Screenwriting for Aaron Sorkin.

Get your fill of all the gala glamour in the gallery below!

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D*ck Moves: Guy Asks For Yin-Yang Tattoo On Back, Gets Penis Tattoo Instead.


This is not the tattoo he received

I realize how this looks. First a cock-ring post, now a penis back tattoo post. Don’t delve too deeply into my psychology, folks. It’s just that I don’t want to write about a drunken, naked Charlie Sheen getting arrested. Actually, that would fit in with today’s d*ck theme quite nicely. But guess what? I don’t care about Charlie Sheen. I care about d*ckheads in Australia who tattoo giant d*cks onto their d*ckhead friend’s backs.

Reports UK Metro:

An amateur tattooist is facing assault charges after he inked a 16-inch penis on the back of a friend who only wanted ‘a Yin and Yang symbol with some dragons’.
Police say the 25-year-old victim was talked into getting a tattoo while visiting his mate, but he asked him for an oriental design and emphatically not a giant back-based phallus.
After being told not to venture out into the sun or show anyone for a few weeks, the freshly inked chap promptly went home and unveiled the work to his flatmate, who informed him: ‘I don’t think it’s the tattoo you were after.’

OK. First, I’ve figured out what I’m going to be for Halloween, and it’s an amateur tattoo artist. Because that is quite literally the scariest thing I can think of (at this moment, right after reading this article).

Second, what a psycho joke. That is insane. And not so much a joke as I’m glad he got arrested and My God. I know things are a bit more extreme in Australia with your Fosters and your Dundees and your reverse Coriolis Effects, but calm down, Amateur Tattoo Artist Aussies.

Third, I’m very sorry that you got a penis tattooed on your back, Victim, but COME ON. You didn’t want a tattoo at first? Why, because you think it’s hard to come up with a symbol that is original and means something to you? Good thing you stumbled upon a Yin-Yang design surrounded by dragons. Also, let’s hope you learned the “stick to your guns” lesson on this one. How convincing was this amateur tattooist? So convincing, apparently!

Finally, I guess he must’ve been really drunk or something because I would think, I mean, I don’t know, but I would assume that you could discern the difference between the feel of drawing a circle on your back and a 16 inch penis. I don’t know though, haven’t experienced it. He might have also noticed his “friend” laughing throughout the entire process.

Gosh, it’s awful. Just awful all around. Good news is, he doesn’t have a Yin-Yang symbol on his back. How embarrassing.