Homophobic Dude Would Work With The Racist Dude, But Not The Cokehead


So…This makes no sense (or does it?). Isaiah Washington, who you’ll recall was fired from Grey’s Anatomy after an on-set scuffle where he used a gay slur against co-star T.R. Knight, has spoken out in defense of fellow hothead Mel Gibson. Racist-outburst-yelling, violent, girlfriend-hitting, Mel gets a pass in Washington’s eyes because he’s a “genius” who he would love to work with. In an interview with E! Online, Washington discussed his own controversial (some/we might say dickish) behavior and compared it to other celebs who have acted out more recently.

Washington said “I would still work with Mel Gibson! [Gibson's] a talented man! Come on, he came up with Apocalypto, man! I want to work with this guy. I’ve worked with Steven Seagal. He’s out of his mind. I mean, I’ve worked with Spike Lee for four films. I’ve worked with some people that you can say are right there teetering between genius and madness. So I don’t look at their personal stuff.” HOWEVER! There is one person for whom the personal does get in the way, and that’s Charlie Sheen. Says Washington, “I will say this on record: I’m not a fan of that behavior.” Ah. We see. Drug-and-stripper benders are reprehensible, but racism and violence are cool. (To be fair, Sheen has also been racist and violent, so maybe it’s just the super-sized quadruple whammy of it all that Washington disapproves of.) Guess this means no guest role for Washington on Two And A Half Men any time soon!

The Saddest Hockey Highlight You’ll Ever See


The New Jersey Devils are currently in last place in the entire NHL. Last night, they entered a shootout with the Buffalo Sabres, and down by one goal, they called on Ilya Kovalcuk — the star winger who they re-signed this summer to a 15-year, $100 million contract — needing a shootout goal to keep the game alive.

Here’s how the game ended:

The Duggar Family Expecting Yet Another Baby



By this point you may be familiar with our rants against the Duggar family because, much as we love children, we think having nineteen (and counting!) is irresponsible and ridiculous. So our eyes nearly popped out of our head when we read the headline “Another Duggar Baby Due In 2011!” this morning. We were ready  to get violent against our poor computer, to be honest. Turns out, it’s not Michelle and JimBob Duggar who are expecting though, it’s their eldest son Joshua and his wife Anna, who are both 22. This will be their second child in two years, so don’t worry, they are indeed taking after the elder Duggars in the “f*ck like rabbits” department.

We’re thrilled that this isn’t the family’s twentieth child because, come on, are we living on the Oregon Trail and breeding to save our dwindling population that’s been savaged by dysentery? No, it is the space age and flying cars are a reality. But it does make us nervous to think Josh and Anna are just getting started on their Duggar Army 2.0. Congratulations, but also, please accept this gift card for one free vasectomy.

[Photo: TLC]

Brendan Fraser Update


Brendan Fraser, Jennifer Coolidge and The King of Mississippi Denis O’Hare are all in a Broadway play together called Elling. Right now you’re saying out loud, “Plays come and go, Sarah. Also, I do not live in the New York area, nor do I plan to visit, as your city sounds like the embodiment of Hell on Earth. I’ve heard about bed bugs. Why do I care?” Well, Friend, you care because we should all care about Brendan Fraser. He is funny and charming and hard working. Furry Vengeance be damned. So, it’s good to touch base with him from time to time. I know we can all get behind Jennifer Coolidge. No one doesn’t like Jennifer Coolidge. She is Jane Lynchian in her appeal. Denis O’Hare? I honestly don’t know him beyond being a vampire king in the season of True Blood that I didn’t watch. But I’m sure he has a lot of fans. I just feel like we all have a responsibility to support Brendan Fraser, let him know that he is cared for. I’m completely serious. And I’m not being sarcastic when I say that I’m being completely serious. Because I am. Here is a commercial for Elling.

You can tell that they really like each other!!!!! And that look that Fraser gives after O’Hare says “hilarious movies” to Coolidge? So much is portrayed in that look. You can almost see his Furry Vengeance regret, but in a funny way. It’s self effacing, adorable, acting. As for promos? So much less lame than so many other promos! I usually only see plays if cute British people are in them, but I will definitely check this out! If someone gives me free tickets!

Thanks to my fellow B.F. supporter and BF, Pat.

Best Quiz Ever: SNL Quotes From The 80s

by (@unclegrambo)

We know that many of you who read this blog weren’t even born in the 1980s, so here’s hoping you’ve caught some reruns over the years!

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Gwyneth Paltrow Makes Her Live Singing Debut At The CMA’s

by (@missmuttoo)

Gwyneth Paltrow is often viewed as the picture of perfection. Gwyneth is skinny even when packing an extra 20lbs and  she’s besties with Jay-Z. Meanwhile, our friends are all nobodies and any surplus-poundage would makes us look like the Pillsbury Dough boy. Something Gwyneth Paltrow would never be, because she doesn’t eat white flour!

All jokes about macrobiotic smugness aside, the lady can really hit a note or two. Check out Gwyneth singing at the 2010 CMA Awards. She sang Country Song from her new film of the same name and she actually sounded goop. Er, we mean good.

This was Gwynnies’ debut live gig and we liked it, as did the entire auditorium including Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman. The couple joined the crowded in giving Gwyneth a standing ovation at the end of her performance. We’d be shaking in our custom-made Louboutin boots, but the actress handled her singing debut like a pro. Bravo indeed.

Brittany Murphy’s Mom To Pen A Tell-All Book

by (@missmuttoo)


Brittany Murphy would’ve been 33 years old today. Tragically, the star passed away late last year; six months later her husband Simon Monjack died as well.

We’re going to hear a lot about their lives though, because according to TMZ, Brit’s mother Sharon Murphy is writing a tell-all book about her actress-daughter’s life. An official statement reads, “This book will be my way of celebrating and honoring her extraordinary life and career.”  Our eyebrows are raised, but Sharon reiterates that the memoir-of-sorts will be an, “accurate account about my daughter, her life, loves, and career.”

We’ll only know what the intent of the book is once it surfaces. We’re hoping it really is a celebration of Brittany’s life and not just some excuse to air dirty laundry or secrets (though we’d probably read it either way).

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Kardashian Sisters End Up Paying A Price For MasterCard

by (@missmuttoo)

Not so fast, Kardashians! How’s this for a MasterCard ad?

The Kardashian sisters are lending their faces and last name to a prepaid MasterCard for kids that will allow their parents to check their spending via cell phone. Please, by all means, do pause to process this information. Once this whole partnership was a done deal a party at Pacha in New York was imminent. The club forked over $25k to the K sisters to show up like the good little girls the contract said they were!

Not so much, says Pacha HQ. Apparently Kim, Khloe and Kourtney were supposed to hang around for at least three hours at the club, which didn’t happen. A source explained, “They stayed for just 45 minutes then left. The organizers were furious and were calling them demanding they come back. They did come back, but only stayed for another hour.”

How rude, girls! Their rep on the other hand, insists that this was all one big mix-up, saying, “The girls did all the press and meet-and-greets they were obligated to do. There was a miscommunication between the club and MasterCard that was not relayed to us, and so we went back.”

Now Pacha wants their money back because of this supposed breach of contract. Their spokesperson has jumped into the fray stating, “We are extremely disappointed. They did not fill out their contractual obligations to be there for three hours. We also paid Khloe’s travel fees. We would like a refund.”

Who wants to bet they’ve spent the cash already? Those booty-hugging dresses are expensive, after all!

GLEE: Kurt’s New Hot Gay Boyfriend Is Straight IRL


Glee has been mediocre this season. Or so I’ve heard. To be honest, due to a variety of variables — moving, not installing DVR til recently — I haven’t really kept up with the 2nd season of Glee. And from what I’m hearing (and including the “Rocky Horror” episode that I caught), it’s pretty much been not great.

But all that has changed with this week’s episode, “Never Been Kissed,” which covered the hotbed issue of “teen bullying” and “first makeouts.” Sure, we were given a handful of typical shady Glee-ness — mash-ups, Mr. Schue doing the exact wrong thing — but we were also served up two formal introductions to new characters who will no doubt about it make our beloved sing-songy paradise more interesting.

One of those characters was Coach Bieste, a Trunchbull-esque sport figure who becomes the source of many a boner-killer for the local McKinley High School students. Oh, she’s also Never Been Kissed, not by a man, a woman, Michael Vartan… anyone. Bieste has a heart of gold, as we learn, and is quite a sensitive gal under all that football coaching. Spoiler alert: She does get kissed at the end of the episode, albeit in a “Make-a-Wish”-like fashion that kind of means nothing.

And the other character? His name’s Blaine. (Or, if you’re a Waiting For Guffman expert like myself, “Nebali”.) He’s a member of the Dalton Academy Warblers, a super cool man a cappella group who will be competing against McKinley in Sexonals. Sorry, we meant to say Sexonals.

OK, you’ve probably already seen the Warblers’ version of Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream.” (If not, click here.) But we had uh-noooo ideaaaaaa how hot Blaine was going to end up being. I mean, seriously, he is a gay male fantasy from Mars. Those eyes!! And his courage. Can you blame Kurt (Chris Colfer)? UhSWOONNNNNuhhhhh.

Blaine is played by actor Darren Criss, who only today was promoted to series regular. And we don’t wanna break any gay hearts here, but it has to be done: Darren like the ladies. So sayeth he in this Vanity Fair interview:

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