Taylor Talks To Kanye In New Song: Were You Moved Or Weirded Out?

by (@katespencer)


We still don’t quite know what to make of Taylor Swift‘s performance of “Innocent” at the VMAs tonight (watch video of the performance below). MTV sure hyped up Taylor and Kanye West‘s reunion through out the show, and the whole thing just ended up feeling…weird. She looked amazing, even if her voice was kinda off (which seems to be the usual for her when she sings live). But making a huge moment out of a song that is essentially about one person interrupting another person seems way trivial and over-dramatic. The guy didn’t do any real harm, he just cut her off on national TV. Honestly if Kanye did that to us, we’d probably pen a victory song titled, “We’ve Made It!”

On the other hand, he did totally ruin her big moment last year, so it was nice to see her get it back for a few minutes. But in true Kanye fashion, he stole the show with the last number of the night, a song about toasting “douchebags” and “jerk-offs,” which may as well be called “An Ode to Spencer Pratt, Mel Gibson and the cast of Jersey Shore.”

So yeah, it was weird. What did you think?

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2010 VMAs: 9 White Carpet WTFS And Other Fashion Disasters

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Now this is what the VMAs are really about: fashion trainwrecks trainwrecking around trying to out trainwreck each other. And while it absolutely pains us to include some of our favorites on this list – Rihanna, Robyn, former MTV VJ Kennedy (er, JK) – nothing compares to the suffering they caused our eyes tonight with their wardrobe WTFs.

Without further ado, here are the looks we hated (on stars we – sob – love). Are we being too evil with our fashion eye? Talk back to us in the comments. And yes, we’ll fully admit to being the worst-dressed nobody of the night – yoga pants, a giant purple t-shirt and our one accessory – a medium cup of Haagen Daz. Luckily our cat took paparazzi shots, so we’ll be happy to share. [Photo: Getty Images]

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2010 VMAs White Carpet Winners: The 12 Best Dressed Stars Of The Night

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While the 2010 VMAs were a wee bit more subdued than last year’s show, the white carpet was full of fashion hits, misses and WTFs. Lucky for us, when the stars got it right, they got it way right.

Our best dressed list is varied to say the least; there are no easy to spot trends or styles that everyone embraced. But there is is one thing that unifies this crew: they all know how to play up their best features and their personalities to a tee. Ashley Greene (aka Audrey Hepburn reincarnated) nails the short, sexy and cute look, Katy Perry is playful yet perfect and Gaga is, as always, Gaga. Nothing is sexier than being true to you, amirite? Okay, that was cheesy. Let’s just get to the outfits, shall we? [Photo: Getty Images]

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Freecreditscore.com’s New Band To Debut At Tonight’s VMAs



]The search is finally over and freecreditscore.com has found their new band. After beating out nearly a hundred entries in a nationwide contest, the new band from Sterling Heights, Michigan, will debut in their first commercial tonight during MTV’s VMAs — one of music’s biggest nights! Tune into the VMAs tonight at 9/8c to watch for the band and check out their classic rock/pop blend in the clip above.

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Won’t Let The Situation Be Great

by (@hallekiefer)


We never really thought how much we hate big government, but that was before we realized how much it negatively affects The Situation! Despite his eminent world domination, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office apparently will not let The Situation trademark his nickname. Where is that in the constitution? O my god, The Constitution…quick, back to the trademark office!

So who is the “Situation” that actually owns the rights to the title? A retailer in Memphis. Hmm, a juice-head with 3.5 minutes of fame left vs. an undoubtedly classy clothing line in Tennessee: which of these two deserves to be known by the one true name? They should have some sort of contest to see who gets to use the moniker. Like, oh we don’t know, maybe some kind of hot abs competition? Wait, you’re saying those guys have even hotter abs than him? Sorry Sitch, you can’t fight city hall. [Photo: Getty Images]

Ali Larter Happy And Pregnant With Tiny Man-Baby

by (@hallekiefer)

Even while still in the womb, Ali Larter’s baby boy is being embarrassed by his mom. The Resident Evil: Afterlife 3D star officially announced the gender of her unborn to Jimmy Fallon last night, after the talk show host offered her the choice between a pink or blue romper.  Larter grabbed the blue one and announced, “We’re having a boy!” , and then added, “Yes! I have a little penis inside of me.” Ah, the joys of motherhood! Knowing that the breakfast sandwich you ate today will be broken down and used to build your tiny baby’s unit…well, who wouldn’t want to talk about it on Light Night with Jimmy Fallon?

Larter was making the news official after sort of spilling the beans in an interview last week, using the word “he’s” when talking about her almost-baby before quickly correcting herself.  In response to her phallic outburst, Jimmy Fallon quipped back, “That’s what she said!”, which probably brought back a lot of memories, of when women actually said that to him. We hope mom-to-be Larter DVR’d the episode so she can play it for her son when he’s older, like when he’s a moody teenager and his friends come over to hang out. Or at his wedding. 

ICYMI: It Looks Like The Spider-Man Musical Is Actually Going To Happen

by (@unclegrambo)

You guys like Broadway, don’t you? Wait, what’s that? The last thing you saw on Broadway was Cats? For shame! Well, the visionary (and quite divatastic) creative mastermind Julie Taymor is hoping all that will change when her troubled production of Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark opens up later this year (fingers crossed)! This ambitious and wildly expensive show has been delayed more times than we can count — we only have so many fingers and toes, you know — but the appearance of star Reeve Carney on Good Morning America this morning has got to be some sort of positive indication that this thing is actually going to happen someday, right?

So, why would you go see Spiderman on Broadway versus any of the other numerous movie-to-musical translations clogging up the Great White Way these days? Well, producers are betting that an original score co-written by Bono and The Edge will get people excited. The aforementioned Carney performed one of these bombastic new songs, “Boy Falls From the Sky,” this morning. As Vulture astutely pointed out earlier, the guitar riff that anchors the song sounds suspiciously like the riff from “Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me”, U2′s contribution to the Batman Forever soundtrack. That said, this song shows promise and, surprisingly, is nowhere near as disastrous as the whispers tipped it to be. As long as Taymor doesn’t decide to incorporate a number based on Tobey Maguire’s jazzbo freakout from Spiderman 3 into the production, we’re pretty confident that Spider-Man will turn out to be nowhere near as embarrassing as American Idiot!

Google Instant “We Didn’t Start The Fire” Starts, Wins Google Instant Meme


It’s been several days since Google Instant began to take effect, and frankly, it’s been a little tense ’round these internet parts waiting for someone to step forward and figure out how to incorporate this unobjectionable new technology into an insanely committed viral video.

Not anymore! Here’s an insanely committed viral video from Urlesque that matches every aspect of Willie Joel’s “We Didn’t Start The Fire” with its corresponding Google Instant results.

“Internet, you’ve done it again!” – Police Chief at the end of the Hanna-Barbera cartoon Internet Dog.

VH1 Best Cruise Ever is Back! Sign Up For Pre-sale Now


Some of you may recall the love I declared for Lifehouse (as in Jason Wade; his arms) a few months back when I sailed the Carribbean with the band and plenty of others for a 4-day, non-stop concert adventure called the VH1 Best Cruise Ever.

Well, friends, VH1 Best Cruise Ever is back! Sign up for the pre-sale now. Sailing April 28 – May 2 from Tampa, FL to Cozumel on-board the Carnival Inspiration, the 2011 festival at sea looks amazing. And I need to be there.


The Script
Colbie Caillat

Alpha Rev
Civil Twilight
Mat Kearney
Matt Wertz
One EskimO
Thriving Ivory
Trailer Park Ninjas
…and more

If you book a cabin during the pre-sale, you get to take a picture with one of the headlining acts (Train, Lifehouse, Colbie Caillat, The Script). And if you book a cabin near me, you might get to hold my hair back when I throw up the morning of debarkation!

Click here to sign up for pre-sale before 11:59PM Mon., Sept. 13.

Justin Bieber Soaks State Trooper In Water Balloon Attack, Is Officially Above The Law

by (@hallekiefer)

We always knew this day would come: Justin Bieber has discovered he can control the police.  At a recent performance at the Maryland State Fair, Justin Bieber water ballooned a state trooper in the crotch …and got away with it!  Sources say Justin was gleefully chucking balloons at people backstage, eventually hitting an officer working crowd management, who did not take kindly to the joke. While the rest of us would be immediately slammed onto the hood of a cop car and hand-cuffed, Bieber instead scampered into his trailer and let his bodyguard talk down the angry, damp trooper.

A rep for the state police commented on Justin’s actions on Sunday, describing the pants-soaking prank as “inappropriate”, but not a serious enough incident to merit writing Bieber up. We just have to remember that Justin is a bratty teen, and is undoubtedly going to make dumb mistakes. Oh, and he’s a millionaire, so he can probably get away with water ballooning all of us if he wanted to. Either way, it’s good Justin didn’t get arrested; there’s not enough time to re-choreograph his VMA performance, and those cells are so tiny.