Christina Aguilera Gets An Early Birthday At Tokyo Burlesque Premiere


Christina Aguilera

A giant birthday cake nearly two weeks before the date? This is seriously not how you fight pregnancy rumors, Christina Aguilera! Though Xtina’s tight black dress at last night’s Burlesque premiere in Tokyo was infinitely more flattering than the previous day’s outfit, watching her coo over this premature pastry (they even put the date on the cake!) sure isn’t going to keep gossipmongers from wondering if—hell, hoping that—she’s got a little Rutler in her. How many of these is she going to get over the next ten days? At least she restrained herself from ripping off a piece and chowing down on stage.

See photos of Aguilera and Kristin Bell‘s red carpet dresses in the gallery below.

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Demi Lovato Is Going To Be Sued By Her Assaulted Back-Up Dancer

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Demi Lovato‘s dad should’ve held off on the threats towards Alex Welch. Post the whole Demi-punching-Alex extravaganza, Demi’s father , Patrick Lovato, warned Welch, “Demi has really good lawyers and so does Disney. This girl shouldn’t sue. She won’t win.” All this talk of her backing down has pretty much fallen on deaf ears, because it turns out Welch is going to sue Demi next week.

She’s apparently going for some sort of sympathy vote, as she’s also heading to a plastic surgeon to check out the injuries from Demi’s punching. Her lawyer, Donald Karpel, explains, “We will be filing a lawsuit next week. We will be seeking punitive damages for assault, battery and for mental stress. After the attack, Alex had to get emergency treatment. She is now consulting a Beverly Hills ears, nose and throat plastic surgeon.”

We have a feeling it’s going to get ugly. Disney and Demi may have really good lawyers, but does the rehabbed star really want to have her name dragged through the mud? Especially with those pesky coke rumors floating about? Lots of nasty details always surface in court, and does Demi really need that right now?

Should Chelsea Handler Be Worried About This Picture?

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Chelsea Handler must’ve had a great time slagging off Angelina Jolie. Her epic rant at a New Jersey show included calling out Momma Pitt  with some choice words. Her slams included, “…She can rescue as many babies from as many countries as she wants. I don’t f—ing believe you! She gives interviews, ‘I don’t have a lot of female friends.’ Because you’re a f—ing c—.”

Props to her for braving Jolie’s inevitable death stare. But while Handler was sounding off on stage, there was another story developing backstage. Chelsea’s supposed man-friend 50 Cent was around, watching her in action, and seemed to be getting action from her friend and Chelsea Lately writer and producer, Heather McDonald. By the looks of this TwitPic, they looked mighty friendly. McDonald tweeted, “Great show in Newark tonight but Chelsea should be worried because of this” along with the photo. Forget Angelina, maybe Ms. Comedienne needs to clean up her house first. Be afraid McDonald… because you know you’re going to become fodder for Chelsea’s next show.

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Twice The Joy For Chris Daughtry

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Chris Daughtry is completely smitten with his newborn twins and we don’t blame him. How adorable are these babies. Daughtry posted a picture on Twitter of little Adalynn Rose and Noah James and wrote, “I’m SO in love!

Daughtry, married for a decade, has a stepdaughter from his wife Deanna’s previous marriage and a son named Griffin. That’s four kids total, adding the twins who were born just 20 days ago. Chris sent out an official statement saying, “Our family is overwhelmed with joy by these two precious gifts from God. The babies are both healthy and resting. Thanks to everyone for their love and prayers.” Congratulations!

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Reese Witherspoon States The Obvious About Robert Pattinson

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“I’m not gonna lie. He’s a very, very handsome man,” revealed Reese Witherspoon to USA Today. But of course, is our response, because that paragon of steamy, sparkly manliness she’s referring to is Robert Pattinson, future babydaddy of our dreams. We’d also like to thank the blonde adorbs actress for complying with an earlier request: when Reese got her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, we’d asked her to dole out more dish on RPattz in the next interview she gave. For that we got a fair amount of snark, with people commenting that we were asshats for daring to ask an Oscar-winning actress such mundane questions. Guess what people… she’s dishing (whut with a sprinkle of hah).

Spending a fair amount of time with him on the set of Water for Elephants, Reese has become quite the authority about His Royal Sparkles. She continued, “The fervor and madness and girls waiting at 5 a.m. on a set in the middle of nowhere just to see him. He’s sweet and loving and has the nicest family. Kristen (Stewart, Pattinson’s girlfriend) is really sweet, too. He’s a very sensitive soul. He worked really hard. He looks great in the movie, too.”  Excuse us while we melt.

Possibly the only girl on the planet who’s not smitten by RPattz is Reese’s daughter, Ava, who at 11, hasn’t read the Twilight books yet. But because she’s the luckiest 11 year old ever, she got to meet him anyway! And Mom’s reading list is A-Ok with us. Reese commented, “I really liked them, me and all my 30-year-old friends! I love the books.” Just another reason why we like Reese so much.

Justin Timberlake’s Busted Leg Shuts Down Production Of New Thriller

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We always knew that Justin Timberlake was awesome at plenty of things besides being a singer. Being an athlete, it turns out, is not one of them. Or that’s what we’re guessing from the news that Justin Timberlake’s stunt injury shut down production of his new movie for 2 weeks. The film Now, a thriller co-starring Olivia Wilde, Amanda Seyfried and Big Bang Theory’s Johnny Galecki, is set in a future distopia where time is traded as a currency—which everyone is going to wish they had more of after Timberlake puts them 2 weeks behind.

Justin was crutching around last week, as he tries to heal from having damaged his calf muscle during filming. “He hasn’t heard anything about the MRI results, but they’re freezing production until he’s off crutches and able to act again,” says a source. Guess you can’t just have Justin sit down for the entire movie with one leg up. Unless his shirt was off, in which case probably no one would even notice.



This is a Recap of the Boardwalk Empire Season 1 Finale, entitled “Return To Normalcy”, originally airing December 5th, 2010. It contains spoilers, so if you don’t want to know if Warren Harding wins the election, do not read on.

It’s the Boardwalk Empire Season 1 Finale AND Halloween Episode, all rolled into one:

The Finale opens on Agent Van Alden, who, after drowning his partner Agent Baby to death last week in a baptism gone stupid, has decided to leave Atlantic city and begin auditioning replacements:

Read more…

Katy Perry Rallys Snowman Army At KIIS FM’s Jingle Ball

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“Attack, my chilly ones!!!” We have to say, Katy Perry made for quite an intense snow-person at KIIS FM’s annual Jingle Ball on Sunday. Like her song, the singer was both hot and cold in her Frosty get-up, forgoing the corn cob pipe and a button nose for some killer curves. We don’t know about you, but we think a snowman sergeant would have been a nice costume addition to her spot in VH1 Diva’s Salute The Troops.

Katy was just one of the many stars who performed at the holiday themed concert this year. The stage was jam-packed with some of the hottest hip-hop stars around, including Nelly, b.O.b, Taio Cruz, and so many more. Also joining in for some seasonal cheer was fellow Diva Haley Williams, Selena Gomez, Enrique Iglesias. Check out the gallery below to see who else caught the holiday spirit!

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Angelina Jolie Would Never Get Plastic Surgery (But It’s Okay For Us Uggos!)

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Sure, Angelina Jolie might occasionally get called a home wrecker, but if somebody’s going to steal your man, it should at least be the most gorgeous woman on the planet, right? And according to Angelina Jolie, plastic surgery has not nor will it ever be part of her beauty regimen…meaning all that hotness is natural. “I haven’t had anything done and I don’t think I will,” Jolie told an interviewer from the Daily Mail. As reluctant as we are to believe her, pics from Jolie’s modeling days suggest she’s telling the truth. Still, some small part of us was hoping Jolie would reveal she’d looked like Sasquatch before she ponied up for massive plastic surgery. But that’d be too much to ask, wouldn’t it, Universe?

While Angie is content to maintain her beauty by washing her face before bed with unicorn tears and angel kisses, she heartily supports fuglies going under the knife if they want to. “But if it makes somebody happy then that’s up to them. I’m not in somebody else’s skin to know what makes them feel better about themselves. But I don’t plan to do it myself,” Jolie explained. If we were in somebody else’s skin, we would hope it would be Angelina’s. Hey, maybe we can trade skins! A word of caution: this one leaks. A lot. [Photo: Getty]

Blue Valentine Cast And Crew Hears Funniest Joke Ever



Sorry, everyone. In case you were under the impression that you know how to have a good time, the cast and crew of Blue Valentine want you to know their good time is even better. Ironically, the flick is sort of a downer, but you’d never know it judging from the head-tossing laughter shared by all at the special Robert DeNiro-hosted screening of the film this weekend.

In addition to all the adults having a raucous time, Ryan Gosling palled it up with his young co-star Faith Wladyka again—you may recall that they were looking pretty adorable together at the Cannes Film Festival earlier this year, and this time was no different. Yep, our ovaries still love him. For more photos of the event, click through our gallery!

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