Pink Is Reportedly Pregnant


Pink has fought off pregnancy rumors in the past, but they’re back again. US Magazine is reporting that Pink and Carey Hart are expecting a child and that the 31-year-old singer is reportedly twelve weeks along. A source says “She wanted to do it between tours, when she has some time off.” When rumors surfaced in the past, Pink was quick to shoot them down on her Twitter page, but she hasn’t issued any denials this time around. If it is true, we wish the couple the best of luck, and we’ll miss all her on-stage acrobatics for the next several months. ‘Cause, you know, pregnancy and trapezes don’t really mix.

Report: Demi Lovato Had A Thing For Coke And Wilmer Valderrama Before Rehab



Poor Demi Lovato. You get in one fistfight with a backup dancer and all of a sudden, you ship off to rehab and all your secrets come out. Ever since Lovato checked herself into a treatment center, rumors have swirled that she’s a cutter with an eating disorder, she’s upset that her ex, Joe Jonas, is dating Ashley Greene, and as of today, she apparently has a raging coke habit and is dating Wilmer Valderrama, who is twelve years her senior.

The New York Daily News writes that Lovato’s been turning to drugs and booze lately, ever since her split with Jonas. Brian Payne, a college student in Texas who said Lovato partied with him and his friends last year said “She was doing line after line like a pro – and she was 17 at the time. I just remember her doing it [cocaine] as if she had been doing it for a long time. It didn’t seem like something new to her.” Other sources have claimed Lovato was ” partying” on the night of her altercation with her dancer, which could mean anything, but makes drug use more of a possibility.

As for her relationship with Valderrama, whose lust for the younger ladies is a little creepy at this point (remember when he talked about taking Mandy Moore‘s virginity on Howard Stern? Yeah, gross), the two met while filming a PSA for earthquake relief in March and were romantically linked as far back as May. Valderrama’s rep denies a relationship, but a source says Demi would display photos of the two of them while she was on tour and would introduce him to people as her boyfriend.

We hope that Demi gets the help she needs for whatever demons she’s battling, but in the meantime, let’s just take a look back at Wilmer’s past “demons”, a.k.a. the very young ladies he’s dated. Ironically, he does seem to have a positive effect on the careers of most of the girls he’s been with, but it’s still creepy that while he gets older, the girls seem to get younger.

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Spot The Diff: Robsten Canoodles In Rio


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Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson on the set of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. [Photo: Splash News Online]

Canada Really Steps Up To The Plate With Their Version Of Jersey Shore


This is the sizzle reel for Canada’s answer to Jersey Shore. It’s called Lake Shore. It’s an allusion about as subtle as everything on this show. That is to say, not subtle at all. Terrible, in fact. And, dare I say, more racist than Jersey Shore? Because it encompasses many cultures! Check it ooout! Oh, it’s 8 minutes long. Not my fault, blame Canada!

“I’m not racist, because you know what? I hate everyone equally…especially Jewish people.”

F*cking A, Lake Shore. Chill! You’re like the over achieving little sibling trying to overtake your older brother/sister by being as stupid shocking as possible. You’re like Mark Wahlberg to Donnie Wahlberg. Or Chad Lowe to Rob Lowe. Or Randy Quaid to Dennis Quaid. I don’t know, those are all flawed examples. Awful examples, in fact. But you’re awful, you don’t deserve a better example! Good DAY to you, Lake Shore. Never cross our borders again. You make Jersey Shore seem like a warm safety blanket.

Via NY Mag

Is There A Jennifer Aniston Reality Show In The Works?


Is the world’s loneliest spinster with the best set of highlights getting her own reality show? Possibly! It’s rumored that Jennifer Aniston has been approached to do a reality show by the people who brought you The Hills and Jersey Shore. And if anyone knows how to show off a person’s good side, it’s them, right?

A source explains that Aniston is mulling over the idea of a show but she wants to have control over the image she projects. (And for the record, we don’t think she’s actually the world’s loneliest spinster, she’s actually kind of living the dream by hanging out with her friends, eating Mexican food every damn day and dating random hot guys well into her 40s. Ain’t no shame in any of that.) However, the source says “It’s just about coming up with the right show that doesn’t make her look foolish.” Hey, reality TV is not just the domain of D-listers anymore and we’re sure that the world would LOVE to watch Aniston chilling with Courteney Cox, whining about men, and changing her hairstyle every so often, but that all seems strangely familiar…because we already watched that for ten seasons on Friends.

Ririlocks Turns Italy Into Nation Of Shy Ronnies



Italy is not hurting for beautiful women, that’s for sure. But how often does Italy see a Barbadian beauty with long red locks steaming up their version of “The X-Factor” while wearing a floral bikini? Probably never!

And of course Rihanna‘s bikini isn’t made of a normal pattern — each of her private parts are ensconced in flowers made of ruffles. Which makes us wonder how many Italian men were busy smelling their television sets during her performance of “The Only Girl (In The World)”?

Add exposed tats and leather boots to this outfit — and this is why Rihanna makes the Shy Ronnies of the world wet their pants. For more sexy flower-related goodness, see Rihanna at the MTV Europe Music Awards. [Photos: Splash News Online]

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Ke$ha Trades Day-Glow Dresses For A Day At The Beach

by (@JordanRuntagh)


Ke$ha hit up Australia’s gorgeous Bondi beach yesterday, looking positively demure by her standards in a zebra print skirt, shear tank top and black bra. It’s a far cry from the day glow Neon Warrior Princess getup she sported at the MTV European Video Music Awards on Sunday.

She and her friends strolled in the sand and soaked up the rays, as it’s actually summer in Australia right now. (crazy, right?) Everything is topsy-turvy in Australia: they drive on the opposite side of the road, their winter is our summer, and Ke$ha’s songs are actually listenable down there. Crikey.

[Photo: Splash News Online]

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Jason Mraz vs The Jonas Brothers In The Cuddliest Cage Match Ever

by (@hallekiefer)

In a conflict that’s been brewing on the back of middle schoolers’ locker doors for months, finally there is word that a Jason Mraz vs. Jonas Brothers beef is on like Donkey Kong, an epic fight bound to enrage the softest, most tear-stained section of the population. The battle began when  someone  noticed that the Camp Rock 2 song “Introducing Me” sounds oddly similar to Mraz’s “I’m Yours”, which we notices sounds an awful lot like every other Jason Mraz song. Coincidence? We think not.

Says Mraz, “I heard the song, and it was just a tremendous, tremendous horror of a tune.” We agree! Oh wait, you mean the Jonas Brothers song. We still agree! But admits Mraz, “I noticed a few similarities in the melody, but it wasn’t enough to pick up the phone and argue with somebody about it.” Well, when your phone’s  already made of gold with diamond buttons, we guess it’s not that big of a deal.

However, it’s not those millions in Jonas money he’s interested in: “If anything, I just wanted my $1.29 back that I spent on iTunes.” A statement which tells us two things: Jason Mraz is nicer than we may have given him credit for, and he SPENT $1.29 ON A CAMP ROCK 2 SONG. We’re sorry; we mean, invested. He invested in a Camp Rock 2 song.

BOARDWALK EMPIRE RECAP: Old Timey Porn And Shooter McGavin


This is a Recap of Boardwalk Empire, Season 1 Episode 8, entitled “Hold Me In Paradise”. It contains spoilers, such as the spoiler that Eddie Money wrote the title to this episode.

Nucky is off to Chicago this week, and because that trip takes 48 months back then, Eli is temporarily filling in as Head Kickback Giver-Outer. As we remember from the “Previously” segment, though, no one takes Eli seriously. Also, didn’t someone get cut in the face a few episodes ago? It wasn’t in the “Previously” this week, so I have no recollection.

Anyway, no one wants to visit Eli because he grammar bad at, and the one person who visits him by accident completely patronizes his authority, bruising Eli’s fragile corrupt sheriff ego. Eli’s learning the hard way that substituting ain’t easy:

After the jump, the bullets are flyin’ and the boobs are returnin’ and a special appearance from our favorite Happy Gilmore character turned politician:

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