The Hunger Games’ Best Fan-Made Videos


A film adaptation of The Hunger Games trilogy is slowly being figured out in Hollywood, but the series has some really intense fans, ourselves included, who just can’t wait for these movies. To the point where we’re dying to know who will star in the films and we’re not shy about throwing our own Hunger Games cast picks out there. (Let us know if you agree with our choices!) But some fans are even more intense, going so far as to film scenes and trailers for the non-existent films. And some of these fan-made videos are pretty awesome. The video above is hands-down our favorite, since it contains one of the most moving scenes from the first book, featuring the narrator, Katniss Everdeen, and her fellow fight-to-the-death competitor, Rue. Not only is it amazingly shot, but these unknown actors are fantastic and we think they deserve an audition for the real film. Spoilers abound, so be warned if you haven’t read the books yet! For more impressive fan videos, click ahead.

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Anne Hathaway Mentally Casts Herself On Glee…As A Broadway-Singing Lesbian

by (@hallekiefer)

If the creators of Glee can deliver us a more likable Gwyneth Paltrow and a totally coherent Britney Spears, we can only image what an Anne Hathaway Glee episode would do for the actress’ success. While on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Thursday to promote her new film with Jake Gyllenhaal, Love & Other Drugs, Hathaway completely gleeked out, sharing her incredibly elaborate plans for a turn on the hit Fox show. Admitted a bashful Anne, “Can I make a confession? In my head I’ve written myself a part on Glee. That [sounds] so arrogant and obnoxious … in my head, I cast myself on Glee and I know what song I would sing.” Aw, only Anne Hathaway would think having a spazz attack over a high school musical show as being “arrogant,” rather than “painfully nerdy.”

Explains Hathaway, “I would want to play Kurt’s long lost aunt, his mother’s sister, who is also gay, who comes back to help him deal with his sexuality, and I would sing “You Are Not Alone” from Stephen Sondheim’s epic show Into The Woods.  A slightly shocked Jimmy Fallon praised Hathaway’s creativity, exclaiming, “Wow, you really have though this out…you thought of the whole episode,” to which Hathaway laughed, “By the way, this is my nerdiest interview ever!” So from what we gather, the writers on Glee can basically stop working now and just let mega-celebrities write, cast and direct all the episodes going forward. Don’t worry, you guys; Anne Hathaway’s got this one.

The Smart Girl’s Guide To The Sexiest Men Alive


This week, millions of women all over the world put their loins in a girding machine, because it was that time of year when People Magazine announced their “Sexiest Man of The Year.” And this year, they’ve put someone we can mostly all agree on: Ryan Reynolds, he of the fantastic Bullock sexual chemistry, husband of Scarlett Johansson, former Van Wilder. Ryan is certainly adorable, and we’re grateful that we’re not being forced to look at George Clooney/Brad Pitt for the umpteenth time.

But we’re also getting a tad sick of all those abs being slapped on the cover. As a “thinking woman” with “thinking woman’s needs,” we feel that there are dozens of men, smart, sexy men, often overlooked by the bicep-thirsty People Magazine editors. And that ain’t gonna work.

So here is’s Smart Girl’s Guide to the Sexiest Men Alive.

John Slattery aka Roger Sterling

If you really need a description for this one, just close out of this post. Seriously. Do it. Or don’t. If you know what we mean. Sterling > Draper 4 VR.

Ben Bailey

We spent 12 years riding around in New York City cabs, and not once did we ever have a driver half as hot as Cash Cab host Ben Bailey. The man can drive and ask complicated trivia questions at the same time. And that fake Russian accent he uses to throw people off? Adorable. I would definitely take him up on his video bonus question. (I love a good sex euphemism that makes no sense. In other news, do not ever agree to the video bonus question, unless you majored in “Losing All Your Money.”)

Harry Shum Jr.

Sometimes called “Mike Chang,” othertimes referred to as “Other Asian,” Harry Shum, in my opinion, is the hottest man on Glee. Keep Your Pucks, Keep Your Finns, Keep Your John Stamos– wait, on second thought, don’t keep Stamos. We need him.

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Here’s A 46 Pound Pug We Would Like To Pet And Then Roast


It’s always lunchtime somewhere, and frankly, this 46 pound suckling pug is beginning to look mighty delicious….

This chubby furry circle named Jia Bao (Chinese for Spot) weighs, a 46.2lb pug whose owners claim makes him nine pounds heavier than the current Guinness world record holder for the World’s Heaviest Dog. No word of whether or not the dog qualifies for the “World’s Flattest Face” or the “Most Pained Dog Expression.”

So what does this dog love to do in its spare tire time?

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This 250 Introductions Supercut Will Exhaust You


Just as we today gaze upon the pyramids of Egypt and marvel at the absolutely unfathomable amount of time and manpower devoted to something so ideologically misplaced as an ornate tomb, the civilizations of the future will one day look back upon these internet supercuts and wonder “How long did some spend making this, and WHY?” and a tour guide is going to diplomatically explain, “You have to remember, they believed very different things back then…”

Below, a supercut of 250 character introductions in one 9 1/2 minute video. Be forewarned – watching this for any length of time will completely exhaust you:

(via Gorillamask)

Claire Danes To Star In First TV Series Since My So-Called Life


Claire Danes

15 years after Claire Danes let My So-Called Life producers know she wanted to focus on movies (scuttling their hopes for a second season), the actress is headed back to TV land. The Hollywood Reporter confirms that Danes will star in the upcoming Showtime series Homeland—oh, you knew she was headed for pay cable—playing a CIA agent “battling demons” and dealing with POWs from Iraq who may know more than they’re saying. The show will be run by two vets from 24, so she may spend more time torturing suspects than she did on the old show (where sniffling was Angela Chase’s preferred mode of getting results).

With her performance in the HBO movie Temple Grandin winning an Emmy last year—and recent theatrical releases like Me And Orson Welles, Stardust, The Flock and Evening flopping hard—it’s not that surprising that Danes has changed her mind about the idiot box. It certainly beats shilling for paint!

[Photo: Getty Images]

Listen To Angelina Pivarnick’s “Rap” “Song”


Have you been looking for a song so bad that it makes Ke$ha sound like a musical genius? Or a byproduct of the Jersey Shore that doesn’t have to do with tanning or abs? Well, your long, nightmarish wait is over! Angelina Pivarnick‘s rap song, called “I’m Hot” is here and it is…something else. Despite the fact that Angelina comes from Staten Island, home of the Wu-Tang Clan, she has what we politely refer to as a unique approach to her craft. References to Shaolin, no. References to shopping, yes. Clearly she won’t be citing RZA or GZA as influences. And you know how weird it is when British people sing and lose their English accents? Angelina never learned that trick. Have a listen if you dare.

It’s Possible Keyboard Rabbit Secretly Hates Music


The dapper gentlemen behind The Found Footage Festival have outdone themselves with the following find, which falls somewhere between the genius of Walrus Saxophone and Keyboard Cat. It’s a woman with an entire circus of performing animals: A rabbit that hates piano lessons/his owner; a golden retriever pushing a baby carriage (brillll); a poodle who does Meryl Streep in Sophie’s Choice impressions… all this video does is give and give.

The only thing she’s guilty of is loving her pets too much

And thanks to the magic of ~Computers~ here are two of the best GIFs we’ve ever seen!


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Kanye West’s Top 20 Kanye-est Outfits

by (@JordanRuntagh)


He’s loud, he’s proud, and he’s bling’d out. He tangoed with a president, a newscaster, a country crossover artist and Wal-Mart yet he lived to tell the tale. He compares his privates to an ancient wonder of the world, and has turned his teeth into a diamond-crusted modern wonder of the world. He has been linked to some of the most beautiful women in the land, but his only true love is his Twitter account. If we could harness his ego, the energy crisis would be solved.

Ladies and gentlemen, let’s have a toast to the lovable douchebag himself, Mr. Kanye West. They say it’s the clothes that make the man. Today we salute the outfits that are just so…Kanye. In honor of his new album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy dropping this Monday, join us as we count down Kanye’s GREATEST OUTFITS OF ALL TIME!

20. Operation

19. Preppy In Pink

18. In Living Color

17. Canadian Tuxedo

16. Not Thrilled

15. Velveteen Rapper

14. Black ‘n’ Bling

13. Casual Business

12. The Hendrix

11. Through Rose-Colored Glasses

10. Unfashionably Late

9. Shake Ya Tail Feather

8. The Cosby Sweater

7. Little Red Riding Hoodlum

6. Grey Areas

5. Four Square

4. Lavender Leisure Suit

3. Hunger Force

2. Fool’s Gold

1. Angel In Disguise

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Anderson Cooper Puts On A Bunny Suit And Plays With Apes


A friend of mine sent me this CNN video of Anderson Cooper interviewing a lady who teaches English speech to bonobos. I love bonobos and Anderson Cooper, so it was a pleasant, interesting watch, but nothing “ZOMG – Internet!” caliber for the first two minutes or so. Then one of the bonobos declares that “The bunny is going to get the surprises” and hoooly crap, the video takes a ninety degree turn into HUH? Towne. Population: This video.

This is so much like my dreams it’s scary…