It’s Curtains For Neve Campbell’s Marriage

by (@missmuttoo)

Who’s that standing like the Grim Reaper next to Neve Campbell? Her soon-to-be ex husband John Light, that’s who. She’s been super sneaky about the divorce proceedings too, considering she filed, citing the usual “irreconcilable differences”, five months ago.

What’s weird is that a source supposedly maintains that, “They’re still really close friends, and it was a very amicable divorce.” Which sounds like a load of crock to us because apparently, Neve is working towards a plea that will keep her from providing any spousal support to Light, an English actor. You know what happens when money, specifically the lack of it, is involved. Things tend to get nasty very quickly. They’ve been married for 3 years, so he’s probably thinking he’s entitled to something. We’ll just have to wait and say how “amicable” things remain during the hearing, which is in a few weeks. Good thing Neve knows how to Scream.

Kanye West Is A Wrap Star

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Kanye West is a man of many moods—and some of his mood swings give us whiplash. Especially the Kanye who rants on Twitter. But then there’s this whole other Kanye who we think is awesome. Oh to have been on that Delta flight. Then there’s totally rad Kanye who wraps presents for kids. Whuuuut?

In a story that made us tear up just a little, Kanye randomly walked into the  New Yorkers for Children‘s 8th annual “Wrap to Rap” even though he wasn’t on their roster. He just wanted to help out a good cause. Fo’ reals. He reportedly sauntered in around 6pm and spent an apparent 90 minutes wrapping presents with Selita Ebanks (by the looks of this photo) and then quietly left. Awww. Maybe what he’s being saying on Twitter is actually TRUE, you guys. Maybe he really is misunderstood.

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John Mayer Was All Up On Katy Perry, Too?

by (@JordanRuntagh)

Today we are saddened to add Katy Perry the list of famous and gorgeous women John Mayer has allegedly hooked-up with. Seriously, where does this guy find time to make albums? Although happily married now, things almost turned out very differently for new Mrs. Russell Brand according to E! Online. A source says that the night before meeting Russell at the 2009 VMAs, Katy was out partying with John at a bar in New York. The pair had apparently been sending flirty texts for weeks.

“They’d never met in person, and she went to meet him there after she was at a Jay-Z concert at Madison Square Garden,” a friend told E! Online. “John thought she was so hot and fun and was into her.They were so flirty and all over each other that night at the bar, they really liked each other. Their personalities just clicked and they were flirting and dancing and it was on.” The two apparently left the bar together, which just happened to be down the street from Mr. Mayer’s apartment. Did he explore her wonderland of a body? Who knows. The flirty texts continued the next day, but then fate intervened when she bumped into VMA’s host Russell Brand. And the rest is history. It’s no wonder Katy and Russell are so deep into marital bliss. If someone rescued us from John Mayer’s clutches, we’d probably put a ring on them, too!

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This is a Recap of Boardwalk Empire, Season 1, Episode 11, entitled “Paris Green”. We’ll get to the ‘cappin in a sec, right after a quick pause for commercial…

This Christmas…

[Cue Music]:

He’s finding out… the BOARDWALK EMPIRE… never prepared him for the WORKSHOP EMPIRE…

Alright, alright, stop the Boardwalk Empire “Christmas Trailer” joke — that Brian Setzer video is really just way too awesome on its own. Can we all just watch it on repeat and skip recapping the rest of this episode? No? Alright, fine, here’s some words and pictures that happened:

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Snoop Drops New Song For Prince William’s Bachelor Party, Is All Kinds Of Inappropriate

by (@hallekiefer)

Now we know what ya’ll be doing at 4:20pm today if you live on the West Coast: listening to Snoop Dog’s new song for Prince William’s bachelor party, of course! That’s what you guys were thinking too, right? Rumors had circulated that Prince Harry wanted Snoop to perform at his brother’s last night of freedom, and because Snoop is basically a king among men he took it to the next level by composing a new tune. Those of us here on the East Coast can have a listen at 7:20pm. The only downside to the whole thing? The title of the song…is “Wet.” Guys, come on! Kate Middleton gets the chance in a million to be an actual princess, and you are ruining this for everybody being lewd! We’re not saying we aren’t going to dance when it plays on the radio, but still. Have some composure!

According to his PR team, the new Snoop Dogg song “Wett” “is the perfect anthem for Prince William or any playa to get the club smokin’.” Man, 4:20 can’t come fast enough! We’re still talking about the song! For the most part. [Photo:]

Reese Witherspoon Confident That “Funny Doesn’t Sag”

by (@hallekiefer)

While most actresses over the age of 19 are scheduling their yearly face lift (we’re look at you, practically everyone in Hollywood), according to a 34-year-old Reese Witherspoon, aging makes her feel nothing but the sexy. Says Reese in the January issue of Glamour, “I think as a woman, you get older, you feel more confident in your sexuality. You’re not as intimidated by it, not as embarrassed by it. Sexuality and femininity is an accumulation of age and wisdom and comfort in your own skin. I feel better–so much better now than I ever did in my twenties. I am calmer; I know who I am. And as a result, I feel much sexier.” Being thin, blond and gorgeous can’t hurt, but then again, we’ve never been 34. Well, once, but that was a really long time ago.

As for furthering her career with rom-coms like the upcoming How Do You Know, Witherspoon assures us, “There’s always going to be somebody younger or sexier. That’s why I like to say, and it’s become my famous line, ‘Funny doesn’t sag.'” Thank god! If it did we’d all look like basset hounds. Well, more so than we do now, which is A LOT. 

Regis Philbin Gets Freaky With Nicki Minaj, Smacks Her Ass On Live TV

by (@unclegrambo)

regis-nickirnrnIf you’ll allow us to use the parlance of one Sir Mix-A-Lot for a moment, everybody knows that Nicki Minaj is “little in the middle but she got much back.” However, until today, we had no clue that Regis Philbin “likes ‘em real thick and juicy.” Yes, that Regis Philbin! rnrnAfter a performance of “Right Thru Me” on LIVE! with Regis And Kelly, VH1 Divas performer Nicki Minaj was interviewed by the diminutive yet highly excitable octogenarian. Seemingly possessed by the spirit of Mix-A-Lot himself, Reege found himself so enthralled with Nicki’s curves that he up and smacked her on the ass. It’s something that has to be seen to be believed.rnrn Read more…

Report: Tom Brady Inhumanely Forced By Gisele To Get Hairplugs, Bieber Haircut



Tom Brady may have lucked into marrying one of the hottest women in the world when he nabbed Gisele Bündchen for his bride, but if reports are true, his Brazilian supermodel wife is obsessed with his looks, to the point where she is now controlling his hair. When we first saw Brady’s long, Bieber-like locks, he was just recovering from a car accident on his way to Patriots practice. He and his hair were unharmed, but we were shocked by how pop-star-ish Brady looked. Turns out, it’s all Gisele’s doing. And it’s not just because she likes her men shaggy, her motives are far more sinister. It’s because she’s ashamed of Brady’s…bald spot.

Back in September during a radio interview, when Brady was asked why he doesn’t cut his hair, he replied “You’ll have to speak to my wife about that.” Now, The National Enquirer reports that Brady’s car was seen at the Leonard Hair Transplant Association in Rhode Island and a source said “He spent over an hour consulting with Dr. Leonard before he slipped out the back door and drove off.” So if we’re to read between the lines (of the Victoria’s Secret Model’s Playbook), Gisele is forcing Tom to grow his thinning hair out, and also forcing him to get plugs. You know, because if you’re going to be married to a super-hot model, it’s not enough that you’re just a professional football player, you have to stay super-hot yourself.

[Photo: Splash News Online]

Rihanna: “Girls Don’t Like To See Other Girls Dressed Sexy”



Honestly, we didn’t realize Rihanna had so many haters! After her rants against bloggers and tweets complaining about the media’s Chris Brown obsession, it sounds like the singer’s feeling more than a little persecuted. Now Rihanna is telling British GQ that it’s only natural for her to get negative attention—at least from the ladies. “People think I’m overly sexy,” says the singer. “It bothers them for some reason. Girls don’t like to see other girls dressed sexy. It’s a little intimidating—I don’t mean that in a cocky way.” Oh, of course not. Nothing cocky about suggesting your fashion sense intimidates your gender.

“People are hypocrites…Most of them are unhappy with themselves. It’s women who are mad at other women. They should take a look at their own lives. A lot of people don’t have the guts to confront themselves. They don’t have the balls.” Yow! Not that this harsh, genital-focused language means she’s totally unsympathetic to her fellow ladies. “Every time they see me my ass is out or my boobs are out, so it can get a little irritating. I get that. But I have to do what makes me happy, what I feel like doing.” Fair enough, Rihanna—your boobs, your bliss. But do try to remember that “don’t hate” is a two way street.

[Photo: GQ]

Larry King Will Do Stand Up Comedy Now


We are all buying tickets to Larry King‘s first show no matter how much it costs or where it is. From an interview with New York Magazine:

“I might do Internet stuff.” One definite project is a comedy tour. “I’m funny,” says King. “I’m going to do stand-up. That’s what I love.”

First of all, it’s crazy how much more suited he is to assume the stage name Larry The Cable Guy than is the actual Larry The Cable Guy.

Secondly, I strongly recommend you read the rest of the interview. JUST KIDDING. Good god. Don’t do that. It’s literally a whole interview with Larry King. But you know you’re excited to see Larry King do stand-up. You hope he puts together a whole hour. And furthermore, You hope it is absolutely filthy. You want him to do 15 minutes on using his suspenders to hold up a condom. You want that. You want  gross loose skin jokes. He should get arrested Lenny Bruce style for what you want from this man in his stand-up comedy.