Snooki And JWoww Plan To Dress As Each Other For Halloween


This is pretty hilarious. Snooki and J-Woww apparently are dressing as each other for Halloween. Considering 95% of girls are probably going to be poufing, pouting and bronzing in order to dress as them this year, we think it’s clever that they plan to join in on the fun. (Poor Angelina – no one plans to dress as her though, right?)

Even though we think this is a funny idea, we’re not sure how they plan to do it. Will Snooki wear stilts? Will J-Woww pull a Dorf and walk around on her knees? (Does anyone else remember Dorf?) Or maybe they could hired the Jared Leto girl to make them over and really transform their faces into each other. It would be like Face/Off: New Jersey Edition!

Woman Transforms Herself Into Jared Leto, Confusing Sexualities Everywhere


They often say that you fall in love with someone who looks exactly like you. This has been true with nearly 40 percent of my married friends, though for me personally, seeing as I’ve never dated a half-Asian Native American (what I think I look like), this has not been true. Though, Keanu Reeves, if you reading…

But someone who likely would NOT have a problem finding his true love is Jared Leto, the 73 year old pop sensation who has been a teen idol since the roaring 20s. Jared has all the makings of a hot man or woman: Large blue eyes, silky hair, pouty lips, and skin smoother than a newborn’s fist, a sizable penis. And we think we’ve found his true match: This young woman, who with the help of some tricky shading and kohl eyeliner, turns herself into JARED LETO’S TWIN.

It is at once the most terrifying and sensual thing we’ve ever seen.

Our minds:

Although, the more I think about it, the more I realize Courtney Cox would make a fabulous Jared Leto. And also, let’s just take a moment to remember this J. Leto-related hilarity.

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Banksy’s Simpsons Couch Gag Ups The Ante For Primetime Subversiveness

by (@unclegrambo)

When the clock strikes 8pm on Sunday nights, chances are your friendly BWE editors are glued to CBS and the Amazing Race. Last night, however, the football game between the Dallas Cowboys and the Tennessee Titans ran over by almost an hour, which necessitated us flipping the channel over to Fox to catch the sabremetrics-focused episode of The Simpsons. Mere seconds into the program, we knew we were in for a delicious treat when the camera panned over the city of Springfield and a huge Banksy tag appeared on the Krusty billboard. However, we were not prepared for the harrowing direction the credits took when it came time for the show’s patented couch gag.

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Will PETA Please Report To Mischa Barton’s Head

by (@JordanRuntagh)


Oh no! Mischa Barton forgot to wear a hat to the Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic! How embarrassing. Luckily she was able to find something on the side of the road to stick on her head. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear to be dead. Oh my gosh, get it off, get it off, get it off! Somebody help her!

Okay, Mischa might not have a real live bird on her head. But can you blame us for thinking so? Her dark-feathered headpiece is an eyesore on what’s an otherwise fabulous flapper throwback. When a bird appears to be taking flight on your scalp, it tends to distract the eye no matter what you’re wearing. Next time she should just leave that hat in its cage.

[Photo: Splash News Online]

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Dog Gym: Finally A Reason To Go To The Gym (Dogs)


“You got a dog? You got a gym!” You said it, Dog Gym guy! I been lookin’ for any excuse to get in shape and also involve dogs! Eyyyyyyy!!!! Fuggeddaboutittt!!!! (It = Gyms that aren’t dogs):

Jared Leto Fan Turns Herself Into Jared Leto


We have a hard enough time getting our eyeliner on straight on the special occasions when we wear makeup at all, so this video is pretty damn impressive. A girl who goes by the screen name selfOblivion posted a clip on YouTube where she makes herself up to look like Jared Leto, and it’s hard to believe that the end result actually isn’t Leto himself.

Over the course of the time-lapsed six minute video, she goes from just your average girl to having the best Halloween costume we’ve ever seen (maybe she can make one of her friends up to be Angela Chase and they can hit the parties together). Jared even Tweeted about it, writing “Holy fkng sh*t. Have you seen this?” which was exactly our reaction too. How cool, and probably a little surreal, is it that he’s actually seen her morph into him though?

Antoine Dodson Appears On Fuse, Continues To Be Real Human


Viral megastar Antoine Dodson appeared on the Fuse show A Different Spin along with the creators of the autotuned “Bed Intruder Song” to discuss his sudden internet fame, his reaction to hearing the song, and just general they’re raping everyone potpourri. I suppose this shoots down my theory that no one on the internet is real, but merely holograms willed into existence by a giant titanium robobrain hell-bent on ruining workplace productivity. I’m still pretty sure it’s mostly that.

Did I catch a Men On Film “Hated it!” reference, Antoine?

Crystal Bowersox Got Married


Two weeks after announcing she was engaged, Crystal Bowersox has gotten married. The American Idol singer wed her beau, Brian Walker, yesterday in Chicago at the venue where they met at an open mic night six years ago. Though they’ve known each other for that long, they only just struck up a romance this summer and quickly took things to the next level.

Bowersox Tweeted yesterday, forgetting her new identity temporarily “Officially mamasox!!!” and a few minutes later corrected herself I meant walkersox!!!!! Hahaha that’s hillarious. :)”

She and Walker were surrounded by about 60 friends at the ceremony including fellow Idol Top 10 performer Didi Benami and Bowersox’s son, Tony. Congratulations to the new family!

I Would Make This Face Too If Someone Handed Me A Wolf Puppy


Here’s Hayden Panettiere at the UK screening of some movie called Alpha and Omega being handed a wolf puppy and reacting accordingly. I’m sure the photographer was thinking “Awesome, got Hayden making a crazy face, I can sell this to the popular tabloid The Daily Fisticuffs”. But really, which of us wouldn’t make this exact same face if we were randomly handed a wolf puppy?

I would do exactly that. And be shrieking like a black and white extra in Beatles newsreel footage.

Then, I would do exactly this:

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Daniel Radcliffe Is Completely Realistic About His Chances To Sleep With Dancers


There is a short article today in the Huffington Post Entertainment section where they talk about a recent interview with Daniel Radcliffe in which he discusses, among other things, acting in an upcoming Broadway play and being newly single.  The headline for the story sums up the article pretty well.

Haha!  First of all, yes.  Awesome.  That headline is probably in the top 600 most efficient headlines ever written.  Now onto the thing he actually said:

Daniel, 21, tells UK magazine Dazed & Confused (via the Toronto Sun):

“I’ve been in relationships from the age of 14 and now I’m single. I said to a friend the other day, ‘Dude, I’m doing a show with dancers. I’ve got to be single.’ He was like, ‘Don’t sleep with anyone in your own show. That’s a mistake.’ It’s good advice. But I’m not sure I’ll stick to it.”

It is not normally charming even a little bit when a male celebrity in an interview slips in overt implications about how easy it is for him to sleep with women.  But, somehow this seems not braggy.  It sort of just seems down to earth and clear eyed.  Yes, Daniel, you likely will have sex with a Broadway dancer; that is a very good assessment of who you are likely to have sex with.

“I refuse to lie to the press about who I am likely to have sex with.” – Daniel Radcliffe to his publicist.