Skateboarding Priest Is Like God To The EXTREME


Here’s video of a priest in Hungary preaching to kids while vigorously wobbling back and forth on a skateboard. They were probably all “God isn’t EXTREME enough for us DUDICLES! Whoa, he’s totally shreddin’ the boards! Now I’m accepting the sh*t out of our Lord!”

Sister Act was right – radical dudez can totally be religious:

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This Guy Is Disappointed In Himself For Eating Brains


Let me start off by saying that I do not think it’s funny to kill people or eat their brains.  If anyone out there is thinking about doing that because they think it will be funny, don’t do that.  It will not be funny.  BUT!  This 13 second clip that I captured from MSNBC’s Lock Up in which a guy talks about eating brains is kind of funny.  I am aware that some of you will watch this and not think it’s funny because it is about a guy who killed a guy and ate his brains.  And that’s okay.  That is the right thing for you to do.  But I’m also very confident that many of you, like me, will watch this 8 times in a row and crack up at how understated this guy’s disappointment is in himself considering he ATE A DUDE’S BRAINS.  If you are easily disturbed by people talking for 13 seconds about eating brains and then being disingenuously upset about it, DO NOT WATCH THIS VIDEO!

I think we can all identify with that.  When you’re just like “I’m wigged out.  Screw it, I’m eating some brains.”  We’ve all been there.

FABLife’s DVD Pick Of The Week


Cemetery Junction

DVD addicts may find this week a little barren, with the big releases a toss-up between a Miley Cyrus movie and Furry Vengeance. So why not take a shot at this involving British coming-of-age film from the creators of The Office? Based on the experiences of co-writer/co-director Ricky Gervais, Junction steers away from outright comedy towards the drama of young men finding their way. Newcomer Christian Cooke is the one dreaming big, hoping to break free of the drudgery of a stuffy bank job. The acute 1970s period detail and spot-on musical choices are reminiscent of classic ensemble nostalgia-fests like American Graffiti or Diner. Maybe it’s not everybody’s plate of chips, but infinitely preferable to Brendan Fraser with a hamster down his pants.

Extras: Gervais, who co-stars as Cooke’s grumpy dad, appears on a commentary track with co-director Stephen Merchant and the cast members. Deleted scenes, blooper reel, featurettes.

- By C. Bottomley

Danielle Staub Reportedly Fired From RHONJ


As evidenced by the photo above, Danielle Staub literally and figuratively blows in so many ways. (So many ways.) Producers of the Real Housewives of New Jersey are reportedly tired of putting up with her drama and a source close to the show says “If there is a season three, Danielle will not be back.” Ding dong the witch is dead! Or at least not getting her extensions pulled out on TV anymore.

Of course, all reality show villains generally have a second life elsewhere – look no further than Omarosa from The Apprentice, Survivor‘s Jonny Fairplay and, hello, the monster that is Spencer Pratt. They’ve all outlived the shows they were on for better or for worse (okay, just for worse) but they’ve managed to turn their villainy into a career. While Staub has no immediate plans after this season of RHONJ, she told Us Magazine “I’m not even thinking about season 3 right now as I am considering many incredible options that have been presented to me.”

So in the footsteps of Bethenny Frankel before her, there just might be a Danielle Getting Therapy? or Danielle Gets A Visit From Child Services? to come. Unfortunately.

Whelp, The Joaquin Phoenix Documentary Trailer Is Here Now


Here’s the Joaquin Phoenix trailer.  We’ll talk after.
I was totally unaware before this trailer that Joaquin Phoenix had ever been a mountain top water drop.  When was that?  Was that during Inventing The Abbotts?  Or Signs maybe?
But I guess  I would go nuts too if that guy with that voice ever had any conversation with me.
Crazy Voice Guy:  You are a water drop.
Me:  YIKES!  I’m going to be a rapper and get super weird on Letterman.

Sad News: The Situation Will Not Be Entertaining Us On Bones

by (@missmuttoo)

Join us in helping make The Situation feel better. It’s going to take more than a couple of hits of Ron-Ron juice for him to recover from the recent bad news our favorite GTLer just received. Recently, the internet was chirping about how a guest spot on Bones was being dangled in front of the Sitch. The news probably had his mankinis in a twist. But, consider the fleeting nature of life, fame and television shows. It was cruelly taken away from his just as quickly as it was offered, and given to Antonio Sabato Jr, a hunkier Italian with no need for nicknames. That’s gotta hurt.

We feel his pain. It was a legit TV series goddammit! And the role was perfect as well.  The episode, titled The Maggot in the Meathead, is like a Jersey Shore homage!  Yes, we know you can hardly believe it, but Stephen Nathan (exec producer) quipped, “…the episode will still be our little tribute to Jersey Shore and it will do what many people in America would like to see themselves-which is one of those people dead.”

Awww, how can he joke in the face of the Sitch’s disappointment? He would have gone down for posterity as a guido bouncer. We can visualize it with you and it is beautiful. Okay here’s the deal Sitch: You got your muscle boosters, you got your raise and you’re stalking that spot on Dancing With the Stars. Hell, even Cristiano Ronaldo got mistaken for you! You have nothing to worry about.

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Joan Rivers Forgets She’s Already Had A Twitter Feud With Lindsay Lohan

by (@missmuttoo)


Joan Rivers is old. This is a fact. And no amount of plastic surgery can conceal this. A rather telling sign of age is memory loss, which is what the comedienne is apparently going. Remember her Twitter battle with Lindsay Lohan? The claws really came out in that one and Joan even offered to pay Lohan’s rehab bill. Which, FYI, we totally wish Lindsay had accepted because it would have been so much fun watching Joan backpedal out of that one.

Joan, like before, has taken to her Twitter account to push some old, tired Lindsay Lohan ‘jokes’. She’s trying desperately to be funny tweeting, ” ATTENTION!!! Lindsay Lohan cannot tweet from rehab, but (don’t ask me how) she sends me secret messages, which I will tweet for all of you!”

And then she went on a roll with classics like:

  • “J-Ro: Plan to be outta here soon. Gonna shop, party and sleep in my own bed…as soon as I get this last bar off the window. Xo LL”
  • “J-Ro: SHHHH! I just paid $7000 for a Vicodin. But I dropped it and can’t find it. I’m really upset as I got it below market price here. LiLo “
  • “J-Ro: This rehab is a lot worse than the other seven I’ve been in. You can’t get ANY drugs here! Can you believe it? Suck-o! Lilo”

Lindsay, obvs, can’t respond because she’s in rehab. Pick on someone who can actually give it back to you, Joan.

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Method Man Attacked By Juggalos

by (@missmuttoo)


Geez, what were these people on? We just reported Tila Tequila‘s ordeal at the Gathering of the Juggalos concert. She emerged cut up and bruised because the amped-up crowd got violent and started throwing things at her. But the violence wasn’t solely directed at poor little TT. It looks like the delinquents were ready to get nasty with just about anyone who came on stage.

Method Man also bore the brunt of their attack. TMZ reports that he was performing with Redman when he was hit smack on the face with what appeared to be “a full beer can,” and the result was an ugly gash that was bleeding profusely.  Redman stood up for the the bulls**t and cussed out the crowd (quite rightly) and told his fellow rapper, “Your face is cut, go take care of that.”

But for some strange reason, Method Man chose to continue the set. Maybe in the spirit of ‘the show must go on’? Maybe it was adrenaline, or machismo? If so, it’s a lot more than that crowd deserved. Either way, the bleeding rapper commanded,  “Start the music we’re continuing the show, let’s f**k these motherf**kers up.” Right…we would have gone the medical attention route.

[Mental Note: never ever attend a Gathering of the Juggalos concert E.V.E.R.]

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Michael Douglas Has Cancer

by (@missmuttoo)

It’s been a bumpy year for Michael Douglas. It started off rough, with the trial of his son, Cameron Douglas, for dealing drugs. We’re sure he found some respite and joy in his wife, Catherine Zeta-Jones getting knighted by the Queen (she is quite the dame). But now, unfortunately, bad news is back.

Douglas has cancer. It was discovered after a tumor was found in his throat and the 65-year-old  actor is currently preparing himself for eight weeks of chemo and radiation therapy. The good news is that he is expected to make a complete recovery and even commented, “I am very optimistic.”

We’re sending him heaps of good wishes and hope he’s healthy and back on his feet soon.

JetBlue Slide-Jumper Steven Slater To Be The Next Snooki?

by (@hallekiefer)


First of all, let us just say: that headline was a joke. Please, like there could be another Snooki. Like we would even. As it turns out, our predictions about disgruntled flight attendant Steven Slater’s career in television weren’t very far off the mark. But instead of a Lifetime tv movie, or even a very special episode of COPS, Slater is on the verge of getting his very own reality show.

According to sources, “Stone Entertainment…is going after Slater to host a show in which various disgruntled workers quit their jobs in extravagant ways.” As much as we would love, love, love to watch this program, have people not heard of this little thing called the economy? Quitting your job at TGIFriday’s by setting fire to your flare and throwing a high chair through the front window would put something of a black mark on the ol’ resume, no? That being said, Slater himself is proof that scaring the costumers can lead to fame and fortune, or at least to eight episodes dedicated to helping Levi Johnston quit his job as mayor of Wasilla.

To aid him in turning notoriety into dollar signs, Slater has hired “crisis PR specialist” Howard Bragman, who says “I very much believe that Steven touched a nerve with the American people and am proud to be helping him tell his story at the appropriate time in the appropriate way.” We don’t know what about his client Bragman could possible describe as “appropriate”, but whatever these two come up with, it had better be good. Maybe a show where every week Slater goes insane and leaps out of a different vehicle. Cruise ship? Hovercraft? Space shuttle? The possibilities are endless. Thow in one of those Duggar kids as a side-kick, Mr. Bragman, and you and our DVR have a deal.

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