Meet The Newest Real Housewife Of New York


Bye bye, Bethenny Frankel, hello Cindy Barshop. Fellow Real Housewives Of New York star Ramona Singer confirmed to US Magazine today that Barshop, a mother of two and salon owner, will be the newest Housewife with a capital H.

So who exactly is this woman? Only the first name in rich-lady hair removal. (Sorry, Nads!) Barshop owns the Completely Bare salon franchise located in New York and Florida, which focuses on hair removal but also offers Vajazzling and Vatooing, so we’re hoping maybe there will be a crossover episode this season between RHONY and Kathy Griffin‘s show, since Kathy loves getting decorated down there. Remember what we said earlier about how once-great networks have started to dumb themselves down? Um. Bravo might be experiencing a vajazz-pocalypse.

In conducting our expert research on Barshop, we found this YouTube clip of her performing an above-the-waist Vajazzle  (midriff-jazzle?) on a tv host while explaining some of the services her spa offers. We’re assuming this will be the first and last time we ever watch a video clip of her being calm, collected and unperturbed by Kelly Bensimon. Welcome to this crazy club, Cindy.

Tyler Perry Actress Turns “Divorce Court” Into Greatest Musical Ever Written


EDITOR’S NOTE: What you are about to watch might rank as one of my top 10 things I’ve ever seen of all time.

D’Atra Hicks is the star of the Madea’s Family Reunion stage show. She also likes to dabble in some light husband abusery. When the twain met on the televised musical theater stage known as “Divorce Court,” the musical fireworks began firing. While the husband hurled many an allegation D’Atra’s way (two apostrophes in one word is OK, right?), she chose to preach, sing, and hum her way through the entire proceeding to help deal with her admitted anger management issues.

It’s Sexual Chocolate meets Sunday Mornings on TV One meets “And I Am Telling You” meets an American Idol finale meets getting stung by a million bees wearing tiny gospel robes. It is the greatest sevenish minutes of your life. Ohhh yeahh… your honorrrr, yeahhhhh juuuuudge! (Actual lyrics from the following video.)

Our verdict? Get this woman on the stage of a Dreamgirls production immediately. Sorry, we meant: Guilty… of being amazing.

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Exclusive: Trey Songz Visits VH1 In D&G, $1400 Bracelet



We totally want to make out with Trey Songz. Wait, did we just type that? Er, well it’s true. He’s sexy, sensual and ridiculously well dressed, and he’s the latest artist to dish the deets on his threads in our Head to Toe video. See that diamond bracelet Trey’s sporting? It’ll cost you a cool $1400 if you want it dangling from your wrist. Luckily we’ve got you covered if you’re looking for something similar but with a pricetag that’s easier on the wallet.

Trey showed up to VH1 headquarters in a crisp D&G jacket, Oliver Peoples shades and some Rocawear jeans. Classic, hip and perfect for lip-locking. Er – just ignore us and just check out his outfit breakdown in our video below; peep up close pics of his pieces  – and looks for less – in our gallery below.

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Fantasia: “I Was Born Before The Disney Movie”



Fantasia is either over 70-years-old or unaware of her Disney history. In a recent interview with MSN TV, Fantasia was asked if she was named after the Disney movie she shares a name with. The Fantasia for Real star’s answer? “I was born before the Disney movie.” (She added that she was named after the fantasia crystal.) The movie Fantasia, of course, dates back to 1940 (it was the third feature-length Disney movie after Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and Pinocchio). Instead of saying, “Oh, you must be confused by its many theatrical rereleases,” or, “Fantasia 2000 was not the first Fantasia, as the modifying date suggests,” the interviewer followed up the question with, “Were you shocked when the movie eventually came out?” Is this real life? Is it a fantasia? Just exactly what in the revisionist history hell is going on here?

It would seem that Fantasia was more dismayed than shocked when she ultimately caught wind of the movie:

“All the kids in school were really excited about going to the movie, but there was no talking in the movie. It was just music. When we got back, all the kids would say, ‘Your movie is boring.’ And I said, ‘It wasn’t my movie!’ I do have a best friend whose name is Santasia [sic], and I think that’s how we became best friends, because when we were in class together, the teacher used to say, ‘Santasia, be quiet!’ She was actually on the first season of Fantasia for Real.”

“Santasia” is actually spelled “Santezja.” Regardless, there’s no word if there’s a long-lost Disney movie with that name. We’ll just have to wait to be shocked by its release. [MSN TV]

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Style Wars: Which Stunner Takes The Cake?


Old man Cavalli sure knows how to make the foxy ladies flock. He threw a 40th anniversary party in Paris last night, and gorgeous women from all over the world showed up in their most fabulous frocks by Roberto.

Heidi Klum seriously looks more amazing after every kid she births, Bar Refaeli made a turtlenecked dress look hot, and Rachel Bilson stepped out in curve-hugging leopard print. Say what you will about Taylor Swift‘s shaky vocal chops, her foray into a style icon is what’s keeping our attention – and we’re really digging her recently retro up-dos. Karolina Kurkova was among the countless Cavalli-lovin’ supermodels (Naomi Campbell, Natalie Vodianova, Eva Herzigova) who strutted their svelte stuff in show-stopping gowns.

Failing to impress was cuckoo bird Tyra Banks in a jumper-blazer combo, and Leona Lewis in an overly complicated coral number. We threw our five best dressed beauties in the poll above – who looked the most fab?

Watch This Clip Now.


Paul Scheer forwards along this amazing 20-second movie clip. Any explanation would detract from the awesome, just watch:

Apparently it’s from The Howling 3, one of the best-acted werewolf rape threequels in cinematic history, right next to These Werewolves Be Rapin’ Everybody Out Here, starring Daniel Day-Lewis as Antoine.

As always, I’ll be thanking the internet by cramming a rolled-up 20 into my cd drive. You earned it, buddy!

Julia Roberts Wants To Adopt A Baby From India


It sounds like all that filming Julia Roberts did in India for Eat, Pray, Love made an impact on her – Roberts is reportedly looking into adopting a child there.

Roberts already has three children with husband Danny Moder, but a friend explains that she’d like to have more. “Julia has wanted more children for years. But her past pregnancies were fraught with complications and she was forced into an extended hospital stay right before she had her twins. After all she has been through, she realizes that adoption is perhaps the best way forward.” Julia also announced recently that she practices the Hindu faith ever since filming and “has a special affinity with India and has contacts exploring the possibilities,” the friend added.

Cue the comparisons to Angelina Jolie….NOW!

Has Joe Jonas Removed His Purity Ring For Ashley Greene?

by (@missmuttoo)


We were first inclined to believe Jashley was just a rumor. But then this popped up: photographic evidence of Ashley Greene and Joe Jonas holding hands in broad daylight, getting coffee like a normal couple. And as we were typing we heard the mirror-like shattering of a million little hearts (including our own), especially after we noticed his fingers were totally ring-free. Yes, we’re talking about rings of the pure variety.

We’ve seen photos of Ashley making out with Chace Crawford. We’ve seen Ashley with Ian Somerhalder (that one hit us hard). But to get a Jonas brother to (maybe) give up his purity ring? We’d be jealous, but figure it’s probably wiser to sit down and take notes. Teach us, Professor Greene!

[Photo: Splash News Online]

Sneak Peek: Josh Holloway In Mission Impossible 4


Josh Holloway, aka Sawyer from the hit Lost spinoff Miles n’ Jimmy: Sex Copz, has been added to the cast of Mission Impossible 4.

Even though he hasn’t started filming yet, through the Magic of computers, we at BWE bring you these Exclusive stills of what Josh Holloway’s appearance in Mission Impossible 4 will look like:

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The Social Network Premiered And All 500 Million Friends Attended


Seriously, everyone was at the premiere for The Social Network in New York last night. Friends. Friends of friends. People outside The Social Network‘s social network. If we were Facebook friends with Justin Timberlake, we’re sure his status would have read Justin Timberlake is…wondering who all these people are?

Anyone who is anyone was at the Cinema Society’s screening of the film (the film which has successfully ruined Radiohead‘s “Creep” for us, thankyouverymuch), stars like JT and Jesse Eisenberg, the film’s writer Aaron Sorkin and plenty of total randoms like Adrien Brody, Gabourey Sidibe and Lance Bass. It really is like using a Friend Finder to discover how all these random people are connected even though you never knew they knew each other. For a look at who attended, check out our gallery below. But don’t you dare try to un-tag yourself, Timberlake.

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