Brave New Jersey Weatherman Not Afraid to Apologize for Botching Blizzard Forecast

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Weatherman apologizes for forecast

Yesterday, the Northeast braced itself for a potentially historic snowstorm that promised over two feet of snow, power outages, and overall hysteria. Eastern Long Island and parts of Connecticut and Rhode Island have seen large totals, but most of New York, New Jersey, and Philadelphia is sitting pretty after Juno. So why do meteorologists create such widespread panic and allow for mob mentality to develop inside local grocery stores? At least one weatherman has the balls to admit when he’s wrong. Read more…

The 10 Raciest ‘Saturday Night Live’ Moments of All Time

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Saturday Night Live is celebrating its 40th anniversary on February 15, and VH1 Classic is throwing the marathon of a lifetime. Beginning tomorrow, the network will air “SNL Rewind: 2015- 1975 Mega Marathon,” which will feature 433 hours of episodes, over the course of 19 days (Jan. 28-Feb. 15). Basically, if you’re an SNL stan, clear your schedule, because this is your wet dream come true.
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Rachel McAdams Is About to Have Her Best Damn Year Since 2005

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We’re going to take you back to the age-old days of 2005. Remember those? A fresh-as-a-daisy actress named Rachel McAdams was coming off the success of two epic movies (Mean Girls and The Notebook) and headed for perhaps the most successful year of her career (Red Eye, Wedding Crashers, and The Family Stone all premiered in 2005). Until now. Read more…

Here’s What Amber Rose’s Instagram Account Can Teach Us About Being Single


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-Courtney Enlow

Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa broke up last fall, after she reportedly walked in on him with a pair of twin sisters. Since then, her Instagram photos have been making waves. Read more…