Crystal Bowersox Threatened To Leave Idol, Seacrest Convinced Her To Stay



Crystal Bowersox, in our opinion, is the clear frontrunner  to win American Idol this season. Her performances are consistent, she knows who she is, as the judges like to say, and she’s the anti-star – the total opposite of someone like Adam Lambert, who seems to relish the spotlight and the fame thrust on him. Turns out that spotlight is actually too much for her dreadlocks to bear sometimes, as TMZ reports that Bowersox walked off American Idol two weeks ago and had to be convinced to stay in the competition by Ryan Seacrest.

The report claims that Bowersox wanted to leave the show to reunite with her family in her home state of Ohio, allegedly asking “What’s the point?” to staying in the competition. Seacrest lured her back by telling her “The greatest thing I ever did was make enough money so I could buy my mom a house.  You can buy your mom a house.” You just had to bring her mother into it, didn’t you Ryan? Actually, it’s a good thing he did, we don’t know who we’d root for otherwise. It’s just too bad she (and all the contestants, really) have to be subjected to dance numbers and group songs like the one above. That would make anyone wonder what the point is.

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Kim Kardashian Poses Naked In Harper’s, Has Celeb Nudity Progression Backwards


Step One: Kim Kardashian leaks hardcore sex tape.

Step Two: Kim Kardashian poses nude in Playboy.

Step Three: Kim Kardashian poses nude and “unairbrushed” in Harper’s Bazaar, three years after the Playboy spread, and doesn’t show anything:

Step Four: Kim Kardashian poses clothed in Allure.

Step Five: Kim Kardashian poses in a suit of armor inside a fur coat in Sports Illustrated For Kids.

Step Six:
Kim Kardashian poses in a diving suit in a bomb shelter under a house while also clothing other models behind a mountain in Highlights for children.

Emmy Rossum Plays The Princess At Museum Party


Where’s the tiara, Emmy Rossum? The Phantom Of The Opera star looked quite the princess at last night’s dance at the American Natural History Museum in NYC, putting her hair in a bun and piling jewelry on top of a low-cut sequined top. Liking the look? Check out the gallery (including guests like Claire Danes, Charlotte Ronson, Michelle Trachtenberg and Ivanka Trump) and let us know in our TheFABLife poll.

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Susan Boyle Desperate For Duet With Gaga?

by (@katespencer)


There’s nothing we love more than celebrity duets (“Islands In The Stream” FTW forever!) but we’re not quite sure a Susan BoyleLady Gaga collaboration is  where it’s at. Unless, of course, ol’ SuBo is willing to wear a Lady Gaga-esque outfit and 12 inch McQueen heels. It’s a good thing she’s all for it!

Says the emotionally unstable Britain’s Got Talent star : “I think Lady Gaga is a wonderful artist and completely original and I like her costumes. Love it! Yes, I’d love to do a duet with her, complete with telephone hat too!”

While we originally were all “there’s no way Susan can hang with Lady G” until this quote from Gaga (from last year) put us in our place: “I love Susan Boyle. She is my woman of the year. It would be great to work with somebody of that talent.”

Could it happen? Should it happen? Speak up, monsters and, uh, Boyle-heads!

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Megan Hauserman Arrested For DUI In Miami Beach


Megan Hauserman

Megan Hauserman was arrested yesterday afternoon on DUI charges in Miami Beach. The Rock Of Love star was on her way to a club to host a nude beauty contest when she was pulled over by police for speeding and swerving between lanes. According to TMZ, Hauserman told police she was tired from “filming a TV show” before blowing a .102 on the Breathalyzer. She was released on $1,000 bail.

See photos of Megan in the gallery below.

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Zac Posen’s Clothing Is As Busy As He Is



We are Target people. We go in that store needing batteries and come out with $100 worth of crap. Their designer clothing line, where A-list designers create a lower-priced line to be sold to the broke, downtrodden masses is one of our favorite things about the store, and the latest designer hopping on board is Zac Posen. Posen’s line launches on April 25, but there was a launch party last night at the New Yorker Hotel full of celebs who can afford the real thing, and they were all decked out in the designer’s duds.

Stars like Claire Danes, Selma Blair and Parker Posey were all wearing clothes from the lower-priced line – some of them we loved, and some were, as our mom says, a little too “busy” for our tastes. Still, we totally plan to pillage the racks to find one in our size. It’s haute couture, after all.

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Scott Stapp Update: He Ruined The National Anthem Too


Thanks to several readers on the Scott Stapp beat for drawing our attention to this clip of Stapp accompanying yesterday’s Marlins song with a performance of our National Anthem that doesn’t totally resemble “butchering”, as the act of “butchering” connotes cutting with some level of skill or intent.

It sounds like someone imitating Adam Sandler’s imitation of Eddie Vedder imitating terrible:

The Worst Law & Order SVU Promo Ever


“She was going to call her film ‘Inside The Slaughterhouse’”…

Don’t say it, Benson. Don’t say it – c’mon, at least be creative…NOOOOOOOO……..

Amazing. Law And Order Universal Truth #3 grows truer by the minute.

After the jump, check out the Forgetting Sarah Marshall “Crime Scene” parody and decide which one’s less exaggerated (HINT – It’s SVU):

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Spencer Pratt Launches A Twitter Attack On Audrina


Audrina Patridge & Spencer Pratt

We’ve heard the prosecution’s case against Heidi Montag‘s plastic surgery binge…now it’s time for the defense. Spencer Pratt interrupted his praise for God and our nation’s troops to tweet hard at Audrina Patridge after she factually described her Hills co-star’s new body on Lopez Tonight, admitting Heidi “has changed a bit” (oh no, you didn’t!!!).

I would like to make it CLEAR! My wife and Audrina have severed all ties! We no longer deal with that fake world and fake people like her./ Audrina – Don’t hate because your nasty Tijuana plastic surgery got you no press… and my wife is #1 story on people – 5 days in a row!/ Who elected you to gage cool – B—-! Why don’t u and ur played out 90s singer Cabrera go into a bathroom stall and do what u do best…/ Oh the truth is coming… I’m not playing anymore. Everyone stay tuned… its all coming out!/ Audrina – you want press? Leak another 50 naked photos of yourself like u did to get relevant to in the first place./So glad my wife gets her surgery in bev hills and not where Jwow and audrina go. We love american doctors!

You hear that people, Heidi’s body is home grown! That scooped-out back you recoil from is a tribute to our country! Say anything other than “Heidi Montag looks more gorgeous with every passing day” and her husband will bring it down on you, because that’s what love is. At least that’s what ridiculous, fame-obsessed, borderline psychotic love is.

See photos of Audrina and Kristin Cavallari shopping on “the set” of The Hills yesterday in the gallery below.

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