Wanna Work with Will.i.am? Help Him Remix LMFAO’s “La La La”


Attention all aspiring DJs: Want to work with Will.I.Am? Calm down, we all do. That’s why you have to prove that your worth it, in the Pepsi Refresh Studio Challenge. Here’s how it works:

Head over to the Pepsi Refresh Studio. There, you’ll have the opportunity to remix LMFAO’s club hit “La La La.” Do whatever you want with it, be creative, and make it sound good. Click on the above video to hear LMFAO explain the rules to you themselves.

Then, Will.I.Am of the Black Eyed Peas will review the submissions, pick his favorite, add his own special flair, and make that the OFFICIAL remix. You can check out other examples over on their Youtube page. Or check out the above amazing remix by LALALANYO for inspiration.

You can learn more about the contest from the mouths of LMFAO ahead.

Think you can top the others? Enter the Refresh Studio here!

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Michael Lohan May Go To Jail Over Tapes


Michael Lohan

What, it’s illegal to care about your daughter now? Michael Lohan may have claimed the best of intentions when he released those freaky phone messages about Lindsay‘s ongoing drama, but ex-wife Dina may use his public concern to get him thrown back in the clink. According to TMZ, the tapes could be in violation of a 2005 restraining order saying he’s not allowed to speak to her via phone or email until 2011, and the Lohan ladies are checking with the DA to see if the argument holds water.

Already accused of being six months behind in child support, it’s possible Michael was due for some downtime whether or not he’s in the wrong legally for letting Dina fill his answering machine (and we sure know where revealing Lindsay’s cutting lands on the karmic scale). “I admit, I’m being a bit selfish in releasing the tapes,” Michael told his buddies at Radar. “But I’m tired of being lied about. I’m tired of Dina and others making me out to be someone I’m not, so now I’m going to prove to the world who the real liars are.” Why, he’ll be the proudest guy in the pen.

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Nobody Hustles Mimi Away From Her Camera!


Nobdy, do you hear? We can’t quite work out what the grey-haired bloke is trying to do with Mariah Carey in this shot of her outside her London hotel. Maybe he’s a minder trying to whisk her past her beloved media into the building. Maybe he’s just some random who’s trying to get out of the way of this attention-seeking diva. But she is fighting with every little fiber of her fabulous being to keep that camera lovin’ going on a little while longer. We love you for it!

CBS Taps The Who To Play All Your Favorite CSI Theme Songs At Super Bowl XLIV


cbs_who_superbowlThere are reports today that legendary TV theme writers The Who will be playing the Super Bowl halftime show this February. It is probably just a coincidence that CBS, who will broadcast this year’s game, is also home the CSI franchises that rocketed The Who to theme song stardom. The network just wants to put on a good show for America, and what goes better with chicken wings and nachos than cop show theme songs?? NOTHING!

Why it was just the other day I was locked in a late night debate over whether or not The Who are the greatest writers of TV show theme songs of all time. Personally, I still think John Tesh’s “NBA on NBC Theme” gives him the title, but The Who have nostalgia on their side. Just think how many people probably lost their virginity during the opening credits of a CSI: NY rerun this week alone. Hey, maybe they’ll even cover the NCIS: LA theme! That would be better than a hundred Bruce Springsteen crotch slides!

Kudos, CBS. And you get bonus points for the fact that Super Bowl XLIV is in Miami. I hope all your advertising looks like this:


Help Will.i.am Remix LMFAO’s “La La La”


Calling all wannabe DJs! Do you want to work with Will.i.am on the official remix of LMFAO‘s electro hit “La La La”? A few weeks ago, we told you to enter the Pepsi Refresh Studio to create a mix and one of our favorites to come from that is embedded above.  Below, watch the music video for “La La La” after the jump, thenenter the Refresh Studio here.

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Kardashians Pose For NOH8 Campaign



When they’re not busy getting pregnant, getting married, or moving in with their boyfriends, Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney Kardashian like to give back. The sister act lended their faces to the NOH8 campaign, and Khloe took to her blog to tell all about it. “It was such an honor to have been asked to represent such an important and worthy cause and we were so excited at the opportunity,” Khloe said. They’re always posing for the camera anyway, why not do it for something they believe in?

Miracle Whip Embraces Its Terrible Ad Campaign, Declares War On Stephen Colbert


A couple weeks ago, Stephen Colbert responded to Miracle Whip’s XXXXXtreeeeeme!!!!! mayo-bashing ad campaign with a youth-targeting ad of his own proving that mayonnaise is, in fact, the most SKAAAATEBOARD WOOOOOO!!!! condiment of them all.

This week, Miracle Whip responded to Colbert with this inflammatory memo:

Miracle Whip

It’s nice to see the Miracle Whip people at least acknowledge and embrace the ridiculousness of their original campaign, as well as to recognize the potential publicity explosion of getting into a condiment war with Colbert Nation (albeit one they will assuredly lose).

I would’ve expected their response to have come in the form of some disheartened legal document humorlessly clarifying the errors in Colbert’s broadcast, but that would’ve just been TOO MAYO. Your move, Colbert.

HairStyle Wars: Fergie’s ChocoLocks


In the midst of Fergie and husband Josh Duhamel‘s cheating scandal, shes been rocking a darker ‘do, most recently at a launch party for Jump Footwear in NYC. Are you digging it? Or do you prefer her lighter look?

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Victoria Beckham’s Son Is Junior Fashionista



Victoria Beckham may not (yet) have a daughter to pass down her incredible wardrobe to, but it looks like it doesn’t matter – as her middle son Romeo is fast showing a style aptitude like his mom. Declaring the oft-overlooked (by the media, OK, we’re not suggesting his parents forget he exists) middle son as “so into fashion,” VB explains how he differs from elder brother Brooklyn and youngest sib Cruz.

“The other boys are all about going to the beach. He’s not interested. He’s like, ‘I want to go to work with Mummy,’ and he sits there going through the collection, feeling the fabrics, giving his opinion. He loves it,” she tells UK Harper’s Bazaar. At the current precocious development rate for celeb kids, we expect Romeo to have his first fashion line in, oooh, the next three years. [Photo: AFP]

Cindy Crawford Extortion Drama: Man Wanted $100,000 For Photo Of Daughter


Kaia Crawford, Cindy Crawford, Edis Kayala

A German male model was charged with extortion yesterday after demanding Cindy Crawford pay $100,000 for a risque photo of her 8-year-old daughter. According to authorities, Edis Kayala told the supermodel that he’d obtained a photo of Kaia Crawford, “in revealing clothing, bound to a chair and gagged.” The photo was taken by Kayala’s girlfriend, a former nanny of Kaia’s, who told police it was originally part of a “cops and robbers” game.

Kayala found Crawford’s number in his girlfriend’s phone and, admitting he was broke, asked to be compensated for its return. He originally received $1,000 from Crawford’s husband Rande Gerber, but Kaya called again, claiming he’d kept a copy and threatening to sell it for $500,000. The couple went to police, who discovered the model was in the country illegally and deported him back to Germany. That still didn’t keep Kayala from demanding $100,000 be sent to a German bank account. Police are now in pursuit of the suspect. “[We] intend to pursue any and all available legal action against anyone who aids the perpetrator in the distribution or sale of the photograph of [our] daughter,” Crawford and Gerber said in a statement.

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