Fergie Shows Josh What He’s Missing


Fergie Ferg’s had a rough old time dealing with reports that hubby Josh Duhamel was enjoying his “extra meat” with stripper Nicole Forrester. But soon after stepping out on their “everything’s fine, people” dinner date in Atlanta , Fergie’s been over in the UK this weekend keeping the show going with the Black Eyed Peas.

Super-fit Ferg firstly performed at the BBC Switch concert in London, looking sexy in all black. The group then dashed across town to sing at the “X-Factor,” where Fergie had to borrow Cheryl Cole’s shoes for her performance , despite being a size bigger than the tiny star. What a trooper!

Pammy Promises Never To Stop Stripping


You gotta hand it to Pamela Anderson. She knows what she’s got, she knows what she is and we can’t help loving her crazy undressing ways. And Pammy, who’s soon to tread the boards in UK pantomime, reckons she’s not about to put her still-hot bod away, despite being in her forties.

“I don’t think there’ll be a cut-off period. Until my body starts changing in a certain way I’m sure I’ll dress like me! Sometimes I’ll be in a bikini running around with a little wrap around me to drive my kids to school. At other times it’s nice to dress conservative – although I’m not really known for that. You still want to look hot, you still want to look sexy… Why not have fun?” she said. You tell ‘em, love. 

Steven Tyler Quits Aerosmith?


Steven Tyler & Joe Perry

After 40 years of spinning and shrieking, frontman Steven Tyler has quit Aerosmith. At least that’s what fellow Toxic Twin Joe Perry thinks, judging from the flurry of upset tweets he dropped after reading that Tyler would be focusing on “Brand Tyler” in the future.

Read on line st left band to do “brand Tyler”? That’s all I know but like I’ve said hasn’t called me in months.a bit cold forget us 4 guysWhat about fans? The people that also love him and put him where he is.after 40 years? And I gotta read it on line?…Last time I phoned him he hung up on me.

Though the band performed a handful of shows in Hawaii and Abu Dhabi following Tyler’s tour-ending fall in South Dakota last summer, relations have reportedly been strained, with the singer canceling their upcoming South American tour. “Obviously, he hasn’t been giving 100 percent for a long time,” Perry told People. “Frankly, the last few months I’ve been wanting not to rock the boat…I still care for him as a person, or at least the person I used to know. But things change.” While Tyler has yet to confirm the rumors, the band hopes to force his hand, possibly by continuing without him. “We’ll probably find somebody else, and then we’ll be able to move Aerosmith up a notch.” But who would dare put their scarf on his mic stand?

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RPattz: My Ego Can’t Cope With Success


Twilight star Robert Pattinson has already had the shock of his life, by signing up for a “really small” American film only to turn into the biggest craziest girl-obsession ever – and the poor love now admits he doesn’t know how to cope with the ever-escalating attention. After ‘fessing that he normally “stay[s] in the hotel” when he’s filming because of the teen-girl-and-snapper mob outside, RPattz admits that he’s finding it hard to come to terms with the success.

“It worries me because the whole Twilight thing keeps getting bigger and bigger and now it’s so big that even my own ego can’t cope with it. A certain amount of success you can mentally deal with, but there’s a point where you think, ‘Jesus Christ, what is this? I’m not that great!’” he told the Sunday Times magazine. But with vamp-freaks the world over drooling in anticipation of the New Moon release next week, Rob’s going to have to find some more space in that ego for further global craziness…

Firelight: Frankensteins Are The New Vampires


In what was undoubtedly the best sketch of last night’s SNL, host and musical guest Taylor Swift played the role of Bella in a Twilight parody, “Firelight.” In a knock-off lunch room scene, Swift passes on a hunky Edward-esque Andy Samberg for a sexy green-skinned loner played by Bill Hader. Instead of resisting the temptation of Bella’s blood, “Phillip Frankenstein” struggles with the urge to strangle her. See the trailer above.

We’ve gotta give the country sweetheart credit for her mastery of the Kristen Stewart lip nibble.

Bonus after the jump: see T-Swift blow a kiss to rumored-boyfriend Taylor Lautner during her musical monologue.

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Twi-Links: America Has New Moon Fever

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Beyonce’s Concert Is A “Sex Party”



According to Islamic conservatives, Beyonce‘s racy show, set to take place in North Africa, is nothing but an “insolent sex party.” Islamic lawmakers and supporters have waged a campaign against the singer, saying the government is “encouraging debauchery” by allowing Mrs. Jay-Z to perform, saying her planned show would  encourage “vice and debauchery.”

Beyonce canceled her planned stop in Malaysia after similar opposition from a conservative Islamic party occurred. Malaysia requires all female performers to cover up from the shoulders to the knees and bans showing any cleavage. We all know Beyonce’s sexy outfits never abide by those rules. Despite the opposition, B’s event organizer Ahmed Beltagi said the government cooperated because they want to make the concert happen to show Egypt is a center of culture, entertainment, and art. “We are Muslims too…this will not stop Egypt from hosting an award-winning, first class artist,” he said. [Source: AP; Photo: Getty Images]

No Jail Time For Joe Francis


joe francis

Hoping to see Joe Francis get ten years for tax evasion? Too bad. The Girls Gone Wild founder made a last-minute deal with prosecutors for probation and time served after it was discovered that one of their main witnesses had lied in grand jury testimony. He also to turn over a quarter mil in restitution, but once he takes a few booby photos he’ll make it right back.

Though he and Jayde Nicole still have matching civil suits against each other for that hair-pulling incident last summer, the LA district attorney decided last week to file no criminal charges against anyone involved in the melee. For now, haters seeking schadenfreude will just have to hope it comes from the smut peddler’s pocketbook. But we’re sure he’ll get into trouble again before too long.

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Kim’s “Don’t Be Tardy For The Party” Live Surpasses Our Every Wish


Last night, we got our last little nugget of joy charity from this season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, as part 2 of the Reunion aired on Bravo. The hour offered many a chuckle, mainly stemming from Dwight and his Angry Inches (penile implants… tre tre tre declasse).

But host/Bravo Exec Andy Cohen isn’t stupid. Because anyone with half a brain would realize what America really wants: Kim Zolciak sing her hit song “Don’t Be Tardy For The Party.” Spoiler alert: It’s the best f**king thing you will ever see and/or hear. When the aliens come for us, show them this. They will flee our planet within a handful of nanomoklars (interplanetary seconds).

We’re surprised her wig didn’t flee the scene. But kudos to Kim for having the balls to get up there and do it! You know she knows she ain’t good.

Will Ferrell Wants A British Bar


As Guy Ritchie’s traditional London pub is reported to be under threat, keen boozers need not worry that there’ll be a gap in the oh-I-don’t-want-to-go-to-a-celebrity-bar-I-love-drinking-in-a-real-place market for “down to earth” stars. Comedy star Will Ferrell now wants to get in on the pub act, and scarily, reckons he could turn a business venture into a new comedy film.

“I wouldn’t want a celebrity place, it would be an old-fashioned pub. I would be hands-on. I could get some great material off all the regulars. I am sure there would be a film in it,” he threatens says.  We can’t wait for the subsequent movie, where Will will depict a “typical” Brit landlord called Dick Cockney and Paul Rudd co-stars as the hilarious drunk regular Boozy McHound. Or something.