Regina King Can’t Deny That Olivia Pope and Fitz’s Chemistry Is Sexual

by (@TaylorFerber)

For all you Fitz-Olivia Pope haters out there, those of us who continue to ship the two characters have a major A-lister on our side. Regina King is all for the on-screen couple and tells us that a steamy Fitz and Olivia scene is on the way in the upcoming Scandal episode she directed (airing this Thursday). So take, THAT.  Read more…

Which ‘Empire’ Stars Are Hooking Up in Real Life?

by (@emilyexton)

Empire Trai Byers Grace GealeyHookingUp

Today is the first Wednesday without a new episode of Empire and we are struggling. How will we get through the week without some new Cookie-isms to guide us? While we wait for season two, we might as well jump into the gossip surrounding the show and its stars — most notably, that certain actors are hooking up off screen. (With a cast this hot, it wouldn’t be a surprise.) Read more…

Richard Gere Tries, Fails to Recite His ‘Pretty Woman’ Lines and It’s Devastating

by (@TaylorFerber)

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I thought the Pretty Woman cast’s 25-year reunion would be everything. And it was, until Richard Gere and Julia Roberts were asked to recite lines from the movie and my dreams were made/crushed at the same time. Read more…

Sexy Pics of the Men of ‘Empire’ That Will Make You Drip, Drop

by (@hernameislex)

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The first season of Empire packed a punch. Lucious had ALS for a hot minute. Cookie was a boss in every episode. Malik Yoba outed Jussie Smollett in real life and then got killed off the show (and he’s kind of pissed about it). There are a lot of things that we hope are resolved in the second season, but until then, we’ll have to settle for staring at hot photos of the men of Empire. Read more…