This Fox News Guest Saying ‘Frozen’ Degrades Men Will Make You Want to Punch Something

by (@TaylorFerber)

Frozen was one of the first animated fairy tales that didn’t depict a man as its sole hero. It’s 2015, and if you’re upset about this, you can hop into your time machine. And by you, I mean Penny Young Nance, who appeared on Fox News Wednesday. Her argument against one of the most empowering (and successful) animated films is so stupid, you will want gauge your eyes out.

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Ariana Grande’s Stylist Goes Inside the Singer’s Hottest Looks and ’60s Obsession


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Despite only being in the game for a few years, 21-year-old singer Ariana Grande always steps out in style. With a petite body, signature high pony, and an angelic face, Ariana has proven time after time that her voice is not the only thing to be reckoned with. Since the early start of her career, celebrity stylist Brigitte Pilla has been the woman behind some of Ariana’s most iconic looks. Read more…