UNEMPLOYMENT CHECK: More 227 Goodness!


We’re continuing our February 2, 2007 (aka 2.2.7.) celebration here at BWE with the theme song to our favorite 80′s sitcom (after Out of This World of course). Don’t forget to thank us in 3 hours when you can’t get it out of your head!

Unless Conversational Jackee is more your thing…

Also, we threw in the Amen theme song after the jump, just cause it seems right! Can someone please get both these themes on mp3 for me?

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The Office: I Know The Deelio… The Deelio of Life*


BENFRANKLIN.JPG*This title barely won out to “What Up My Spin-Stahhhs?”

An Open Letter to the Writers of The Office:

Dear Office Writers,

We’ve waiting nearly a year and a half to see Pam and Jim get together. We saw months of mutual flirting, a broken heart, a broken engagement. We watched Jim move to Stamford, then back to Scranton, then endured Pam and new girlfriend Karen engage in many a mope-off. And after all this, after all the ups and downs, now you are subjecting us to contrived Fruedian slips, drawn out confrontations, and a sunken-eyed Jim. Well, it needs to end. Now. We’re not sure how many more of these episodes we can sit through without tearing the hair out of our heads. Having to hear Pam say “I need a boyfriend” in front of Jim was going too far. And the saddest part? We’re starting not to care anymore. “The hell with all of ‘em!” we said out loud last night.

Thank you.
The Best Week Ever.tv Staff, specifically, Michelle

Moving on…

Last night’s episode was hilaaaariouuuus! And good to see Steve Carrell back into his old groove — this was definitely the Michael Scott we were starting to miss! Nothing like hearing him talk a big game and then squirm out from underneath the stripper, feeling as though he was cheating on Jan with the very essence of Tide. And Michael at the sex shop was brilliant. But even better than that… TODD PACKER! We can’t tell you how many of our co-workers we greeted today with “Brett Roberts… tall, queer, handsome as ever!” Let’s add a p.s. to the above letter: MORE TODD PACKER.

TODDPACKER.JPGSo yes, many quotable quotes in this episode, with fine performances from each and every character (Dwight and Angela in partick) — but overall, the plot felt a little stale. There’s only so long they can draw the Pam Jim out thing, for real. Do you guys agree or am I all alone here?

We also would like to add that 30 Rock was amazing — we even enjoyed Tina Fey! And that anything involving doll hands and legs makes us LOL x infinity (thank you, Paul Ruebens.)

LISTEN UP: Cast No Shadows


  • Bag of Songs is celebrating Groundhog Day by posting shadowy songs by Oasis, Rufus Wainwright, Joni Mitchell and a couple of other artists.
  • I can’t wait for the new Kings of Leon album. Thankfully, Neiles Life posted a live EP of some old tracks to tide me over till April 3rd.
  • Peaches does Yoko Ono over at BigStereo. Not like that.
  • BadmintonStamps has an old Puff Daddy track. From way back in the day– before he gave birth to twins.
  • And finally, I Am Fuel, You Are Friends has a handful of Belly demos from the Star album. I’ll say it again- the 90′s are coming back. You’ll see.

SIZZLER: We Feel Very, Very Disturbed


DENISERICH.JPGWithout giving away too much, here’s what happened:

1. We saw a headline that said “Sam-Whore-A Shows The Goods in Maui”, alongside a thumbnail picture of what we believed to be a man’s bathingsuit and a testicle peeking out.

2. Thinking this was Richie Sambora‘s testicle, we chuckled, shook our heads, and waved our fists at the sky.

3. We then clicked the link. (NSFW!!!)

4. We stared at the shot for a little while, thinking “Huh, that’s weird, that ball looks a little… deflated. Shrinky. Not correct.”

5. We then realized we were staring at a photo of Denise Richards‘ vagina. (Printed in whole for Google searching purposes. Hello traffic surge!)

6. Denise Richards’ vagina does not look correct.

7. We should have known Richie Sambora’s thighs are neither as smooth nor as taught as they appear in this photo.

8. Also, with thanks to DListed, are these photos which seem to imply that Denise Richards was snorting cocaine on the beach.

9. Does snorting cocaine lead to a misshapen vag?

10. Excuse us while we call our doctor.

TRAILER MASH-UP: When Harry Stalked Sally


And we thought the scariest part of When Harry Met Sally was Billy Crystal‘s hairstyle! Or was it the old people? Check out this trailer reimagining our favorite 80s romantic comedy as a horror film. (Also, believe it or not, it might be NSFW — Crystal drops an f-bomb.)

(via BoingBoing)

Sweep The Leg, Zabka


zabka.jpgWhenever anybody asks me what my favorite movie is I usually answer “The Karate Kid” (unless of course I’m hanging around pretentious art snobs. When that happens I go with Armageddon). My justification is that The Karate Kid was my favorite movie when I was 6-years-old and I haven’t seen a better movie since. And that’s the truth.

Anyway. Two weeks ago my world and the world of every Karate Kid fan on the planet was rocked by a music video called “Sweep The Leg”. Not because of the All-Valley Karate Tournament reference (it takes more than that to get us excited), but because it starred the immortal Billy Zabka– reprising his Johnny role 23 years later. This was momentous for 2 reasons: 1) It signaled the return of Zabka, a man who has been conspicuously absent from I Love The 80′s. It took a while, but it seems that Billy has finally accepted his role as a cult icon. Finally. And 2) He’s Billy F**king Zabka. He f**king rules!

The folks over at retroCRUSH were lucky enough to sit down with the man and talk to him about the new video, Mr. Miyagi, being nominated for an Academy Award and what it felt like to lose to Ralph Macchio. Click here to read the whole thing. Like you have something better to do today.