The Office Likes Mii


mii madness.jpgPop Candy posted a link to this super-cool Flickr page titled Mii Madness. An Office fan took the time to carefully construct Nintendo Wii characters that look identical to our favorite Office cast members. Jim, Dwight, Pam, Toby.. they’re all there. And so’s Todd Packer! In fact, the only people missing are Jan, Benjamin Franklin and those Benihana waitresses that Michael couldn’t tell apart. We’ll let it slide. Check it out .

TRAILER MIX: Beatles Fans Are Either Thrilled/Pissed


We love The Beatles. And you know what? We kind of love this trailer for the upcoming Beatles movie Across the Universe, directed by visionary Julie Taymor. Warning: If you hated Moulin Rouge, or if it’s too difficult to click play from that 80-foot high intellectual pedestal you’re standing on, do not watch this trailer. Me? I wash myself with a rag on a stick.

AD WIZARDS: Does Snickers Satisfy Your Craving For Homophobia?


snickerskiss1.jpgDuring the big Advertisement Bowl (with some football in between) last night, you might remember a spot for Snickers in which a mechanic is so envious of his co-worker’s candy bar that he starts eating the other end of it until the two men end up in an accidental lip-lock. In the version that aired, the commercial concludes with the two men resolving to do something “manly” in order to assert their heterosexuality, which they think would be best expressed by pulling out their own chest hair. Stupid, but mostly harmless. Well this nifty little bit of advertising genius already has some people up in arms (via HuffPo), and things only seem to go downhill from there as Snickers has set up a website featuring four alternate endings for the ads, all of which are much more brazenly offensive. One ending depicts the two guys being so disgusted with themselves that they drink poisonous substances, and in another one they simply beat the sh*t out of each other. The site also features “extras” including several NFL Super Bowl players reacting to the original man-on-man kiss with what can only be described as “pure gay-hating disgust” (one of them, rather unsubtly, exclaims “That ain’t right!”) Take a look at site for yourselves and let us know whether or not you think someone should throw a penalty flag at Snickers (remember, we’re living in a world where misplaced Lite Brite’s are mistaken for acts of terrorism).

Tyra Banks to Eat Opie & Anthony for Dinner



Last week, while liveblogging the Fat Tyra Banks Episode, one thing became abundantly clear: Do not get on Tyra’s bad side. Because she will scream at you, belittle you, wave her arms in their air, snap her weave in your face, cry, and possibly… eat you for breakfast.

So we wish the best of luck to radio DJ’s Opie and Anthony, who, according to Defamer, are taunting the beast with a huge banner outside of the CBS Studios that reads “Tyra Banks is a Fatty Pig Fatty.” While half of us believes this is unnecessary (we’ll reiterate that she looked just fine on her fat episode), the other half sort of agrees that Tyra needs to be drop kicked off her golden pedestal.

Though we would like to warn Opie and Anthony that while the world might see you looking like this…:


Tyra Banks sees you looking like this:


So be careful.

ICYMI: Brody Jenner’s Wasted Wingman Not Quite As “Money” As Vince Vaughn In Swingers


brodydrunk.JPGTraipsing out of Hollywood hotspot Les Deux with his fresh new moustache and a big dopey grin, Laguna Beach sorta-star Brody Jenner thought he was rolling pretty smooth. Well, at least until his sh*t-faced brohomey decided to go all Brandon Davis for TMZ’s ever-present cameras:

The dopey bud cracked jokes like, “The party is at the prince’s house, at the f*cking castle,” and took jabs at Jenner’s former reality show, “The Princes of Malibu.” The buddy also had two ladies in tow, saying they were Brody’s new “princesses.” As his frustration mounted, Brody kept his smile and warned his pal, “I’m going to f**k you up!”

While the hanger-on’s drunken tirade was eerily reminscent of the “Trent standing on the table in the diner” scene from Swingers, Brody Bro’s repetitive “castle” jokes lacked the inebriated charm of Vince Vaughn’s more assholish-but-lovable “all grows up” rant. Instead, homefries just babbled on like a moron until Jenner was so sufficiently humiliated that he literally broke into a dead sprint down Hollywood Boulevard in an attempt to escape from this entourage of idiots.

LISTEN UP: Foo Fighter Fans, Feeling Fussy?



  • For those pissed off about Prince covering that Foo Fighters song during halftime (and if you asked us, Dave Grohl should be in heaven right now), Page 300 has the Foos covering the Prince song “Darling Nicki”.
  • Why did M.I.A. name her latest song “Bird Flu”? “I CALLED THIS BIRD FLU BECAUSE THIS BEAT GON KILL EVERYONE!!” Keep 911 on call and check out the video over at Stereogum.
  • Modern Music gives us the latest single from The Earlies. We like it.
  • On the other hand, we hate the fattie who copyrighted the Electric Slide and is ordering the world to remove all Slide related Bar Mitzvah/Wedding clips off Youtube. Luckily, so does Idolator.
  • And if you don’t know Pete Bjorn and John, get into it. And thank Chicago Soundcheck.

Matt & Jen: Friends In Need, Indeed


anistonperry.jpgIf you were a religious viewer of the TV sitcom Friends, you probably noticed that the writers had a tendency to pair up the main characters to make their lives easier. Ross ended up with Rachel, Chandler ended up with Monica, and I’m pretty sure Phoebe and Joey had the friends-with-benefits thing going on right up until her wedding day (and maybe once or twice after). Yes, pairing these folks up was a simple device, but at the same time it made sense. The Friends went out, they dated other people, they tried their best- but in the end they realized they were meant to be with one another. And that’s exactly why it’s time for Matthew Perry and Jennifer Aniston to suck it up and get married already. If you don’t agree, just check out these two “reports”:

From Celebitchy

The word on the street is that Matthew Perry has been making rather a few trips to Meg Ryan’s LA homestead. And it has been reported that they have also been out for a candlelit dinner for two.

And this one, from Famous Ignoramus:

The report claims that Keanu Reeves and Jennifer spent some time together over the holidays at her home – and Jennifer is looking forward to another night out or in with Reeves.

Come on Matt & Jen! Enough is enough with these cheesy guest stars. Meg Ryan? Keanu Reeves? They sound like stunts for Sweeps Week! You’re both still single, you both have a long history together, and you’re both going to run out of people to have sex with in Hollywood if you don’t settle down soon. It’s time to give up and date one another. Just mail it in and take the easy way out already.

You know… just like Ross and Rachel.