LISTEN UP: Cast No Shadows


  • Bag of Songs is celebrating Groundhog Day by posting shadowy songs by Oasis, Rufus Wainwright, Joni Mitchell and a couple of other artists.
  • I can’t wait for the new Kings of Leon album. Thankfully, Neiles Life posted a live EP of some old tracks to tide me over till April 3rd.
  • Peaches does Yoko Ono over at BigStereo. Not like that.
  • BadmintonStamps has an old Puff Daddy track. From way back in the day– before he gave birth to twins.
  • And finally, I Am Fuel, You Are Friends has a handful of Belly demos from the Star album. I’ll say it again- the 90’s are coming back. You’ll see.

SIZZLER: We Feel Very, Very Disturbed


DENISERICH.JPGWithout giving away too much, here’s what happened:

1. We saw a headline that said “Sam-Whore-A Shows The Goods in Maui”, alongside a thumbnail picture of what we believed to be a man’s bathingsuit and a testicle peeking out.

2. Thinking this was Richie Sambora‘s testicle, we chuckled, shook our heads, and waved our fists at the sky.

3. We then clicked the link. (NSFW!!!)

4. We stared at the shot for a little while, thinking “Huh, that’s weird, that ball looks a little… deflated. Shrinky. Not correct.”

5. We then realized we were staring at a photo of Denise Richards‘ vagina. (Printed in whole for Google searching purposes. Hello traffic surge!)

6. Denise Richards’ vagina does not look correct.

7. We should have known Richie Sambora’s thighs are neither as smooth nor as taught as they appear in this photo.

8. Also, with thanks to DListed, are these photos which seem to imply that Denise Richards was snorting cocaine on the beach.

9. Does snorting cocaine lead to a misshapen vag?

10. Excuse us while we call our doctor.

TRAILER MASH-UP: When Harry Stalked Sally


And we thought the scariest part of When Harry Met Sally was Billy Crystal‘s hairstyle! Or was it the old people? Check out this trailer reimagining our favorite 80s romantic comedy as a horror film. (Also, believe it or not, it might be NSFW — Crystal drops an f-bomb.)

(via BoingBoing)

Sweep The Leg, Zabka


zabka.jpgWhenever anybody asks me what my favorite movie is I usually answer “The Karate Kid” (unless of course I’m hanging around pretentious art snobs. When that happens I go with Armageddon). My justification is that The Karate Kid was my favorite movie when I was 6-years-old and I haven’t seen a better movie since. And that’s the truth.

Anyway. Two weeks ago my world and the world of every Karate Kid fan on the planet was rocked by a music video called “Sweep The Leg”. Not because of the All-Valley Karate Tournament reference (it takes more than that to get us excited), but because it starred the immortal Billy Zabka– reprising his Johnny role 23 years later. This was momentous for 2 reasons: 1) It signaled the return of Zabka, a man who has been conspicuously absent from I Love The 80’s. It took a while, but it seems that Billy has finally accepted his role as a cult icon. Finally. And 2) He’s Billy F**king Zabka. He f**king rules!

The folks over at retroCRUSH were lucky enough to sit down with the man and talk to him about the new video, Mr. Miyagi, being nominated for an Academy Award and what it felt like to lose to Ralph Macchio. Click here to read the whole thing. Like you have something better to do today.

BRING BACK ZARF: Knock, Knock, Who’s There?


Two days ago, we alerted you to something very troubling: The lack of Zarf‘s presence on recent episodes of All My Children. Well yesterday, Zarf did make an appearance… though we can’t quite get over the symbolism of having a door slammed right in his face:

Now they’re just getting obnoxious! Let the AMC writers and producers know what you think, and sign our BRING BACK ZARF PETITION! Seriously, the “Linkin Park in Romania” petition is kicking our ass, folks.

Stoop to the Stoop My Darlin': HAPPY 2-2-7!



It’s here! We have been waiting for this day since roughly November of 1985, when, at 4 years old, we fell in love with one of our favorite primetime shows: 227! (The other show being, of course, Amen.) And today, February 2, 2007, we can celebrate and remember one of our favorite sit-coms from yesteryear. So last night, when the clock struck 12, we donned our favorite sequined dolman dress, slipped our hooves into hot pink pumps, and sat on our stoop, every now and again crying out “Maaaaary!” in distress while babbling gossip about our landlord. It was a kiki!

227 2.JPGSo where are the ladies of 227 today? Most notably, Regina King (who played the daughter “Brenda”) has gone on to an illustrious Hollywood career, and is now starring on 24. Here’s an interesting fact about Marla Gibbs, who played “Mary”: She was married at 13! Did you know the actress who played Rose (and, more recognizably, Olivia on Sesame Street), was married to the Predator? And Jackée Harry, our fave, has spent the better part of her career lighting up sitcom stages across Century City. Sadly, Helen Martin, aka “Pearl”, passed away in 2000. Pour a little out of your 40 on your doorstep to remember her by.

But don’t let that roon such a festive day! Spend “2-2-7″ meeting your neighbors… and finally put some faces to those voices that have really, really loud sex! (Hint: They’re probably ugly.) Celebrate, people!