Sienna Miller Attends Premiere, Forgets Pants


We’re not one to judge a fashion faux pas. After all, we were voted “Most Likely to Wear Hypercolor in 2007″ in our high school yearbooks, and guess what? Yup.

But we do have a littttle bit of a problem with Sienna Miller‘s outfit at the Factory Girl New York Premiere AfterParty… because she is basically wearing control top pantyhose and Grandma underpants, aka “Spandex Vag-Length Shorts”. Example:

Sienna Miller Underwear.JPG

The only nice thing we can think of saying? Dance: 10, Looks: 3.

SIZZLER: The Couple That Tries To Stop Doing Heroin Together, Stays Together


katepeterehab.JPGForget Hyde, Les Deux or any of the other so-called Hollywood “hot spots”. Rehab is where the party’s at these days and, never ones to miss a good time, Kate Moss and Pete Doherty have checked back into recovery, this time doing so TOGETHER. Excuse me for a moment while I try to cope with this cuteness overload and cool my heart down enough to even write this. If there’s ever been a Love Story worthy of the pen of Shakespeare, it is undoubtedly this tale of two starcrossed junk addicts who, despite not really doing much with their lives other than having unflattering pictures taken of themselves while high, remain so steadfastly committed to each other’s self-destructive struggles. This is what happens when you watch Sid & Nancy a few too many times, kids!

The Office: Really, Really Satisfying Preview



We want to kick this post off by congratulating the cast of The Office on their SAG Award for Best Comedy Ensemble — An award notable for two reason: 1. It’s the most deserved (no offense Ugly Betty, but also maybe, a little offense.) and 2. Stanley is really psyched about it!

stanley123.JPGTV Addict scored a healthy preview clip from this week’s brand new episode of The Office entitled “Ben Franklin.” Leading to the really important question: Is that Jan‘s bra?? And apparently it didn’t take long for Dwight to become Michael‘s bitch again, almost literally.

For those of you who miss Andy Bernard, we’ve got a special hilarity nugget waiting for you after the jump. It’s more Andy then anyone can handle, and a must-see for Office fans.

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ICYMI: Regis and Kelly Discuss “Tea-Bagging”


When Prison Break star Robert Knepper showed up on Live With Regis and Kelly and tried to share an anecdote about where his character got the nickname “T-Bag”, what could have been a very awkward/awesome conversation was abruply cut short by a clearly uncomfortable Kelly Ripa, who threw to the commercial break only moments before she undoubtedly would have been forced to recount a harrowing experience from her early days in showbiz.

BREAKING: Paris Hilton’s Vagina Might Not Be As Immaculate As We Had Previously Imagined!


parispotty.jpgSince the launch of, it seems as if every day a new bit of unsavory Paris Hilton bric-a-brac comes oozing out of that abandoned storage locker. Today, our friends over at RADAR have blown the lid off the mystery of whether Paris actually has an STD, or just conceptually represents STD-related things. Judging by her Valtrex prescription, we’re going to go with the former (congrats to those of you who had “herpes” in your Paris STD office pool). You probably didn’t want to know any of this, and you’re probably not suprised now that you do, but consider this – while you’re enjoying all the amateur Paris porn that will inevitably be infecting the Internet over the next few weeks, take a little extra pleasure in the fact that you know something her co-stars do not.

ICYMI: Stewie & Gene Kelly Dance The Night Aweigh


If you caught Family Guy on Sunday night you know damn well that one scene stole the show. No, I’m not talking about My Black Son – I’m talking about the random Stewie Griffin / Gene Kelly duet. If you haven’t seen it yet, click below and watch it now. Then make sure you check out the original version from Anchors Aweigh. Those Family Guys really will do anything for a laugh.

GUESS WHO?: Happy Trails 2 U Edish


This one should be easy… because we’re not blocking out his face:


Uh-guh…. It’s more pictures of Danielle Radcliffe, aka White D’Angelo! We should add that a little over a year ago we created a Harry Potter Legal Age Countdown Clock as a joke (Olsen Twin clock, anybody?), and actually went back to check it today… only to discovery there are only 173 days left til lil Danny turns 18. Will you excuse us for a minute?


Our faves after jump… trusssss girrrrrl you wanna see it.

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ICYMI: Here We Go Again


Four kids + six treadmills + OK Go’s “Here We Go Again” + a s**t load of free time = the single greatest talent show act ever. Well, except for your friend’s band that did a killer cover of Blink 182’s “Dammit” back in 1998. But these kids are a close second. See for yourself.

Link via Collegehumor

While You Were Having a Spell From Harry Potter



  • Britney Spears’ new boyfriend was seen buying panties for the pop starlet during a recent shopping trip in LA. Dude, there’s nothing you can do to un-burn the image of your girlfriend’s cooch from our brains.
  • Gwyneth Paltrow says Lindsay Lohan will “figure it out”. Figure what out? The fake British accent? The patronizing attitude towards Americans? Sudoku?
  • According to a blind item in Gatecrasher, Rumer Willis is punk’ing her parents by hoovering blow in bathroom stalls. Even in rehab, Lohan’s legacy will live on!
  • P. Diddy is probably P. Diddling Sienna Miller (S. Milly).
  • The Sad Ballad of One Celebrity Stalking Another, starring Andy Dick and Keifer Sutherland. We’ll let you decide who plays which role.

Best Night Ever: Monday, January 29th!


It’s the Best Night Ever for Monday, January 29th! Brian Faas is here to walk you through the best moments of Sunday night TV, including: I Love NY, Heroes, Deal or No Deal and everyone’s favorite vanity competition the Miss America 2007 Pageant!