I LIKE TO WATCH: Bandidas, Her Minor Thing, Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning


Do you plan on staying in tonight because it’s absolutely f**king freezing outside? Can’t decide what to watch? Our very own Brian Faas is here to help. Salma Hayek wrestling with Penelope Cruz, Estella Warren trying to lose her virginity, a creepy dude with a chainsaw torturing people; you can see all that and more in the latest installment of I Like To Watch.

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It’s An Illusion, Barbara. A Trick Is Something A Whore Does For Money.


Jeremy Piven is a very good actor. A very good actor. His work on Entourage– brilliant. The man can act. But Jeremy Piven the magician? Jesus, he’s bad. The Pivs decided to debut his magic skills on The View today to promote his new flick Smokin’ Aces. And while the trick illusion went well, it’s hard not to notice Jeremy blatantly tipping Barbara off and hiding the ace of spades in his other hand. See for yourself by watching the video below (one might say that it’s the Zapruder film of Piven’s magic.)

We secretly think he only did the trick to cop a cheap feel. Well played, Piven. Well played.

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Seriously, Will Somebody Just Please Punch Jared Leto In The Face Alreday And Get It Over With?


leto.jpgBreaking news! Breaking news! Jared Leto is a douchebag! Don’t believe me? Well, here’s (even more) proof. Page Six reports:

‘While Hasidic hip-hop artist Matisyahu was performing, Leto unsuccessfully tried chatting up Michelle Smith (rumored girlfriend of Chris Robinson), then began bumping into people in the crowded venue as he headed back to his table. When a fellow patron told Leto to “relax,” Leto grabbed a liquor bottle and held it above the guy’s head. Spies said when bouncers asked Leto to leave, he responded by holding up a beer bottle as he was led out.’

Question. If we’re making Isaiah Washington attend rehab to become a better person, why don’t we make Jared Leto go too? I mean, every day we hear another story about this clown going out, starting fights, and acting like a complete tool– but we’re not taking any action. Maybe it’s time to send him somewhere… somewhere far away so he can sort stuff out. Then, when he’s good and ready, we’ll let him come back to the real world if he promises not to act douchey again. I don’t think this is that crazy of an idea.

Until that happens I’m just going to watch this video after the jump over and over again. Consider it my therapy.

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ICYMI: That Unknown Actress Played LonelyGirl15 Way Better Than Carmen Electra Does


As some kind of lame online promotional stunt (though I guess my posting this means it’s working) for Epic Movie (which we’ve already mentioned being psyched about), Carmen Electra is appearing in a series of YouTube clips parodying the LonelyGirl15 phenomenon that I thought was finally over. When it comes to watching some chick sit in her bedroom and babble for a few minutes, the random unknown actress who originated the role turns out to be far more compelling that Ms. Electra.

Sorry, World, But You Need to See This.


It’s a rare day we find a good reason to post any video revolving around animals. After all, this is a pop culture worship site, not some crazy “cat in a bonnet” fetish blog, am I right? But we think we can easily justify the following cat video with two things: 1. We look exactly the same in the morning; and 2. Cat jowls. Cat. Jowls. We’ll let you know if and when the boss tells us to pack up our things.

ICYMI: The Office Crime Drama


If you thought the scariest thing about The Office was Andy’s man-crush on Michael, well you ain’t seen nothing yet. Check out this hilarious trailer for The Office, a sitcom that’s (apparently) the most terrifying thing on TV.

Link via Gorillamask

BWE Exclusive: Padma Lakshmi Is a Literal Pothead


padma.JPGAccording to a source who worked on the set of Top Chef, the ex-model turned trophy wife turned hostess Padma Lakshmi allegedly enjoys smoking pot on set, giving a whole new meaning to the term “Quickfire Challenge” — see, cause she’s allegedly lighting up a joint instead of a stove! Anyway. Exactly how often this happened is disputed, though we were assured it was allegedly “fairly regularly.”

But really, is this shocking? An addiction to marijuana would actually serve to explain a lot of strange Padma-related phenoms, such as:

  • Her large appetite (remember, she’s an ex-model)
  • Her detached, soulless vocal inflections
  • Her insane outfit choices
  • The strainge “itch” she got in the back of her throat during this week’s Hawaiian challenge
  • Why she speaks soooo slooooowly
  • Why she married Salman Rushdie
  • Why she seems high all the time.

On second thought, that still doesn’t explain the outfits. Allegedly.