UNEMPLOYMENT CHECK: The “Not A Baby Daddy” Dance


In the world of Daytime TV Paternity Testing, there is a beloved tradition known as the “Not A Baby-Daddy” Dance, in which a young man – having just discovered that he is in fact NOT the father of the child he thought he had with the girlfriend/wife/whatever who previously informed him that she has cheated on him many times over – launches into a complicated celebratory dance routine that includes a) jumping out of his chair triumphantly, b) rolling across the stage with joy, c) pointing at and taunting his onetime loved one, then d) chanting victoriously as the woman walks off stage. When executed properly, it is a marvelous thing of beauty, and this clip, taken from today’s Maury, is one of the finest examples this blogger has ever laid eyes upon:

SIMI-LEBRITIES: Are Brad & Benicio Brothers?



Our pal over at Cityrag brings us this latest edition of everyone’s favorite “famous people who resemble other people” feature. This time we’ve got Hollywood hunk rugged cool-guys Brad Pitt and Benecio Del Toro, totally looking similar in these pictures. Could they in fact be the same person, or dare we say, DATING? And if so, can we start calling them Branecio? Thoughts?

The 10 Fictional Women Who Make It Difficult To Date Real Women


Girl-Next-Door-movie-f01.jpgThe folks at Girlfriend ’07 have compiled a list of the 10 characters from various movies and television shows who make it difficult to date regular girls.

Hollywood has a tendency to create female characters who make it nearly impossible to ever be truly satisfied with real women. Because not only do these women tend to be beyond beautiful on the outside, but they’re always unbelievable on the inside too. They’re cool. They’re fun. They always know what to say. And they always have that one little thing that makes you fall in love with them. Maybe it’s because they usually have guys writing their lines and making them perfect, but either way they’re a tough act to follow.

Click here to check out the list. While we’re happy to see Elizabeth Shue and the girl from Just One of the Guys on the list, we’re kind of offended by some of the omissions. Like, where’s Karen from The Office? Or Pam? Who do you think is missing? Leave your additions in the Comments.

Link via Gorillamask

Matt Damon Does Matt McConaughey


Not like that.

Matt Damon is one of the coolest guys in Hollywood. Last night on Letterman, Matt broke out an impression of Matthew McConaughey. It’s pretty great, even though we’re a bit bummed he didn’t deliver McConaughey’s famous “JKL– just keep livin’!” line. Maybe next time.

Link via Celebitchy

ICYMI: Barack Obama Does the Superbowl Shuffle


When much-hyped Illinois Senator/Democrat/Presidenital Hopeful Barack Obama appeared in a taped segment before the Chicago Bears‘ Monday Night Football Game against the St. Louis Rams looking all presidential, saying he had a big important announcement to make, people were probably expecting him to announce his candidacy to save the Dems from the threat of a Hillary run. What they were not expecting is this:

ICYMI: Poor, Poor, Poor Prince


You have to tinilly-hand it to Prince: The guy is an effing God. It’s not even a debatable subject, it is written in stone fact. Which is why we are excited about his upcoming Superbowl XLI Halftime Performance. Then again, promo videos like this, so totally corporate and devoid of the one thing Prince has in spades — soul — leave us feeling cold, clammy and dead. Though his unexpected reaction to the bickering in the ad did have us laughing… FINE. We’re “jazzed”.

LISTEN UP: Stop The Clocks


  • The BM Rant has the best Best list I’ve seen so far. So head over there for tracks by Art Brut, The Hold Steady, Midlake, The Strokes and more.
  • Speaking of Best Of lists, Refinery29 posted their Top 20 albums of the year, complete with accompanying mp3′s. Clipse, Hot Chip and TV on the Radio are there. Why aren’t you?
  • If you’ve ever wanted to hear the unreleased track that Oasis named their greatest hits album after, here’s your chance. I Am Fuel, You Are Friends is here to help.
  • Today Licorice Pizza posted four old unreleased Hole tracks that may or may not have been written by Kurt Cobain. Either way, they still rock.
  • And finally, Zombies Ate My Blog have a good reason to start getting excited about 2007: The Ponys. I can’t wait.

TMZ Blows “Some People In LA Are Racists” Story Wide Open With EXCLUSIVE Clip of Random Jerkoff


TMZracism.JPGYou’re going to need to sit down for this one, because everything you thought you knew about all of humanity is about to be shaken to its core. The omnipresent cameramen over at TMZ have just posted SHOCKING footage – after a 15 second advertisement, of course – of an unknown Eastern European road-rager dropping the N-Bomb on a Production Assistant from the television show EXTRA. Take a moment to gather your composure, because you can forget about Kramer’s shocking racist tirade from last month – it would seem that even normal, non-famous people are now capable of being as bigoted as celebrities! What kind of world do we live in when two people can’t get into a frustrating car accident in the middle of 405 gridlock traffic without hurling hateful racial epithets at one another? What’s next, black people being unfairly harassed by the LAPD? Mexicans being forced to work for lower wages than the rest of us? Gay people not having the same rights as straight people? To find out the latest breaking human interest news, tune into TMZ – where there’s no such thing a slow news day!

POLL: How Do You Like Your Scarlett?


scarlett jo lv.jpg

Two sets of Scarlett Johansson photos have popped up this week. One set of pictures are from her new Louis Vuitton campaign, where ScarJo does her best impression of a 1930′s pin-up model. And believe me, it’s one hell of an impression.

The second set, over at Gorillamask, feature Scarlett all done up as a Pussycat Doll. Fishnets. Garters. Leather boots. Red lipstick. Yeah. What more do you need to know?

Which kind of Scarlett you prefer says a lot about you as a person. Do you like the Classy Scarlett or the Skanky Scarlett? Tough call. It’s like the old Britney vs. X-Tina debate, only 1,000 times better. Because it’s Scarlett vs. Scarlett. Everybody wins.

Which Scarlett do you like more? Vote by clicking below.