The Amazing Race: Kentucky Almost Fried


AMAZINGRACE10.JPGI am not an emotional person. There have only been a handful of films which have caused me to cry: Benji (puppy scooped up in eagle’s talons), Terms of Endearment (cancer, shmanc-heaving-sobs), Rudy (hobbit carried off the field)… But last night’s episode of The Amazing Race had me a little weepy at the end. David and Mary, the Kentucky Coalminers, have gone against various stereotypes about “stupid” “inbred” “sister-loving” “obese” “uneducated” “confederate-loving” “contraceptive-avoiding” “cow-tipping” “high-school-football-loving” Southerners and proved to the world one thing: Hearts can be made out of gold. They are the kindest, sweetest couple, and even their gnarly-toothed scrapping with one another didn’t stop us from loving them. Which is why, when they were spared with a non-elimination round after coming in last yesterday, I resorted to my typical panic attack breathing as one golden tear streamed down my face: One more chance!

Here are some other things I’ve gathered from last night’s episode: Just because you went to Harvard does not mean you’re a geen, as evidenced by the Cho Brothers‘ backward plan to team up with the slowest players in order to take them to the top 3. Apparently, they made a wrong turn on the way to the Big Brother audition, and assume it’s the same strategy on every CBS reality show. Rob and Kimberly continue their quest to be renicknamed Ike and Tina. And last night marks the first time Ex-Druggie-Model-Boys managed to not bring up how they are ex-druggies turned models. Congratulations guys!

Thoughts on the episode? Any ideas as to what the “Intersection” next week means?

Clearly Bill Maher Doesn’t Read


billmaher.jpgOn Friday we begged you– pleaded with you– to avoid dressing up as The Crocodile Hunter this Halloween weekend. Not because it’s too soon (we don’t believe in “too soon.” we’re working on our Red Auerbach costume as we speak), but because it’s too hacky and cliched. Well, on Saturday night as we drunkenly stumbled from bar to bar in New York City dressed as Bob Ross (also dead), it appeared that America listened to our plea. There was nary a Hunter to be seen. You got the memo.

Well, apparently Bill Maher missed it. Celebs Are People Too directed us to this picture of an obviously intoxicated Maher from this weekend. If Terri Irwin was “devastated” by last week’s South Park parody, who knows what she’ll think about this. Besides “how very, very unoriginal.”

We <3 Leto


Okay listen, Jared Leto. I know we’ve been rough on you these past few days, what with our nasty posts about your hobbit harassment and blogger bashing. But we want you to know that, deep in our hearts, we really do love you. That’s why we’ve put together this reel of some of our absolute favorite Leto moments from over the years. Enjoy!

Because ‘BlackFriendster’ Wasn’t Catchy Enough


niggaspace.jpgFinally, a site for people who think Tom from MySpace is too damn white to deal with.

Yesterday the New York Post directed us over to a brand new website from an 18-year-old New Jersey native titled Niggaspace. I’ll let him take it from here:

You definitely don’t have to be black to join! We just want to embrace the black culture that continues to innovate and strive!

So if you want to meet some chill people, create an account!

The owner of the site (who goes by the name of Tyrone) says “this is no way meant to be racist, my biggest intention is to change the connotation of the word.” So what are you waiting for? Sign up now! Because you have to love any social networking site that has “bootylicious” as a body type and random polls with questions like “where the white women at?”

While You Were Putting Razor Blades In Candy



  • Nicole Richie, who’s supposed to be in rehab last we heard, reportedly passed out at Hyde Nightclub in the wee hours of Sunday morning. The first step is admitting you have a problem, and the second step is getting wasted and passing out.
  • MEANWHILE, in another dark corner of West Hollywood, Lindsay Lohan was spotted “out of it” and “freaking out” about two men in a 4-Runner she seemed to be convinced were “chasing her”. Sounds like someone didn’t pay their dealer!
  • Check out these exclusive shots of Mischa Barton showing up to work on The OC set and then having the real-world implications of her character’s onscreen death explained to her.
  • In a startling revelation, it seems that K-Fed’s upcoming show at NYC’s Webster Hall is not enjoying the “Beatles Reunite With the Ghost of John Lennon” type of ticket sales we originally expected, and might end up getting cancelled altogether. Now we’ll NEVER get to experience the magic of “America’s Most Hated” live in concert!
  • Salma Hayek will be guest-starring on Ugly Betty this week in a cameo appearance as Ridiculously Hot Maria.

Best Night Ever: Sunday, October 29th!


It’s Best Night Ever for Sunday, October 29th! Michelle Collins is here to walk you through the best of Sunday night tv, including SNL, Amazing Race and Desperate Housewives!

Best Of The Best Week Ever


What else happened this week? Well, turn into Best Week Ever tonight @11 and all weekend long to find out.



massengill.jpgThis week has provided us with many days of douchebaggery, but there can be only one winner of the title of Douche of the Week, and only you can decide the outcome! Here are this week’s bags of the douche variety, along with the crimes they committed to earn their title. Vote for the douchiest of the week.

Douche: Wilmer Valderamma
Crime: Participating in MTV’s brain-suck of a television show, Yo Momma.

Douche: Sean “Really Famous” Stewart
Crime: Too many to list.

Douche: Rush Limbaugh
Crime: Being a total f*cking jack-off, as usual, this time insulting the thousands upon thousands of people who suffer from Parkinson’s Disease.

Ed Zwick, and the producers of Blood Diamond
Crime: Exploiting a bunch of third-world amputees, promising to buy them new prosthetic limbs, then totally flaking once they got their good publicity.

ICYMI: Pirates of the Caribbean 2 Blooper Reel


We love bloopers. And we love Johnny Depp. So even our overall distrust of Keira “Chinny-Chin” Knightley cannot prevent us from thoroughly enjoying the following Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest Blooper Reel, which we’re guessing is a leak from the upcoming DVD, set to be released on December 5. Orlando Bloom fans, fair warning: His presence here is sorely lacking. Such a perfectionist, that Bloom kid.

Taken down! Guess you’ll have to wait til 12/5 for your 3 minutes of broken-characterdom.