Little Girls Love Belly Shirts!


Most of you are probably aware of the psychotic things that go on at child beauty pageants (and if the name Swan Brooner rings any bells, you’re probably too familiar with it), but we were never privy to the world of haute couture for little girls. Sure, we knew it existed, but we truly had no idea fashion shows existed for this kind of thing. Today, we were introduced to Miss Blumarine, the toddler verzh of Blumarine for adults, and it’s kind of sweet… like how this little girl is exposing her midriff even though the remainder of her outfit gives every indication it’s the dead of winter:


Then there’s this outfit, from designer Agatha Ruzz de la Prada, which we’ve dubbed “A Pedophiliac Superhero”:


Boris Becker‘s model/daughter/recessive-gene carrier after the jump!

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Christian Finnegan Goes Back To School


christian2.JPGBWE Panelist/ Stand-Up Comedian/ all around good guy Christian Finnegan is about to go where only Rodney Dangerfield, the guys from Old School and those retired senior citizens with way too much time on their hands have gone before: back to school.

Christian embarks on his Comedy Central sponsored Two For Flinching Tour today, and as he mentions on his site: “Over the next three or so months I will be heading to 20-30 fully accredited institutions of higher learning, articulate dick jokes and ill-informed social commentary at the ready.” Now if that doesn’t make you run out and buy a ticket today, I don’t know what will.

For more details, click here. And don’t miss this cautionary tale about the dreaded Dorm Wanderer. It’ll make you wish you were going back to school too.

ICYMI: Zach Braff Sings About Sh*t


We happen to miss the much-touted Scrubs musical episode from last Thursday, written by the creators of Avenue Q. And we won’t lie, we were curious if Zach Braff had the vocal chops to cut such delicious musical sirloin. Then we saw this clip, and honestly, we still don’t know! We were way too distracted by the Waiting for Guffman-esque MIDI-style backing track. Anyway, to sum it up, here’s Braff singing about sh*t in a song called “Everything Comes Down to Poo”.



stompit.jpg1. Guys, this yard I got here – I need you to stomp it. STOMP IT! Come on, stop pussyfooting around and STOMP THE YARD! Do it! Thanks, I really appreciate that – $13.3 million

2, I saw this movie for the 13th time this weekend. My favorite part is when Robin Williams does all those voices – $13 million

3. Did you guys see Jamie Foxx in Ray? It takes a lot of talent to act AND sing like that. He’s amazing$8.7 million

4. Scary movies are the best. Especially ones where dead ghost children with no eyes suddenly appear out of nowhere and terrify the teenage main characters. But this one’s about a scary guy who randomly kills people who give him rides. Also pretty scary, but not as scary as C. Thomas Howell$8.2 million

5. Whenever I’m feeling blue and down in the dumps, I listen to the soundtrack to this movie and remember that we can all achieve our dreams if we just work hard enough – $6.7 million

The Last Word On Isaiah Washington


We’re not going to waste any more time on this annoying Isaiah Washington stuff… unless, of course, he kills a guy or comes out of the closet. But that’s it. So with that in mind, here’s the last thing we’re going to post about Mr. Washington, courtesy of Pretty On The Outside. It says it all.

Alright, I’m glad that’s settled. Now let’s move on.

Net Superstar, That Is What You Are


lonelygirl.jpgIf you’re having a hard time getting back into the swing of things after a ridiculous weekend full of binge drinking and bad decisions (like, for example, the decision to binge drink), you’re probably already in dire need of something– anything– to help you procrastinate at work today. Look no further than Web Junk TV’s 40 Greatest Internet Superstars poll. Head over there to see some of your favorite viral videos (like Little Superstar and the Numa Numa Guy) and discover some that you might have missed. Then vote for your favorite. It’s easy, it’s entertaining, and by casting your vote you’ll have at least accomplished something at work today.

And for the record; voting for your favorite Internet Star is still cooler than voting for your favorite American Idol. I’m just sayin’.

While You Were Stealing Snow Shoes from a T.G.I. Friday’s



  • Paula Abdul has contacted the press, claiming that she’s “the piñata.” How long until some crazed meth addict beats her silly with a broom handle to access all the “candy” inside?
  • While it has been reported that Paul McCartney and Heather Mills have settled their divorce for roughly $62 million, Mills says that isn’t true. Thank God — $62 million works out to barely $2000 an hour for her 4 year marriage, and any self-respecting woman knows to charge at least $5,000 an hour to sleep with McCartney.
  • Not only hasn’t James Brown been buried yet, but now his attorney’s refuse to disclose where they’re hiding the body. Proving that even in death, James Brown is the feistiest corpse in showbiz.
  • Colonel Sanders will be receiving his own U.S. postal stamp. Which raises so many questions… will it taste like fried or honey-baked? And won’t millions of letters suffer from unsightly clear little grease windows? Also, is America doomed?
  • Do you think it’s possible Beyonce keeps flashing her armpits at photogs in order to distract from the hair net slowly taking over her face? Cauuuuuse it’s not really working… and we’re a little disturbed by everything reported in the previous sentence.

Best Night Ever for Sunday, January 21st!


It’s Best Night Ever for Sunday, January 21st! Michael Cyril Creighton is here to walk you through the best moments of Sunday night TV, including: Desperate Housewives, The L Word, Extras and the last pre-recorded episode of Grease: You’re the One that I Want!

If you’re in NY, see MCC off-Broadway in The Vietnamization of New Jeresy through January 28th!