ICYMI: Timberlake’s Comedic Beginnings


Justin Timberlake‘s success on SNL last weekend left a lot of people wondering just how the adorable singer got so funny? Well, look no further than Youtube, which offers many clips of a pre-pube Timby on the Mickey Mouse Club, alongside such future-skanks as Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears (who is incredibly adept at comedic timing, considering she is about 11 and the show is written by chimps in jail.) It’s fun to watch Justin and Brit interact, knowing that in just a handful of years, the two would find themselves in the midst of a seriously awkward teenage sexathon. This is the kid who ends up singing “D**k in a Box” you guys… He’s the original Hip Hop Kid!

BONUS VID! After the jump, a pre-teen Ryan Gosling in drag! We always forget he was around those kids.

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UNEMPLOYMENT CHECK: We <3 Funeral Hilarity!


There is SO MUCH to love and loathe about this clip taken from today’s All My Children: Let’s kick it off with a little Natalie Merchant, add in a splash of funeral comedy, sprinkle a dash of homo-erotic “brotherly love”, and cap it all off with a Josh Duhamel lookalike doing his best Ben Affleck impersonation (i.e. man-blubber). We haven’t shed this many crocodile tears since November Rain came out.

ICYMI: 30 Years Of Badass Rocky Fight Clips


Just in case you didn’t skip work today to be the first (and maybe only) person on your block to catch Rocky Balboa in theaters, the folks at Chowdaheads have pulled together 6 great Rocky fights to get you excited. It’s tough to choose a favorite fight from the past 30 years (editor’s note: 30 years!?!?), but we’re gonna have to go with this one. I pity the fool who disagrees.

By leaving Rocky V off the list, Bill Simmons is one step closer to his dream of everybody agreeing that Rocky V never happened.

Link via Deadspin

NAME THAT STAIN! Tats Entertainment!



As we reported earlier, X17Online caught Britney Spears getting a small star tattoo with Kid Sister Jaime Lynn. As if that weren’t enough, we noticed an unusual stain on BB Netan-yahoo’s dress. Time for another round of Name! That! Stain! Is it:

a. Drippage from when she mouth fed Jaime partially digested Cheetohs.
b. C-Section Scar Leakage.
c. Pizza froth.
d. An easy explanation for how she scored that “free tattoo” (see also, Monica Lewinsky‘s blue dress)
e. Paris Hilton Ass Goiter Sweat.

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SPOILER ALERT: The Office’s Sandals Scandal


When we stumbled across Pop Candy’s link to this NBC Promo Spot that MIGHT contain the answer to the mystery of who accompanied Michael Scott on his trip to Sandals (all-inclusive) Resort at the end of last week’s amazing Christmas episode of The Office, we had no choice but to watch the clip, and our suspicions appear to have been confirmed. To click or not to click – the choice is now yours:

TRAILER MIX: Transformers Is Going 2B SO GOOD


TRNSFORMERS.JPGYou guys, seriously. The new Transformers trailer is out today, the robotiest little Christmas gift director Michael Bay could ever deliver. Our verdict? It looks F**KING AWESOME! We are 80′s children, so Transformers remain near and dear to our hearts — though we don’t quite remember them being quite so… deadly. Also, the My Little Pony callback at the end is a nice touch. No word is Rainbow Brite is scheduled to make any on-screen appearances.

Check out the trailer in HD here, or the regular trailer here. Looks like Summer 2007 is going to kick serious ass!

CAPTION THIS! The Britney Monster Strikes Again



A greasy Britney does her best Brandon Davis impression.

Ahh, Britney. Everybody’s favorite pop star was spotted taking her 16-year-old sister to a sketchy tattoo parlor in Los Angeles. After studying this picture, it makes sense– of course that’s where Britney would take her; that’s where people who look like this go. First to the tattoo parlor, then to Long John Silvers. It just makes sense. Anyway, leave your Captions in the Comments now!

VIDEO HITS 1: The Shins, As Directed By Max Fischer


Mix one part classic R.E.M. video, two parts Rushmore, one part Joan of Arc and just a touch of The OC, and you’ll have yourselves the brand new video for The Shins’ forthcoming single, “Phantom Limb”.

LISTEN UP: Alviiiiiiiiiiiin!



  • Yesterday I said that Pogues song was my all-time favorite Holiday tune. Well, I lied. It is undoubtedly “The Chipmunk Song (Christmas Don’t Be Late)” by Alvin & the Chipmunks, which you can grab over at MOKB.
  • Paper Thin Walls asked a whole bunch of music writers to pick one song that sums up 2006, then put them all together for a Mixtape of the Year.
  • Just in time for Christmas, You Ain’t No Picasso wraps up some cheery new pop music from Captain Sunshine himself, Bright Eyes.
  • Speaking of Yuletide Joy, INDIEBLOGHEAVEN makes us feel light-hearted with a few Christmas tunes from the Man In Black, Mr. Johnny Cash.
  • Apropos of nothing, but still nice to listen to, Gorilla vs Bear has great a new demo from Voxtrot.

Silverback Stiller: Yes or No?



We’re torn about Ben Stiller‘s new locks. We love nothing more than a little Salt N’ Peppa on a man (Daddy complex, line 3!), but are torn about Ben’s new do. On the one gorilla fist, he looks debonaire as hellllll, shooting “Blue Steel” as only Zoolander could. On the other monkey paw, the greyness makes him look like the lead in Silverback to the Future. Also, he’s starting to develop serious Guy-Pearce-mouth. Still, we vote “hot”!