SIZZLER: Tyrese Takes Early Shot At Mel Gibson & Michael Richards’ Joint Title of “Most Reviled Celeb of 2007″


0104_tyrese_excl.jpgIf the Celeb Watchdogs over at TMZ are telling the truth, model/actor/whatever Tyrese could be the odds-on favorite for this year’s biggest total career annihilation. According to a police report filed early this morning, the buff model allegedly punched his 5-MONTH pregnant girlfriend in the stomach during a heated altercation:

According to our sources, paramedics responded after Tyrese allegedly struck the woman, who is five months pregnant, twice in the stomach and then drove away from the scene.

Yowzers. If this turns out to be true (and I sincerely hope it is not), even the most skilled liars in the celebrity PR world are going to have trouble running career damage control on a jackass move like that. Something tells me that going on Letterman and saying “sorry” might not do the trick.

The O.C. and Megan Mullally, Bedmates in TV Heaven


1THEOC.JPGIt didn’t take long after the New Year for television stations to cut off the dead weight. Indeed, yesterday it was announced that two shows we don’t really care about anymore have been cancelled: The O.C. and The Megan Mullally Show… and right after Chrismukkah!

Now, we haven’t watched The O.C. since its spectacular first season, the “Welcome to The O.C., bitch!” season, pre-Taye Donovan and Marissa’s sister and all the other plot twists we’re not really caught up on. (Though we will admit to catching Marissa Cooper‘s death because, Jesus, how could we miss it?) But, we have a feeling the plot twists, which became more intricate and complicated each episode, might have hurtled the show into complicated insane oblivion. How many of you still watched it? How many more cast members will die in the series finale? What will the world be like without Seth Cohen???

But one show we are sadly too familiar with is The Megan Mullally Show, which we caught nearly every morning until it was moved to some secret, 2 AM time slot. We had high hopes for the Will & Grace star: After all, she was much less annoying than Rachael Ray, and funkier than morning craftster Carol Duvall. But the show was sort of boring, and Megan never seemed fully comfortable being herself. She should feel comfort in knowing that Chevy Chase and Pat Sajak are waiting up in dead talk show heaven for her.

Even In 2k7, Fart = Funny


CBS’ new reality show Armed & Famous starring Wee Man, LaToya Jackson, Trish Stratus, Jack Osbourne and the guy from CHiPs (I think those are the people who constitute as “famous.” I think) premieres next week. In this preview, posted at, the guy from CHiPs let’s out a gigantic FaRT while wrestling with a police officer. If the thought of Erik Estrada passing gas on an officer of the law doesn’t make you want to watch this video… well, then I don’t know what will.

Celebrity Inventions Are Patently Amazing


patent-eddievanhalen2.gifWhat do Eddie Van Halen, Michael Jackson and Jamie Lee Curtis have in common (other than being awesome in the 80’s)? They’ve all applied for patents for things they’ve designed or invented! Head over to Ironic Sans to check out some of the hilarious, bizarre and sometimes intelligent ideas for inventions that have come from the minds of notable and famous figures. None of the other diagrams are as kick-ass as the Van Halen Shred Chart seen above, but they’re all worth a look.

ICYMI: K-Fed’s Early Comedy Career (feat. Zach Galifianakis)


We’ve spent the greater part of the past year laughing at Kevin Federline. Be it his hilarious “PopoZao”-ing, his adorably unjustified confidence, or his sheer skankiness, K-Fed has secured his spot in the pantheon of great comedic entertainers alongside the likes of Patrick Swayze, Corey Feldman and Vanilla Ice. But did you know that Kevs got his comedy break on the criminally-overlooked Vh1 late night talkshow Late World With Zach*? The clip below, retrieved and restored through the miracle of YouTube, depicts a pre-Britney K-Fed dancing alongside hilarious comedian Zach Galifianakis in the star-crossed show’s finale:

*BONUS “DID YOU KNOW”: Late World With Zach was produced by Fred Graver, the man who created and produces Best Week Ever!

JAPANDEMONIUM: Live Action Pac-Man!


Sure, we can’t understand a word that’s being said in this Japanese version of Live Action Pac-Man… but anytime a man in a black unitard is being beaten with poles by some clueless-looking actors in ghost costumes… well, it puts a smile on our face.

While You Were Arranging a Prayer Vigil for Jayden James…


Busta Rhymes was arrested last night in New York last night, after a man accused the rapper of beating him up over a money dispute. The fact that his rep works at a place called “Violator Management” probably doesn’t help his cause any.

  • The NY Daily News breaks down the relationship between John Mayer and Jessica Simpson through quotes. Example: He: “I’m a liability to my art.” She: “I have amazing boobs.” Aww… they’re in lurve.
  • It’s official! Barbara Walters is more afraid of Rosie O’Donnell than Donald Trump. Trump, in return, calls Showbiz Tonight and calls Barb a pussyfooted liar. Oh, (sorry), and he thinks he’s responsible for the show’s great ratings! Guh.
  • Throwing a Bone to Awards Season Junkies, part 342: Producers Guild Nominees came out yesterday.
  • All sarcasm aside, Drew Barrymore and Ted Koppel seem like a match made in May-December Romance Heaven.
  • Best Night Ever: Wednesday, January 3rd


    It’s Best Night Ever for Wednesday, January 3rd! Lang is here to walk you through the best moments of Wednesday night TV, including Beauty And The Geek, King Of Queens, Wired Science, Knights of Prosperity, and In Case of Emergency!


    …Of The Day


    • IT JUST SEEMS RIGHT: A scientific study reveals celebrities are more full of themselves than the average person. So US Weekly is wrong… they’re not just like us! (Celebitchy)
    • BUT POLITICIANS ARE JUST LIKE US: Barack Obama admitted trying cocaine. But he didn’t inhale. (Washington Post)
    • PISSING OFF THE WRONG GUYS: Spiderman is going after the Bush administration. And fully embracing it, Dick Cheney formally changed his name to Kingpin. (
    • TRYING TOO HARD: Scott Storch gave Lindsay Lohan $1 million worth of jewelry in an attempt to woo her. Apparently he ran out of drugs. (WWTDD)
    • TECHNOLOGICAL ADVANCE: Toyota is developing a car that will automatically shut down when it detects a drunk driver. In other news, Nicole Richie needs a ride. (Breitbart)

    ICYMI: Dane Cook Learns Hilarious “Fake Gay Kiss” Bit From Tommy Lee In Hair-Gel Heavy Photo-Op


    tommydane2.jpgThe stalkerazzis over at X17 Online caught up with “bad comedy badboy” Dane Cook and “bad music badboy” Tommy Lee after a recent show at The Laugh Factory and kept their video cameras rolling whilst Tommy, Dane and a few hacky comics who happened to be standing nearby mugged for the cameras in a way that The Three Stooges would probably find a little “over the top”. We can’t decide what we love most – Tommy’s incessant man-licking, Dane’s awesome hand signals, or the fact that both of these men think taking a picture with the other one will somehow make themselves more famous.