Project Runway: Outrage! Stiffing the Gunn!



It’s pretty much universally accepted that the best part of Project Runway remains to be Tim Gunn, the stern yet kind taskmaster who, we assume, would be fantastic to spoon with. One would then imagine that the real breakout star of the show would be nicely compensated for his hard work. But, in a quote given to New York Magazine, looks like Mssr. Gunn won’t be leaving his current job anytime soon:

People keep asking me when I’m going to leave Parsons, but what Bravo pays me could fit in a small piggy bank! Parsons pays the bills.

A small piggy bank? What does that hold… like 11 loads of laundry? We wonder how it compares with Heidi’s take. Which leads us to question if this has anything to do with NBC’s massive budget cuts. Last week, we learned that they pay their models in carbs, and now Tim Gunn is getting the non-sexual end of the shaft. Considering the finale earned Bravo’s best numbers ever, it would be a shame if the network were stiffing its best talent. Then again, we would hope that the most charming man on TV is beating development deals off with a ruby-encrusted stick.

LISTEN UP: Welcome To My Black Parade


    liz phair1.jpg
  • I’m buying the new My Chemical Romance album tomorrow and nobody can stop me. Not Modern Music, who posted the new single, not Alex who made fun of me when I declared that out loud, not anybody. So there.
  • The Music Slut is preparing for the inevitable Courtney Love autobiography by posting the ancient track “Uncrushworthy”.
  • Glorious Noise has another track off the new Harry Nilsson/John Lennon cover album by The Walkmen. They don’t disappoint.
  • Culture Bully remembers two bands that are no more: Blind Melon & The Darkness. R.I.P, you drug addled one-hit-wonders, you.
  • Finally, I don’t plan on actually downloading the two Liz Phair tracks that Zeon’s Music Blog posted today… I just wanted to add them to this list so I could include a picture of her.

BWE Presents: Show Us Your Gunns!


Who does the better Timpression? Project Runway contestants Michael Knight and Jeffrey Sebelia go head to head to see who does the best Tim Gunn impersonation… so who’s better?

THE CURRENT TALLY: 38 of you give it to Jeffrey, 16 of you say Michael, and the rest won’t have any of it, giving it to either Santino or the real thing. But we’re still counting! We’ll post the winner of the challenge in a few days, so for now, watch and vote!

ICYMI: Marathon Runner Slips, Falls. You Laugh, Show Friends


marathon.jpgYou’ve been training for years. The time has finally come. The big day. The Chicago marathon. You take off. You’re in the lead. You’re winning. You see the finish line. It’s a few feet away. You’re about to cross it. You raise your arms. Victorious. You’re inches away… and you slip and fall and crack your head.

Now that hurts. On sooooooooooo many levels.

Watch the Video here

ICYMI: Douchepirates!


Here’s one of the many reasons why Jack Black is so awesome: even when I fundamentally disagree with what he’s saying, such as in this tongue-in-cheek anti-piracy message to promote Tenacious D: Pick of Destiny, I still laugh my ass off at how he says it. “Don’t be a douche” is a tagline that could be better applied to so many different things. (via Double Viking)

Angelina Jolie Faints for Third Time in Third World


ANGELINADANIELPEARl1.JPGIndian sources are reporting that Angelina Jolie has fainted for a third time this month while filming an emotionally charged scene in the upcoming Daniel Pearl biopic, A Might Heart in Pune, India. Luckily, Brad Pitt was on hand with smelling salts and a comically oversized fan to bring the actress back to, but we’re concerned. What could possibly be causing The Most Beautiful Woman Alive© to pass out so often?

A few theories. India is a hot country. Now imagine how hot it is when you’re in blackface! Real hot (sources say this is why Al Jolson never made it over to New Delhi — too risky.) Also, lately Angie looks like more Indian food is coming out of her than going in, if you catch our drift. Another more colorful description would be she’s hopped on the number 2 train for an overnight stay at Dehydration Station. We strongly encourage her to take a mini-break to recover. There are currently 46.5 million orphans out there losing sleep over this entire Madonna flibble-flarb. You’re their only hope.

What Came Out Of Britney’s Vagina?


britneys baby.jpgWhat would you do… if you discovered… that everything you thought you knew about what came out of Britney Spears’ vagina… turned out to be… wrong?

No, that’s not the tagline for a new (awesome) movie. A Britney baby controversy is brewing, and it has to do with the sex and name of the pop star’s latest offspring. According to The Daily News, some diehard fans suspect the baby’s name isn’t Sutton Pierce Federline since Britney never confirmed it. Instead, they think the baby’s name is actually Jayden James. Interesting. Throw that in with X17′s argument that Britney gave birth to a baby girl instead of a boy, and we have a full fledged conspiracy theory on our hands.

What do you think came out of Britney’s vagina? A boy? A girl? Sutton Pierce? Jayden James? Or if she *really* had a C-section, nothing at all? The world may never know.

[Head over to Faded Youth for even more in depth coverage]



prestige.jpg1. First there was The Illusionist, and now this? Could movies about magicians be the new animated talking animal adventures? And if so, is David Blaine responsible? – $14.8 million

2. See, Hollywood? All you really need to make a decent movie is Jack Nicholson, Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, Mark Wahlberg, Alec Baldwin, Martin Sheen, and Martin Scorsese directing an adaptation of Chinese smash-hit blockbuster – $13.6 million

3. Sure, the image of these brave WWII soldiers hoisting the stars and stripes over the blood-soaked battlefields of Iwo Jima is pretty iconic – but so is slapping a “support the troops” yellow ribbon flag magnet onto the back of your gas-guzzling Ford F-350! – $10.2 million

4. Wait, what if the animated talking animals could to do magic tricks? Jackpot! – $8 million

5. Talking animals and magic tricks are great and all, but the “little girl who learns how to be a grown-up with the help of her affectionate horse” genre will always be my personal favorite – $7.7 million