FUR REAL, DOG: Puff Daddy Coats Using Dog Fur?


SEANCOMBS1.JPGLadies and gentlemen, prepare to possibly throw out your winter jacket. Because if you happen to be the proud owner of a Sean John puffy coat with “fur” trim, there’s a slight chance that fur is actually made from the skin of a dog. Or so says the Humane Society of the United States, who is claiming that Macy’s is selling the coats under the guise that it’s “imitation rabbit fur”, when the label inside the coat claims it to be “real raccoon” — and not the adorable rabid raccoons that scour your trash for last night’s dinner, but raccoon dogs… DOG FUR COATS!

So is Puff Daddy, who claims to be the designer behind Sean Jean, the Cruella Deville of the new century? The jury is still out, test results are not back yet, and we won’t know for sure for a few days. So we’re going to ask you, the readers, what you think. Go to the coat closet, reach your hand in, close your eyes, and feel that fur trim on the hood of your Sean John jacket… does it remind you a little bit of Sparky, your childhood Yorkie who went to “live on a farm” when you were 11? Because we smell a big controversy here, and it’s got wet dog stink smeared all over it.

ICYMI: D*ck In A Box


With the holiday shopping season winding down to its close, you might be scrambling for last-minute gift ideas. Well, thanks to our friends over at SNL, along with the suave vocal stylings of Justin Timberlake, the “D*ck In A Box” emerges as the perfect present to give just about everyone (except your parents)! It’s sort of like this year’s “Tickle Me Elmo” – and it’s even similar in principle! Though can anyone explain why it’s being sold by Color Me Badd? (Language slightly NSFW)

While You Were Practicing Your Christmas Carolling


  • A clip of Britney Spears burping and babbling about her belief in time travel was the #1 celebrity viral video in 2006. It kind of makes you long for the good ol’ days of One Night In Paris, doesn’t it?
  • 50 Cent has given up golf because he just isn’t any good at it. Yet for some reason he continues to act.
  • Kate Moss has banned Pete Doherty from releasing an album he made with his ex-girlfriend. It wasn’t hard, though, since Pete has absolutely no recollection of making it. Or of his ex.
  • Judith Regan, the publisher behind O.J.’s unreleased “If I Did It” book, has been fired. She has already begun working on her own book, “If I Were To Get Fired For Giving A Murderer A Book Deal, Here’s How I’d Do It.”
  • The Spice Girls may reunite to perform at the Princess Di memorial concert next year. Come on– haven’t the people of England suffered enough?

Best Of The Best Week Ever


You all know that Best Year Ever airs tonight at 11. But before we look back at the year that was, let’s look back at the past 5 days.

So that was this week. But if you want to see an anti-Semetic Mel Gibson, a newly single K-Fed, a trigger happy Dick Cheney and a whole lot more, tune into Best Year Ever tonight at 11 and all weekend long. You don’t want to miss it.

What’s Cuter: A Baby Panda vs. Shiloh Pitt



God bless Jeanne Moos, the only CNN anchor who is paid to hit the streets and ask the retarded questions we’ve ALL thought of before. This morning, Jeanne really outdoes herself by asking folks who is cuter: Shiloh Pitt… or a Baby Panda. Our favorites are the people, clearly late to work, who are just like “Guhhh… Baby Panda!!” while nearly getting hit by a car. Then again, the overlay of Shiloh’s face on the panda body ain’t bad either. Then there’s the monkey with his foot off the ground, a monkey whose presence in the clip is never quite fully explained. Might we once again remind you: THIS AIRED ON CNN.

If you think we’re making this up, do us a favor and watch the video here. p.s. The panda wins!



Aaaaand I want a small Taiwanese boy — no, no — TWO small Taiwanese boys… and a Porsche, and a ball-gag, and a billion dollars, and a martini fountain, and a leather vest, aaaand….

What does the Mayor of Vegas want for Christmas this year? Leave your captions in the comments!

YouTubular: The Most Significant Videos of 2006


The folks over at Webjunk compiled a list of the most significant YouTube videos of the year. Fom Lonelygirl’s babbling to OK Go’s treadmill dancing, it’s all there. Our personal favorite, though, has to be this one; the message from YouTube founders Chad & Steve immediately following their $1.7 billion payday.

Check out the entire list here.

LISTEN UP: 1-866-Neonbible


  • The Torture Garden has a ripped version of the new Arcade Fire song. Download it there, or call 1-866-neonbible and listen over the phone. Whichever you’d prefer.
  • Timedoor has a great mix posted today with tracks by the Velvet Underground, Loretta Lynn and Neil Young. Enjoy.
  • Ninebullets’ 2006 Best Of list includes The Raconteurs’ “Together.” Naturally.
  • Mainstream Isn’t So Bad posted an Oasis concert from 1994, which is a must download.
  • And finally, Open Your Eyes has two new Ben Kweller tracks today. If “Sundress” isn’t on your iPod yet, now’s your chance.

DON’T FORGET: Best Year Ever Airs Tonight!


Set your channels to VH1 tonight, when our hour-long Best Year Ever special premieres at 11 pm. Here’s a little sneak peak of the show — where we discuss one gentlemen who it became OK to fall in love with all over again: Weird Al. And hey! Why not pick up his new album while you’re pretending to be too cool?