LISTEN UP: Some D-Licious Music


  • You need more Christmas songs that rock. From Otis Redding to Johnny Cash to The Pipettes, Who Needs Radio? has them all.
  • To celebrate The Rolling Stones and Madonna making more money than God in 2006, The Music Slut has some classic mp3’s from both of them.
  • Tenacious D thinks “The Goverment Totally Sucks.” I don’t know if You Can Take The Boy Out of Brooklyn agrees, but they have the mp3 of it anyway.
  • You Ain’t No Picasso has a great mix posted today, complete with tracks by Interpol, The Magnetic Fields and more.
  • And finally, Speed Of Dark is counting down their top tracks of the year. Today they’re sharing 10-6, which just so happens to include my favorite songs by Tapes n Tapes and Band of Horses. Enjoy.

It’s About Time To Start Thinking About This Year’s Christmas Tree Ornament


npr_bald.jpgI don’t know about you guys, but in my family, we have a tradition of stealthily adding a new ornament to our tree on Christmas eve, which everyone must attempt to identify the next morning. Usually it’s something timely, reflective of what each of us our currently doing in our lives. Seeing as how I’ve spent the better part of the last year reporting on flashed vaginas, idiotic catfights, comically absurd politicans and hatemongering celebrities, I was hoping to find something “gossipy”. Luckily, NPR sponsored a Holiday Craft Contest, inviting listeners to send in their most clever pop-culture-themed items. My favorites are the Mel Menorrah, the Dick Cheney Shooting a Dove, and of course, the Britney-inspired Bald Beaver shown above. If any of you guys want to make a celeb-oriented ornament of your own, be sure to send us a picture and we’ll post up whatever we get!

ICYMI: Kirk Cameron Is Bananas (For Jesus)


Over at, we stumbled across this little bit of filmed ministry, in which Kirk Cameron and his partner in Christ use a simple banana to explain the existence of God, and somewhat more subtly, why homosexuality is “filthy”.

ICYMI: Diddy’s Kids Are the World’s Children


Yet another clip from the vault of “SNL Can Sometimes Be Really Funny”, enjoy this cartoon from last week’s episode called “Diddy’s Kids”, where a group of young rapscallions try to figure out what the eff it is he actually does. (Poor picture quality isn’t our fault, but you can still enjoy it.)

(via Stereogum)

A Whole Lot Of Nerve: Celebrity Rumors

by has a list of the 40 Best Celebrity Rumors Ever. While we normally try to steer away from lists that proclaim things to be the “best ever” (or “awesomely bad,” for that matter), we have to hand it to these guys; they hit the nail on the head.

The golden age of celebrity rumors may be coming to an end. As Britney Spears spreads her legs to the world and Nicole Richie gets arrested driving north in the southbound lane, truth may at last have outstripped semi-fiction. Today’s celebrities have so little left to hide. But fear not, scandal-mongers! The past remains a bottomless well of salacity.

Check out the entire list here. Warning: learning that some of these stories are rumors (and not actually real) may upset you a bit. Especially the Richard Gere one. Damnit.

While You Were Regretting That Last Vodka Cran at Your Holiday Party



  • Giving hope to every hacky ventriloquist lost somewhere at sea, future diva-extraordinaire Jennifer Hudson talks about her success today and how 3 years ago she was singing on a Disney Cruise Ship.
  • Clay Aiken is coming back to Regis and Kelly! Get your Purell mouthwash out folks!
  • And also, did Clay Aiken get collagen injections in his lips? Maybe his eyelids? Did he get his ear cartilage removed? What the hell is wrong with his face?!?!!
  • Paris Hilton has found a new girl to completely ruin and possibly have an intimate relationship with: Sister Nicky. Thaaat’s nice.
  • And remember how the last time you watched Girls Gone Wild you were like “God, how ARE all these hot, drunky young girls over 18???” Well, they’re not. So buy em up before they’re taken off the shelves.

Best Night Ever: Wednesday, December 13th!


It’s Best Night Ever for Wednesday, December 13th! Shea is here to walk you through the best of Wednesday night tv, including: Show Me the Money featuring gilded dancers, Top Chef, Next Top Model: British Invasion, and the winner of the Biggest Loser.

…Of The Day


  • ROID RAGE: It’s nice to see that Dan Marino still has that killer instinct… in the studio. (Collegehumor)
  • EASY ANSWER: What’s that white stuff in Paris’ nose? I’m guessing that it’s leftover clown make-up. What else would it be? (D-Listed)
  • VIDEO STARS: If you’re not, like, totally over music videos, the music geeks at Pitchfork chose their Top 25 of 2006. Like, watch it. Or don’t. Whatever. (Pitchforkmedia)
  • PETA, PLEASE: The folks at PETA are whining about the NBA’s decision to go back to leather balls. Even though it was better than the alternative: bald eagle balls.(Deadspin)
  • LET’S GO TO PRISON PROMO: The city of Philadelphia will start giving out condoms to prison inmates. Feel free to make your own “brotherly love” joke now. (NBC10)
  • SADIST’S LITTLE HELPER: Not since Irwin Mainway have we seen toys as dangerous as these. (Radar)

ICYMI: McDonald’s Throws Project Runway Winner a Bone


You know, when we hear the name “McDonald’s”, the first word that usually pops into our minds is: Couture. Which is why this video of Project Runway winner/McDonald’s enthusiast Jay McCarroll showing off a dress he made from McDonald’s gift cards (modeled on the World’s Cockiest Milkshaker Kelis) makes complete sense to us. Yeah…. complete. sense. But seriously, if you know what the hell is going on in this vid, let us in on the secret in the comments section. All we have to say is, we hope Jeffrey Sebelia doesn’t go down this road.



For today’s journey into the annals of the daytime television that goes unwatched while you’re working, we return to the surrealist landscapes of the Maury Povich program, today’s show shamelessly exploiting bringing to light the growing problem of obesity among America’s youth. Stare deeply into this garish carnival of insanity as two loud women scream at one another about the frightening eating habits of the little girl seen stuffing her face backstage on the screen behind them, while Maury looks on like some sort of deranged modern-day PT Barnum.