Best Night Ever: Monday, December 11th!


It’s Best Night Ever for Monday, December 11th! Becky & Tony are here to walk you through the best of Monday night tv, including: 2 episodes of House, Deal or No Deal, Supernanny, and Everybody Hates Chris [clever take on holiday fun].

…Of The Day


  • FLATTERY: They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Consider us flattered. (Radar Online)
  • MUGSHOT: Nicole Richie, welcome to the club. Take a seat next to Rip Torn, will ya? (TMZ)
  • PLEASE JUST STOP: Paris Hilton took some kinky photographs with sister Nicky. Seriously, hospitalized preemies don’t require as much attention as this woman. (Egotastic)
  • SERIOUSLY?: Cincinnati Bengals’ QB Carson Palmer wants the new K-Fed CD for Christmas. More proof that professional athletes should not be role models. (Deadspin)
  • POSTER CHILD: Silly Lindsay Lohan, strawberry Quik is for kids. And not for your nose. (Gallery of the Absurd)

The Amazing Race: Cue Vitamin-C’s “Graduation (Friends Forever)”



Yet another fantastic season of The Amazing Race (in a world where the Family Edition doesn’t exist) ended last night, and watching the opening credit sequence — where each of the original 12 teams relived their toughest moments — we were pretty shocked: Has this season seemed longer than normal to everyone, or is it us? Like… Tom & Terry? Soooo 1974. Moving along, here were our three remaining teams: Rob & Kim, the Bama Moms, and the Ex-Druggies/Models, who we were rooting for by default as A. They seemed nice enough and B. Actually deserved to win.

This finale provided many fun challenges, including a pretty kick-ass sky-diving stunt and a literal hit-and-run at the Eiffel Tower. But, as per usual, the teams ended up stacking up at various airports/train stations… levelling out the playing field throughout the episode until an unlucky flight out of Paris left the Bama Sisters in the dust. So the race ended up coming down to a fairly long cab ride — the models ending up with the BEST driver, a man in a turban, who, when instructed to lose the cab that was following them, said in a thick Indian accent “I’m giving them dodge.” We love that guy! And yay! The models ended up winning. We cried a little, they cried a little, and then they called their parents up. Proving the point that yes, unattractive older people can give birth to male models. Did you see the eyebrows on that Dad? More like AYAYAYBrows!

What are we gonna do the next couple of months without Phil in our lives??? Sigh, cry, and die probably. Were you happy the boys won?

ICYMI: Why Doesn’t Elisabeth Hasselbeck Try This?


If you’re a fathers’ rights activist who wants to call attention to your cause, there are several ways to do so. However, chances are none will garner the world’s attention like “appear on Italian talk show, douse yourself with gasoline and attempt to light yourself on fire.” Nicola De Martino gave it a go in the clip below. Those Italians– so dramatic.

Let’s see you try to one-up that, Oprah.

LISTEN UP: Christmas Wrapping


  • It’s December, which means the music blogs are rolling out their “best of” selections and Christmas mp3’s for you to download. Start today by heading over to Noise For Toaster and grabbing the new Killers track, “A Great Big Sled.”
  • Another Form Of Relief is also feeling Christmas-y with Bright Eyes’ take on “Blue Christmas”
  • Circles Of Concrete posted their five favorite tracks of 2006, including songs by Ben Kweller, Snow Patrol and Sondre Lerche.
  • Unarocks is rocking a 2k6 retrospective, complete with tracks by Justin Timberlake, Madonna, the Arctic Monkeys, Lilly Allen and more.
  • And finally, My Old Kentucky Blog wants to make sure you don’t go into 2007 without hearing these incredible old Mooney Suzuki songs.

ICYMI: iVillage Live Pioneers Daring New “Bitter Hacky Comedian on the Street” Segment

by is a new “web-savvy” morning program designed to allow domestic-minded viewers to interact with the caffeine-addled crazy people who host the show. The best part HAD to be this segment, in which “comedian” Bob Oschack (who should just drop the “Osc” from his last name) attempts to compensate for the show’s low star wattage by pretending that the slack-jawed crowd of nearby tourists milling about and gawking at the camera were actually CELEBRITIES such as Alex Rodriguez, K-Fed and Harry Potter, then forcing them to sign the T-shirt of some terrified child. Oschack seems to innately understand that not everyone lives within driving distance of a “Ha Ha Hole” in which they can observe his uncomfortably racist “celebrity you vaguely resemble” material. Be sure to log on to the site and “join the action” by sending a “LOL – brown people no hablan Ingles!” instant message.

Nicole Richie is 5’1″, 85 lbs of Drugged Up Trouble


golden.JPGNicole Richie– daughter of Lionel, girlfriend of Joel, friend of Paris, enemy of carbs– was arrested for driving under the influence at 4:50 this morning. According to TMZ, two motorists called 911 after spotting her SUV driving the wrong way on the 134 freeway in Burbank, California.

FOXNews reports: When the California Highway Patrol responded, Richie was stopped in the carpool lane and was alone in the vehicle. When cops approached the vehicle, Richie was on her cell phone.

“She failed the field sobriety test at the field, so she was placed under arrest,” Workman said. “And she provided a sample for testing later on.”

Perhaps more disturbing than the fact Nicole allegedly admitted to smoking pot and taking Vicodin before getting behind the wheel is the fact that the booking sheet reveals Nicole is 5’1″ and 85 lbs. 85lbs! How heavy is that? Here are some comparisons–CLICK BELOW!
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