ipodshuffle.jpgYou know Shea Hess as one of our regular Best Night Ever panelists– she’s been walking you through some of the best moments on television for almost a year now. We know Shea as an actress who just got back from Japan having completed a tour of Rent. When we asked her to participate in this week’s iPod Shuffle she didn’t hesitate. I guess after performing in front of thousands of people on stage and millions of people online, it takes a lot more than that to make her nervous.

Shea Hess’ iPod Shuffle
1. Madonna “All by Myself”
2. Felix Da Housecat “Silver Screen Shower Scene Remix”
3. Pet Shop Boys & Kylie Minogue “In Denial”
4. Portishead “Biscuit”
5. Bloc Party “Staying Fat”

Now it’s your turn. Leave your Shuffle in the Comments. And remember- Don’t lie!

Netflix: Celebrity Holiday Envelopes


netflix.jpgIf you’re a Netflix user like Miss Modernage and just about everybody else who owns a DVD player, you’ve probably noticed the holiday envelopes they’ve been sending you lately. Well, in case you didn’t realize it, the drawings are by Hollywood A-listers. Take the Leonardo DiCaprio one to the left, or the Scorsese, Theron, and Peter Jackson ones here. Believe it or not, they’re not the only ones who participated. Click below to see more.

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TRAILER MIX: Rocky Fights For My Ticket Purchase


You know, I sat down to make fun of the trailer for the upcoming Rocky sequel Rocky 6: The Alzheimers Beatdown, but I’ve gotta say, I think I sort of want to see this. Am I still just talking hungover nonsense after last night’s MTV Networks Holiday Party/Vodka Guzzlefest, or does this underdog actually look decent? You make the call!

(SIDE NOTE: Mason Dixon is the worst boxer name since Soda Popinski.)

While You Were Xeroxing Your Junk For Co-Workers



  • Al Gore appears to be flip-flopping in his commitment to the Lohanvolution.
  • George Clooney says he wants to act in an Indian Bollywood movie, because if there’s one the world expects from its Sexiest Man Alive, it’s wearing a neon pink sari and randomly breaking into weird wailing songs.
  • If her fashion choices are any indication, Kate Moss is back on the sauce.
  • Taking sex advice from gossip bloggers is like asking Nicole Richie for cooking tips.
  • This doesn’t have much to do with anything other than being the cutest f*cking thing I’ve ever seen. I wonder if you can shuffle him.

Best Night Ever: Thursday, December 7th!


It’s Best Night Ever for Thursday, December 7th! Mindy is here to walk you through the best of Thursday night tv, including: Scrubs, 30 Rock, The OC, My Name is Earl, and wet hot fun on Survivor: Cook Islands.

You can check out more videos of Mindy HERE.

…Of The Day


  • MUSIC TELEVISION: Click here to see the 50 best videos of the year. I wonder how many of these have ever aired on MTV? 2 maybe? (DoCopenhagen)
  • INFORMATIONAL… AND FUN!: Watch the history of snowboarding in 2 minutes flat. The knowledge will someday save your life. (Cityrag)
  • GUNN VIOLENCE: If the folks at Project Runway don’t go ahead and resign Tim Gunn already things are gonna get ugly. (Gothamist)
  • CUTTING THE FAT: Rosie O’Donnell may leave The View for a full time role on Nip/Tuck. Nipping and tucking everything is a full time job. (Eat The Press)
  • DECENT PROPSAL: For $10K, Jessica Simpson will read your magazine in her new movie. Or at least look at the pretty pictures. (TMZ)

Start Holding Your Breath, Music Fans – The Grammys Are Right Around the Corner!


grammyap.jpgOf all the pointless self-congratulatory entertainment awards shows we’re subjected to year after year, is there anything more totally unnecessary than The Grammy Awards? Can anyone remember the last time one of those little golden phonographs was handed to someone who legitimately deserved it? And every year, as the Recording Industry hurtles further and further towards pre-historic oblivion, the entire program just gets increasingly sad and ridiculous. It’s like Norma Desmond in Sunset Boulevard, except a whole industry. Here are this year’s totally meaningless nominations for the only statue that make an MTV Movie Award look like the Nobel Peace Prize. I’ve included this year’s nominees for “Best Record” below, along with the awards I think these artists actually deserve.

Be Without YouMary J. Blige (Bel Biv Devoe Peer of the Year)

You’re BeautifulJames Blunt (Person Whose Vocal Chords I Most Wish Would Be Ripped Out of the Year)

Not Ready To Make NiceDixie Chicks (Non-Retarded Country Singers of the Year)

CrazyGnarls Barkley (Good Song Middle America Ruined By Playing Incessantly of the Year)

Put Your Records OnCorinne Bailey Rae (Record of the Year Nominee I’ve Never Heard Of of the Year)

TRAILER MIX: The Chronic-what?-les of Narnia Is Niiiiiiice on a Motherf*ckin Plane That’s Hot


From 2 of the 37 PA’s who assisted the key grip on Date Movie 3 comes Epic Movie, a big dumb Hollywood movie about how big and dumb Hollywood movies are. Really, who goes to see these things? If you’re STILL starving for more hilarious jokes about Snakes on a Plane, Borat, Paris Hilton, Harry Potter, and Chronicles of Narnia, and you ABSOLUTELY LOVE when people get hit in the face with things and fall down, or when Pirates of the Carribean do “funny raps”, then holy moly is this the movie for you! Like watching SNL’s “Lazy Sunday” over and over for an hour and half, Epic Movie is destined to be comedy masterpiece the likes of which we haven’t seen since Van Wilder 3: Date Rape Is Hysterical.