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SPOILER ALERT: What’s Going On Tonight?


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Grey’s Anatomy is a repeat, a couple of shows are airing recap episodes, and the only thing you’ll be watching on FOX tonight is another low rated baseball game. But despite all that, there’s still a bunch of stuff worth watching. Here are a few:

  • It’s a flashback episode of Smallville. Time to get all caught up.
  • It’s recap Thursday! Survivor brings you up to speed as well.
  • Ugly Betty rocks a Halloween episode tonight, complete with Judith Light cameo.
  • Somebody’s going to be forced to repeatedly answer the timeless question: Deal or No Deal.
  • Eddie Vedder and surfer Laird Hamilton kick off the second season of Sundance’s Iconoclasts tonight.

So what are you watching tonight? Let us know in the comments. And if anything crazy happens, tell us! We hate missing stuff.

…Of The Day


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  • SUPER BLUNDER: Three students were kicked out of school for dressing like Captain Underpants. The outfits didn’t show nearly enough skin for High School. (AMNY)
  • GIRL FIGHT: When a blogger fights with a photographer, nobody wins. Seriously. Nobody. (Jossip)
  • BREAKING AWAY: Danny Bonaduce showed some ass on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. More ass than usual. (Faded Youth)
  • SKIN REMOVAL: Demi Moore had some loose skin removed from below her waist. Specifically, her knees. Pervert. (Daily Mail)
  • TWIST OUR ARMS: K-Fed says it’s cool if we hate him. Whew. (CNN)



wilmeridiot.jpgDo you just love watching barely-literate high school dropouts awkwardly stand in a circle and hurl poorly-conceived, often non-sensical insults about the mother of the stranger standing in front of them? Well it’s your lucky day because MTV has taken a pro-life approach to Yo Momma, and instead of taking this lame joke-telling competition out to the shed to give it the Old Yeller treatment it deserves, they’ve picked it back up for a second unbearable season of utterly unfunny documentation of the hopelessness of our youth. But wait, this season has twist! They’ve moved the verbal slap-fighting from LA to right here in New York City, and you know what that means – the contestants will be slightly colder as they stand around making asses of themselves to the delight of That Other Guy From That 70′s Show. Wilmer Valderrama, we find you guilty by association of the corrosion of the minds of our children by glorifying the very dumbest of their peers, and hereby sentence you to being today’s Daily Douche.

G.O.B. Goes Back To Prison


Nothing makes me happier than seeing G.O.B. (a.k.a. Will Arnett) go back to prison. Well, unless he attempts to break out again. Here’s a trailer for Will’s new movie, Let’s Go To Prison. AD fans– I’ll see you there.

Link via Gorillamask

BWE PSA: The War on Tara


Let us take a brief pause from the more frivolous topics typically discussed in this space and turn our attention towards matters far more pressing: Tara Reid.

ICYMI: 2010: A Douche Odyssey


Defamer alerts us to this audition tape made by one Brian Atene for the late director Stanley Kubrick. This is one of those videos that is almost way too good to be true, so much so that a small part of us thinks it might not even be real. Then again, a Google search turns up Brian’s middle school photo from 1976, so wipe that cynicism off your face and for once, learn to just enjoy yourself.