A Little Afternoon Adorableness Break


We are really loving the new Regina Spektor album Begin to Hope. Wondering whether to get it? Well, here’s a good test. Check out this video for one of our favorite tracks, “Fidelity”, and if you don’t feel completely adorable by the end or aren’t crying on the inside, it’s probably not the album for you.

BWE CONTEST: Wax On, Not Off



Hey kids, do you love the hot new band Wax On Radio? You know, the band I’ve never heard of because I’m 26-years-old, but who according to their bio is “a four-piece coming from the city of Chicago [that] mixes catchy songwriting, intelligently evocative lyrics and an overall engaging style.” Sure you do.

Well, now’s your chance to win the debut CD from a band (who according to their bio) is being compared to everybody from Coheed & Cambria to Yes. Send an email to contests@bwe.tv to automatically enter. One lucky winner gets a CD, as well as a T-shirt and hoodie provided by Crystal City Clothing. So what are you waiting for? Free stuff! Email us now!

LISTEN UP: Crying In a Winter Wonderland



  • The Radiohead cover of “Winter Wonderland” over at A Reminder will get you feeling about as much holiday cheer as a prozac-fueled Christmas spent with your dysfunctional family.
  • Clearly feeling the spirit of giving, *Sixeyes has a track from the new Shins album AND a rare unreleased track.
  • MOKB introduces us to the techno-geek music of Mixel Pixel, which sounds sort of like Moby noodling around with an Atari, which somehow isn’t nearly as annoying as you’d think.
  • This new band is like Nuh Uh, but Daily Refill is all, “Yuh Huh”, and I’m just sort of thinking, “these dudes sound pretty good”.
  • Said the Gramophone has a new cut from Clipse called “Ride Around Shining” that makes me want to put on a bunch of sparkly jewelry, detail my car with precious metals, and drive up and down the streets so people can see me.

Bam! Here’s A List Of Lines You’ve Quoted At Some Point In Life. Admit It.


dynomite.JPG“You’re fired!” “Schwing!” “I’m Rick James, bitch!” No, those aren’t just the annoying catchphrases that the awkward guy in your office blurts out whenever given the opportunity– they’re also 3 of the top 100 TV catchphrases of all time.

TV Land will count down the phrases we all know and love over 5 days, beginning December 11th. You can check out the list here. It has plenty of lines that belong (“Whatchoo talkin’ bout Willis?”), and a couple that don’t (“God’ll get you for that”– never heard it), but it’s definitely missing some. Where’s Sophia’s “Picture it, Sicily…” or Seinfeld’s “Not that there’s anything wrong with that”? Come on! What do you think is missing? Give us your suggestions now.

PROPPED: Starbucks Actually Started Their “Get the World Addicted To Caffeine” Campaign Long Ago


Thanks to reader thednafish for dropping this enlightening – and very YouTubular – clip from a 1980’s commercial from the National Coffee Association. The advertisement, set to the sounds of some super peppy 80’s music, encourages the viewer to become a “Coffee Achiever” – along with the likes of David Bowie, the Cincinnati Bengals, Kurt Vonnnegut, the Electric Light Orchestra, Jane Curtain and Cicely Tyson – by enjoying the “calming yet energizing” effects of coffee as part of the New American Society. Good thing I just finished slamming my second triple grande non-fat sugar-free vanilla latte of the day!

Rachael Ray Sucks… The Life Out Of You


rachaelray.JPGThis Thanksgiving, when a friend served a delicious eggplant curry with jasmin rice that was made in a flash, we had to know “Where’d you get the recipe?” Well, we nearly spit the food right back into a baby bird’s mouth when we learned it was Rachael Ray. Most of the recipes we’ve seen her make on her morning talk show include “Take some Doritos, mash em up, and throw em in a Cup o’ Noodles” style preparation. But it wasn’t even her food we disliked so much as her tiny-armed hobbity presence and larger than life Chupacabra mouth. We know we won’t make friend when we say this, but Rachael Ray kinda sucks.

Which is why we were elaaaated when TV Tattle pointed us towards an entire Livejournal community of people who also think Rachael Ray sucks! Called Rachael Ray Sucks, it includes over 1,000 people who agree that she is a “talentless twit.” Fans of Ray should take a look and see if they don’t find one thing to agree on (like the genius invention of a Rachael Ray Mouth Guard.) But seriously, if I have to watch the girl chew one more thing on live TV, I’m going to lose it.

SIZZLER: Anorexic Finger Pointing Escalates To Poorly Worded, Error-Ridden MySpace Blog


zoe2_richie_getty_tmz_300.jpgNicole Richie fired her stylist, who fired back claiming that she left voluntarily, which pissed off some publicists, and blah blah blah, Nicole wrote this on her MySpace blog:

BLIND ITEM: What 35 year old raisin face whispers her order of 3 peices of asparagus for dinner at Chateau everynight, and hides her deathly disorder by pointing the finger at me, and used her last paycheck I wrote her to pay for a publisist instead of a nutritionist?

HINT: Her nickname is lettucecup…

BLIND ITEM: What 26 year-old blogger doesn’t remotely give a sh*t about some spoiled trainwreck celebutard’s idiotic feud with her drug-addled ex-“stylist”, and feels ashamed for humanity that such inane garbage could possibly be considered “news”?

HINT: He regretfully wrote this post.

Hey Britney… Pick One!


britney letterman.jpg

Post-Federline, we the American public have been forced to accept several different versions of Miss Britney Spears. In the few weeks since her split the woman has re-invented herself more times than Madonna. From the cleaned-up mother of two to the cootch-flashing party girl to the intellectual bookworm, Britney is keeping us on our toes. In fact, we have no idea what to expect next. Tomorrow the paparazzi could snap a pic of Britney dressed like a nun, fighting ninjas or even wearing blackface and we wouldn’t blink. Well… maybe we’d blink a little.

The point is, we’re tired of being f’d around with. Britney… please… pick one. Be classy, be a whore or be… well, whatever it is you are when you wear glasses and a stupid hat. Just be yourself, okay? We’ll love you no matter what (but especially if you choose “whore.”)

Fat Kids Doing Dorky Stuff Turns Out To Be Way More Popular Than Paris Giving A Bad BJ


Our nerdy step sibling over at Web Junk has discovered a list of the top ten Internet “Viral Vidz” of all time, based on the number of times each clip has been viewed. Coming it an the top spot, with over 900 MILLION views, is the legendary “Star Wars Kid”, in which a portly young fellow wages a suprisingly skilled lightsaber battle against no one in particular (we’ve posted the clip below in honor of his Jedi-like achievement). At number two we have the infamous “Numa Numa Kid” clip, depicting an equally husky young lad (in fact, they could almost be brothers) executing a flawless choreographed dance routine to a Romanian techno song, all while sitting down in front of his computer. And the bronze medal, with 400 million views, is “One Night In Paris”, the hilarious tale of some spoiled whore who allowed a sleazy producer-type to film her sexual incompetence. Way to go, kids!