The Night David Blaine Stole Christmas


david blaine1.jpgAfter failing to break the world record for holding his breath underwater on live television with his last stunt, David Blaine has decided to up the stakes. For his next “magic trick,” Blaine will be strapped to a gyroscope in Times Square and has 16 hours to escape. But this time, if he fails he won’t just disappoint his fans… he’ll disappoint those less fortunate too. From The Daily News:

The magician traveled to Times Square on Tuesday for a topsy-turvy Thanksgiving escape, stepping inside a gyroscope where his hands and feet will eventually be shackled. Blaine has until Friday morning to shed his shackles in the spinning scope; if he does, 100 children selected by The Salvation Army will go on a shopping spree.

Now, forget about whether or not David Blaine is going to fail on a grand scale and disappoint one hundred underprivileged kids… I’m more impressed that the guy figured out a way to get out of Thanksgiving dinner with the family. “Sorry guys, I’d love to make it… but I’m gonna be strapped in a gyroscope above Times Squre. For charity. Tell Uncle Jerry I said hi.”

Nice job Blaine! You finally impressed us.

Payless Shoes: Stepping It Up, Star Style!


brookepayless.JPGDiscount cobbler Payless ShoeSource is seriously having one of its best days yet. First of all, we learn that Disney has signed on to create a line of shoes featuring various Disney characters. Meaning those Buzz Lightyear patent ankleboots little Sally wants will only set you back a coupla bucks. Then, we learn that high-end fashion designer Lela Rose, known for creating gowns that sell for thousands of dollars, will be designing a line of shoes for the vinyl-loving company — though her designs will rely heavily on fabric, meaning you won’t end up with a stink-bootie after 3 days of wear.

But by far the best thing to happen to Payless today? TMZ has exclusive photos of a major celebrity shopping there — and not just any celebrity, but VH1 Homecoming Princess Brooke Hogan! It’s the kind of candid photo that says “It doesn’t really feel that good to pay less”… that, or “My pearls!” from some bootlegged version of Clue.

But we think we have an explanation — It’s not her bank account forcing her to shop there, rather her humongous hooves. The 5’11” Brooke sports a robust size 12 shoe — And not that we’d know from experience (we’re not 12’s, we swear), but Payless does go up to a 12, a size stores very rarely carry. We’ll stop defending her now, and send our congrats to Payless for all this “buzz.”

How I Met Your… wait for it… Mother Is Awesome


Our pal Lindsayism put it best: “last night’s episode of How I Met Your Mother was, hands down, the BEST EVER.”

It really was. If you haven’t seen it, go watch the full episode on Innertube now. Seriously, do it. If you did see it, here’s the video that brought the show to the next level. Watch it, then meet me at the mall and we’ll talk about how radical it is.

I now have a huge crush on Robin Sparkles. If she was on a poster I’d totally hang it up in my locker.

Tom Has No Idea Where To Find That Loving Feeling


topgun.jpgAs we mentioned this morning, Tom Cruise serenaded new bride Katie Holmes at their wedding with a Top Gun-esque rendition of “You Lost That Loving Feeling.” We didn’t think much of it (we’re trying to pretend that everything post-Oprah is just a figment of our imagination anyway), but then something struck us. Have you ever heard the song? Jesus, talk about a downer!

You never close your eyes any more
When I kiss your lips
And there’s no tenderness like before
In your fingertips
You’re trying hard not to show it baby
But baby, baby I know it

You’ve lost that loving feeling
Oh, that loving feeling
You’ve lost that loving feeling
Now it’s gone, gone, gone

Um… this should go without saying, but when you’re singing a song with the lyrics like these at your wedding, your marriage is probably in trouble. I’m just sayin’. Read the rest of the words to this lovely wedding song below.

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POLL: Is K-Fed Rich?


britney-k-fed.jpgAccording to this TMZ report, Britney and K-Fed are planning to release a joint statement insisting that the home sex tape they are rumored to have made together in fact does not exist. Now, to the untrained eye, this is just your garden variety bad news. But anyone who knows anything about celebrity press manipulation immediately recognizes the alternative possibility: that there was a sex tape, and Britney bought it back in order to save what’s left of her public image. So, dear readers, in your amateur celebrity assessment opinions, do you think there never was a filmed account of these two trash cans bumping nasties, or do you think K-Fed is set for life? Vote in our poll, then leave any further theories – or speculated dollar amounts – in the comments section.

Rosie Plays The Gay (Aiken) Card


If a guy who’s– how do put this– gayish but not openly gay, covers your mouth on daytime TV and you later scold him for it, could that be considered homophobic? According to Rosie O’Donnell, the answer is yes. Today on The View, Rosie called Kelly Ripa out for the way she reacted to Clay’s manhandling on Regis & Kelly. Ripa didn’t take to kindly to the insinuation that she’s a homophobe, so she called in to The View this morning to give her side of the story. Here’s the full video. Start cringing now.

Who’s side are you on: Rosie’s or Kelly’s? And is it even possible to be called a homophobe when the person you’re talking about isn’t even gay? Well, openly gay.