Top 10 Things To Remember Ed Bradley By


BRADLEY.JPGWe want to take a moment from our regularly snarky schedule to reminisce all the thing we loved about Ed Bradley, the 60 Minutes anchor who passed away this morning at only 65 years of age. We weren’t aware Bradley suffered from leukemia, so his death caught us completely off guard. To honor the great newsman, we’ve put together a list of the 10 things we’ll miss most about him.

10. His Love of Jazz. As a young man, Bradley earned $1.50 an hour spinning jazz records at night while teaching during the day. His love of jazz continued for the remainer of his life, and even while working the 60 Minutes shift, Bradley still made time to host the Jazz from Lincoln Center radio program heard on NPR. You can learn basically all about his love of jazz here.

9. His Moxie. Bradley earned an Emmy Award for exposing sexual abuse in the Catholic Church in June of 2002, and scored the only televised interview granted with Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh. Bradley also broke the news that the authority failed to catch various pieces of evidence that could have prevented the Columbine school shooting massacre. He wasn’t afraid to expose people or things and confronted controversy head on.

8. His Affinity For Brightly Colored Hawaiian Shirts.
Who knew?

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LISTEN UP: Billie Jean King



  • Stereogum posts a cover of “Billie Jean” that leaves us wondering when Chris Cornell became John Cougar Mellencamp and, worse, why we secretly kind of like it.
  • Speek of Dark asks why Girls In Hawaii are guys who look like they’re freezing.
  • Instrumental Analysis has the lowdown on some hot little new indie band who’s calling themselves The Beatles (We get it – “Beetles”, except spelled like a music beat. Real clever.)
  • A Camera In the Crowd finds a track from the new album by Joanna Newsom, who still sounds like she’s composing a soundtrack to the latest Zelda game.
  • I’m digging this new Robbers On High Street track over at INDIEBLOGHAVEN, and I think you will too.



Time to let you in on a little secret; while you’re working hard all day we’re watching televison. Corny soaps, angry judges, blabbering talk show hosts– we’re on top of it. Those of you working 9-5′s, stuck in high school, or enrolled in a college class that actually enforses an attendance policy really don’t know what you’re missing. That’s why we want to share our favorite daytime TV moments with you. Moments like this one, from yesterday’s Ellen. It’s not everyday you see a two-time Oscar winner pole dancing to “I’m A Slave 4 U” while a lesbian talk show host throws dollar bills at her, is it? Yeah… didn’t think so.

Thanks Ellen. And thank you, Emma Thompson. The Academy approves.

CAPTION THIS! Salmammary Hayek


Caption This! brought to you by Stranger Than Fiction, in theaters November 10th.

Excutive Producer Salma Hayek gives us two big reasons to start tuning into Ugly Betty every week.

Head over to MetaDish for more pictures of Salma going down… in an elevator (note: Or up. Who cares?) Now it’s your turn; leave your Captions in the Comments now!

SIZZLER: Lohan Calls Paris A Crotch-Related Epithet, Uses Less Imagery


Unlike Brandon Davis, who’s the Shakespeare of shouting pointless drunken celebrity insults at nearby cameras, it would appear that Lindsay Lohan prefers her prose to be more short and to the point – sort of like a Hemingway of the ho-bag set. In this latest club-departing battle in the starlet’s ongoing Whore War with Paris’ Posse, Lohan calls Hilton a c*nt, then giggles and says she’s “just kidding” and that she “loves Paris”. Did Lohan really mean what she said, or could the young poet have finally discovered the literary device known to the rest of us as “irony”? And if she is wryly satirizing her own image in the tabloids, can the world really withstand the philosophical ramifications of someone like Lindsay Lohan becoming self-aware on such a metaphysical plane?

Photoshoppers Make Keira Knightly… Knightlier


KEIRAKNIGHTLEYCUBE.JPGWorth1000 is a photoshopping contest site that, on a fairly regular basis, offers up the challenge of photoshopping our favorite celebrities into brand new and sometimes strange creatures. Recently, they challenged their digital artists to recreate some of our favorite celebs as Cubist Blockheads. Some are better than others (note how Elijah Wood would make an rexcellent Max Headroom eplacement.) But our favorite entry, hands down, would have to be this “reimagining” of Keira Knightley… if only because its creator realized that hardly any photoshopping was needed. Because she’s a natural born cubehead. Look at that pic! She’s never looked Knightlier. (Link via Cityrag)

A Guide To Recognizing Your Baldwins


baldwin_exclusive_mugshot.jpgWith Daniel Baldwin out there getting himself arrested for the highest game of Grand Theft Auto anyone has ever played, it is now more important than ever to make sure we all know which of Hollywood’s Baldwin Dynasty we’re dealing with, as to ensure the less criminal brothers avoid suffering any unnecessary disgrace (beyond that which they already bring upon themselves in the course of their day). This handy guide should be printed and kept on your person at all times:

Name: Daniel Baldwin

As Seen In: The Real Deal, Vegas Vamps, Irish Eyes, Prison

Best Known For: His small roles in late-night Cinemax movies, drug problems and constantly disgracing the sacred Baldwin name.

Can Probably Be Found: Tooling around the Valley in a stolen car, flying high on crystal meth, looking for some guy he’s convinced “owes him”.

Fun Fact: Is the only one of the four Baldwin brothers to not receive a Razzie nomination. He did, however, receive bail in the amount of $20,000.

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Wacky Golf Cap Actually Emancipated Head Warmer



When photos surfaced two days ago of a newly single, carefree Britney Spears skating around Rockefeller Center in a newly purchased Gap v-neck and oddly childish white knit golf cap topped with a pom-pom, everyone marveled at how adorable Britney looked. “She’s back!” we cried, pumping our fists in the air, shredding our angry letters to K-Fed asking him to dial the douche down a crotch.

Last night, while K-Fed was off rapping some fresh beats to the deaf wing of a Children’s Hospital somewhere, Britney was “out on the town” in a little black minidress and… the same, knit white golf cap. Then, this morning, she was (gulp) spotted (cotton mouth) wearing the very same… (dry cough) white knit… (sandthroat) golfcap. Mind you, it’s a balmy 68 degrees in New York today. She’s not wearing the hat to remain anonymous, as clearly she’s the only person ballsy enough to purchase it. So what is it with that hat? Is its innate goofiness just wacky enough to make Britney feel like a kid again? Or is this some sort of security blankyish device to make her feel cozy? Or is it actually hiding a tin-foil yarmulke used to prevent the CIA from reading her thoughts? So many choices.

FedEx Always Delivers


kfed chicacoconcert.jpgK-Fed performed at Chicago’s House of Blues last night for the low-low price of Free. When he wasn’t revelling in his newly single status or asking ladies if they want to “dance with a pimp”, apparently he was battling with his “fans.” Like this guy from craigslist’s “Rants & Raves” section:

I wore a FedEx shirt and cut out a piece of a big fedex box and brought it in with me. Nice, eh? So Gay-Fed goes on stage and I manage to work my way up through the 400 people or so, to within 5 feet of the stage. The first song is some bulls**t song about sticking the middle finger up…well, I did, along with the FedEx sign. haha, so during the song, mr. fed looks at me and just says “f**k you” ah, I gave it right back to him…

…Soon I was grabbed by the shirt and pulled out of the show. Security explained to me that “Mr. Federline” took a break to talk to them and wanted me removed from the show, it wasnt their (House of Blues) decision but his(Federline).

Read the rest of it here. There’s no way to tell if this Craigslist story is true (just like there’s no way to tell if that girl you’re supposed to meet through “Casual Encounters” will actually be a woman), but we hope it is. Oh, and in case you were wondering, the guy who was thrown out didn’t let the incident impact his feelings about the performance.

“BTW his music f**king blows.”

Fair enough.

Denise Richards Injures 80-Year-Old Woman in Wheelchair


RICHARDS.JPGFrankly, the above headline is enough to satisfy our gossip palettes til at least dinnertime. But for those professors out there who need “the facts”, here they are. Denise Richards is currently in Canada filming Oscar-hopeful Blonde and Blonder. The actress, best known for her starring role in I Bang Sleazebags Exclusively, noticed two unauthorized paparazzi on set, stormed over to them, and threw their laptops over the balcony of the hotel. This would be a really empowering, kind of kick-ass, “Take Back The Night” story… had the laptops not hit an 80-year-old woman in a wheelchair down below.

The elderly woman wasn’t badly injured — the laptop struck her in the arm — and refused to press charges. The real tragedy of all this? That no one was on hand to capture pictures of Richards in all her post-traumatic-divorcee rage. Can you say Sheen Family Christmas Card?