Project Runway: WARNING Possible Finale Spoiler?


As most any woman, child and gay/married man knows, this Wednesday is the long-awaited Project Runway Season 3 Finale. And if you’ve been watching, you know that this season’s second cheating controversy has come to the surface, this time with Jeffrey being accused of outsourcing the sewing for his final collection. The debate over his innocence has lit up “blogspots” round the globe (globe = U.S.), and while we can’t say for sure, we think we’ve cracked the case as to whether or not Jeffrey will be showing this Wednesday. Watch the following clip from this Wednesday’s show, pay close attention, and tell us what you think: Was Jeffrey prematurely auf’d? Does he deserve to be?

ICYMI: Night Of Too Many Stars


bob david.jpgCC Insider has some of the highlights from last night’s Comedy Central benefit show, Night Of Too Many Stars.

Right now they have clips of Office funnyman Ricky Gervais, the other Office funnyman Steve Carrell, Bob & David, as well as Triumph The Insult Comic Dog’s show-stopping performance. Check them out– it should tide you over until the Borat, Seinfeld, and Will Ferrell/Robert Goulet bits show up online. We can’t wait.

THANK YOU KARMA: Brandon Davis Gets His


BRANDONDAVIS.JPGRevenge is a dish best serves greazed, isn’t it Brandon Davis? Brandon Davis, the man known for accusing one woman’ of vaginal conflagration and looking like Fat Dead Elvis, has bounced a check for a measly $10,000. Page Six reports that Davis wrote a check to Girls Gone Wild creator Joe Francis for said amount — which bounced — and also owes money to fellow crab-farmers Scott Storch and Palm casino owner George Maloof. Plus, Davis’ family is selling off their multi-million dollar estates, putting them perilously close to becoming upper upper middle class-holes.

Has the fall of Brandon Davis come already? So soon? We knew it was going to happen eventually — Karma Electra is a busy bitch, she’s got a lot of lives to ruin — but already?! What has it been since the Lohan incident — 6 months? That’s record time. And we’re hoping she’s not done yet. Now that he can’t afford his tri-daily eightballs of coke, he’s gonna be huge. This is gonna be great. So from us to you: THANK YOU KARMA!

ICYMI: What’s So Funny ‘Bout Peace, Love & Understanding?


By now you’ve probably seen the HUGE brawl between the Miami and Florida International players that went down on Saturday. You’ve probably heard about the 31 suspensions, and you’ve probably thought things like “those guys are animals” and “I’m glad I played soccer in high school instead.” It’s virtually impossible to not want to watch this footage over and over and over again, and it’s even harder not to notice something new every time. It’s like the Fight Club of sports brawls. My favorite observation from today: The referees haplessly reaching for thier flags as the fight escalates (12-15 seconds in). You have to love that instinct.



grudge2.jpg1. Despite being panned by every critic in the galaxy save for two parental basement-dwelling geeks with their own “movie fan” websites, Generic Japanese Horror Re-Make Part 2 managed to usurp quality’s week-long reign at the box office, and restore homogenized garbage to its rightful place at the top of the trash heap – $22 million

2. Despite being praised by every critic in the galaxy save for the two aforementioned basement-dwelling horror-loving geeks, Martin Scorsese’s latest masterpiece wouldn’t even have made the top ten this week if not for the word-of-mouth about Jack Nicholson wearing a strap on, which has been bringing in the teenage girl demographic for repeat screenings – $18.7 million

3. Just in time for Halloween, a scary movie about the one man who could possibly be more frighteningly incompetent of a president than George W. Bush. Though, if it were during his “coke years”, Mork actually might have made a pretty decent Commander In Chief – $12.55 million

4. With all the generic horror flicks and all the generic animated movies, someone should do a CGI remake of The Shining, in which a family of woodland creatures moves into a haunted treehouse for the winter, and the father raccoon (voiced by Kevin James) slowly loses his mind and tries to axe-murder his furry family with a pocketknife he found in the yard of the human family next door. Heeeeeere’s Rocky! – $11 million

5. The Texas Chainsaw Saw Grudge Nightmare Evil Hostel of the Dead Who Have Eyes’ Omen Feast the 13th was really a no-brainer, I guess – $7.75 million

ICYMI: Chris Walken’s Lazy Sunday


Ever wonder what Christopher Walken does on his downtime? We constantly do. So we were pleased when Walken, looking like Wolverine in a suit, described his typical afternoon during a Regis and Kelly interview last week. Never has reading a magazine sounded so… startling.

While You Were Wanting To Be Sedated


  • Patti Smith headlined the final concert at legendary NY punk club CBGB’s Sunday night. The crowd was said to be even more ‘emo’tional than usual.
  • Ashton Kutcher still wants to win a $1,000 bet he made with friends that he’d go on a date with Jennifer Aniston. A desperate Aniston has offered to throw in an additonal $500 to make it happen.
  • James Blunt has reportedly been dumped by model Petra Nemcova. Blunt will cope with the break-up by writing a dozen more songs that make you want to rip your ears off.
  • Geri “Ginger Spice” Haliwell has told police that she’s being stalked. It’s unclear if she told them because she wants it to stop, or if she just wanted to point out that somebody still cares.
  • Oliver Stone wants to follow World Trade Center with a movie revolving around the hunt for Osama Bin Laden. Though he can’t decide whether to name it WTC 2: The Phantom Menace or WTC 2: The Smell Of Fear.

Best Night Ever: Sunday, October 15th


It’s Best Night Ever for Sunday, October 15th! Michael is here to walk you through the best of Sunday night tv, including Amazing Race, Desperate Housewives and Girls Next Door!

Best of the Best Week Ever: Mel Gibson Hates Us Right Now


Mel Gibson Apoc.JPG

Have a great weekend, all! We’ll see you back on Monday.

GAMES: A Family Affair


family affair 2.jpgBecause you can’t get enough of Ashlee and Jessica. Because you’ve often wondered what it’d be like if Ashlee had a wheelbarrow full of fast food and Jessica was lobbing hot dogs at her. And because you’re really really really bored at work. That’s why you want to play A Family Affair, the latest VH1 Game that pits Jessica against Ashlee. Or something. I haven’t exactly figured it out yet.

Anyway, this game should keep you busy for LITERALLY minutes on end. So go ahead; make like Joe Simpson and start playing with them girls.