ICYMI: Please, We Are Begging You To Watch This


dreamgirls.jpgIt is a rare and sparkling day that we find a legitimate reason to post anything musical theater related here at BWE. But please, don’t stop reading, because you will be rewarded with one of the best live performances ever! One of the most hyped about movies vying for Oscar gold this season is Bill Condon‘s Dreamgirls, the story of a trio of black female singers, their quest for fame, and the complications that result. Those unfamiliar with the plot probably know that Beyonce plays one of the “Dreamettes”. But fans of the musical are much more concerned with the casting of American Idol runner-up Jennifer Hudson playing the pivotal role of Effie, the slightly plump and eventually jilted singer. We’ve always loved Hudson and have been confident in her abilities since the beginning. However an EW article about the film mentioned that the originator of the role, Jennifer Holliday, was a complete powerhouse, and that footage from her legendary 1982 Tony Awards performance of “And I Am Telling You” was available on Youtube. We found the clip, and… wow. It is hands down the most moving live performance we have ever seen. Really, if you’re still with us, watch this clip. And then, for the first time, start to feel nervous for the 25-year-old newcomer trying to fill these bigger-than-life shoes.

ICYMI: BWE Lances Perez Hilton


If you guys missed last week’s episode of Best Week Ever, and shame on you if you did, you might not have gotten to enjoy this wonderful love-letter to our good friend Perez Hilton. Luckily, we decided to post it here for posterity.

ICYMI: Homer Goes to Hollywood


Perhaps having realized the lucrative market for animated films in which talking cartoon creatures, voiced by celebrities, have touching and hilarious family-saving adventures, the good people behind The Simpsons finally get around to bringing Springfield to the big screen. Looks pretty funny.

SIZZLER: Not Niiiiiice. Borat Beaten To A Pulp


borat_1.jpgIt had to happen eventually. In the most inevitable attack on a celebrity since Steve Irwin met a stingray, Sacha Baron Cohen finally got what was coming to him: he got punched in the face:

BORAT star Sacha Baron Cohen was beaten up by a passer-by after he tried to play a prank as his alter ego.

He approached the man and said: “I like your clothings. Are nice! Please may I buying? I want have sex with it.”

But the bystander didn’t see the joke. He took one look at Cohen and punched him in the face.

Who didn’t see this coming? The best part of the story, though, has to be the fact that it was actor Hugh Laurie who stopped the attacker and came to his rescue. House really can do it all!

Read about Borat getting knocked-out here. Reports have yet to indicate whether or not the attacker was Jewish (or if he possessed a Jew-Claw).

While You Were Not Seeing the Russell Crowe Movie…



  • Victoria Beckham hasn’t drunk water in years because she “hates the taste.” Though we know the real reason is because water causes dozens of little Posh Spice’s to spring out of her back. One more thing to cross of our “Victoria Beckham Might Be a Gremlin” checklist. Like she eats after midnight… please.
  • The real Andy Griffith sues a man who changed his name to Andy Griffith in order to be elected mayor. Funny that no one seems to be paying attention to the town child molestor, Opie.
  • Jude Law is single! Jude Law is single! Oh God, we really wish this would’ve happened before he morphed into a creepy old bald guy.
  • Mick Jagger‘s father passed away at 93 years old this weekend. We hope people are “getting off of his cloud” so that he can rest in peace in heaven.
  • Tobey Maguire‘s girlfriend, daughter of Universal Studios head Ron Meyer, gave birth to a little girl on Thursday, officially making the tyke the richest little bastard in America. Congrats Spidey!

Best of the BWE: K-Fed Ex-ed, Nickname Emerges



To find out what else happened this week, turn into Best Week Ever tonight @11 and all weekend long!

ICYMI: Borat On Martha Stewart On Leno


borat thumbs up.jpgWe almost did it. We almost made it the entire day without posting about Borat (besides a little mention in the While You Were’s). Almost.

Borat was on Leno last night and, as expected, he was absolutely hilarious. Not so much during his own interview– at this point we’ve pretty much heard it all before– but when Martha Stewart came out for hers. Even if you’re sick of Borat you have to watch this. Watching an uncomfortable Jay Leno try to keep up with this comic genius is too funny for words. And when Jay awkwardly asks Martha if she’s ever had 2 men at the same time? Niiiice. Click below to watch (in two parts).
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What’d you miss while you were working today? Well, for starters, you missed the only ten men on the planet who know the words to “Lady Marmalade” rocking out on The Megan Mullally Show. You heard me: rocking out.

Man, those guys sure were happy, weren’t they? Happy. That’s the only way to describe them. Happy as hell.