• B-LIST CLIP: Call Congressman Mark Foley what you will: A liar, a child molester, an elliptical-heavy IM-er, but DON’T call him a bad actor. (Radar Online)
  • BUMP: Is Angelina Jolie pregnant? Or did somebody have refried beans for lunch? (Star Magazine)
  • MARRIAGE LOTTERY: Ryan Phillippe may have lost wife Reese Witherspoon, but it looks like he’s about to gain an undeserved fortune — they never had a pre-nup! (TMZ.com)
  • ANTICIPATED EVENT: We plan on spending the next few weeks blogging outdoors, as we want to be first in line to buy tickets to the Designing Women musical. We’ve been keeping our ring finger vacant until the blessed day comes when we finally meet Meshach Taylor, upon which we will overnight a hoopa to our place of worship (Whittier Daily News).
  • FAVORITE HALLOWEEN COSTUME: Gina and Pam from Martin go as Tyra Banks and Miss Jay Alexander — and look scarily good. (ONTD)



Here are some of today’s most memorable pictures. Click the orange “left and right” arrows to flip through them all.

Playboy has some more Halloween pics (fairly SFW).

THE DAILY D-BAG: Gawker Doesn’t Do the Douche


Daily-Douche---gawker.jpgSo our snobby (and newly estrogen-fueled) friends over at Gawker have decided that the phrase “douche” – along all of its wonderous incarnations here on the Intertubes – is now “over” (they even linked to this column as proof supporting their claim – ouch!). The venerable NYC gossip blog, they who so recently created a Douchebag Hall of Fame, have apparently taken a 180 degree turn with their culture-dictating keyboards by suddenly declaring a moratorium on the phrase to which this daily feature owes its name, and calling upon their readers to offer suggestions for a worthy replacement (the resulting comments will be the funniest thing you read all day). Under most circumstances, I would pay no mind to the flighty opinions of my gossip-mongering peers. Though I must confess their sentiments have struck a chord, as I too have recently noticed a sudden overabundance of that word here on the Internets. While I blame this unfortunate circumstance mostly on Jared Leto, I have no choice but seek your counsel, dear readers, as I attempt to determine whether this distingished award for Daily Idiotic Excellence should henceforth be renamed to something Gawker Media would deem more “now” (and if so, what?), or whether it should shoulder on with its present douche-loving moniker. Give me your votes in the poll, your suggestions in the comments, and let us determine once and for all the Destiny of the Douche.

I Need Some Fine Wine and You, You Need To Watch This Video


While we were at Pianos trying to squeeze our way into the ridiculously crowded Birdmonster show (why was it ridiculously crowded? Because Birdmonster is awesome), Stereogum was across town at The Knitting Factory enjoying The Cardigans and their gorgeous lead singer Nina Persson. Since we couldn’t be two places at once (damn you, CMJ festival for having so many great bands), we’re really excited that Scott posted a video of the band performing an acoustic version of “I Need Some Fine Wine And You, You Need To Be Nicer”.

First Jim sings “Lovefool” on The Office and now the band is rocking CMJ- is it safe to say that The Cardigans are back?

LISTEN UP: Crispin Glover Continues His “Creepy Campaign”



  • Badminton Stamps has the trailer for the upcoming Crispin Glover movie What Is It?, along with a very welcomed Huey Lewis & The News break.
  • No need to thank us for getting The CardigansLovefool in your head for the rest of the day… thank Stereogum, who posts some acoustic songs from their acoustic set at The Knitting Factory last night.
  • Get ready for intrigue: Indie Goes Bagpipe! Or so says Music For Ants, who proves their point with a bagpipe playlist.
  • LA Underground gives a nice round-up of L.A. based bands appearing at CMJ 2006, along with a complimentary playlist.
  • Here’s something we thought we’d never see: Marilyn Manson was on Jay Leno last night. Your Standard Life has proof.

SIZZLER: Nicole Richie’s Cat Tries to End It All!


nicolecat.JPGIt would seem that the various pressures of feline fame finally became too much for Nicole Richie’s cat to bear, as Monday night The Simple Life star’s little whiskered friend plunged ten stories from the balcony of an apartment building in an unsuccessful attempt to take its own life. While we are delighted to hear that the cat is still alive (it must have accidentally landed on its feet), one can only imagine the prolonged period of sadness that could have driven a cute little kitty-cat to such a tragic end. Could it have been the sudden return of Paris’ punk-ass chihuahua to its life? Or the tabby’s ongoing concern over the welfare of its rehab-ridden owner? Maybe the puss was just starving (if Nicole can hardly manage to feed herself, one shudders to think how well she keeps her pets nourished). No matter what the reasons, this is the most tragic thing to happen to celebrity house pets since “Buddy” Clinton was hit by a car and turned into Republican roadkill.

Eddie Izzard Takes 24 Literally


EDDIEIZZARD.JPGWe’ve long been fans of British drag comedian Eddie Izzard, who seems to have hit a career stride with roles in the upcoming Oceans 13 and Beatles’ musical Accross the Universe. So it didn’t really surprise us when we learned that Izzard accomplished the seemingly impossibly feat we’ve long wished to take part in: Going to tape your scenes for the hit Fox show 24 (we’re assuming he’s playing Elisha Cuthbert‘s long-lost twin) and getting fired after a single day of filming. Meaning the man somehow managed to film 24 in 24! While producers blame the reason for his firing on “scheduling issues”, clearly the real reason was to avoid any future Grey’s Anatomy-style hate-mongering/strangling. In the meantime, someone get this man a key to the city! The city that is my heart.