If Jessica Simpson starts working on her hacky stand-up schtick, she could have a bright future on the red carpet once all the Botox has finished its total annihilation of her face.





  • LATE PAYMENT OF RESPECTS: Nearly six weeks after his death, Anna Nicole Smith’s son Daniel was finally laid to rest. (Showbuzz)
  • FIERCE FLATTERY: Tyra Banxxx, the porn star lookalike of Tyra Banks, took her namesake’s advice to “find a more respectable job” and released a new video called America’s Next Top Porn Star. (Page Six)
  • SELF-HATRED: Panic! at the Disco delcare emo to be “bullshit”. (NME)
  • MINDLESS ENTERTAINMENT: If someone made a feature film of nothing else but Brandon Davis being denied from Hyde (or “den-Hyde”, for short – coined it!), it could be the highest-grossing comedy of all time. Well, at least my favorite. (TMZ)
  • DOWNGRADE: I know he’s boycotting Cristal, but Jay-Z rapping about how many “Bud Selects” he swills back just doesn’t seem quite as impressive (unless you’re a frat guy, in which case that’s totally badass). (E! Online)

ICYMI: A Life In Pictures


In a world of LoneyGirl15′s and Numa Kids, it’s rare that I say a YouTube sketch video flirts with genius, but Olde English’s spoof of the recent “picture-a-day” video trend, which tells the story of a man’s entire life in a cleverly cut-together series of still photographs, is pretty f’ing impressive. You’ll want to watch it several times to get all the jokes!

BWE SPORTS: We’re Getting Closer & Closer To Your Regularly Scheduled FOX Programming



Tonight the New York Mets and the St. Louis Cardinals go head-to-head in Game 7 of the NLCS to determine who faces the Detroit Tigers in the World Series. So if you’re a Mets fan, Cardinals fan, or baseball fan you should be excited about a great night of baseball. Everybody else: be excited that you’re one step closer to all new episodes of Standoff, only on Fox!

Are you watching the game tonight? And if so, who are you rooting for? The Mets? The Cardinals? Or simply the return of your regularly scheduled programs? Vote now!

THE DAILY DOUCHE: Requiem For a Douche


nakedmodeldouche.jpgI bet when this guy left his friends and family back in Ohio, he was like, “I’m going to Hollywood to be a big movie star, just like Brad Pitt!” And now here he is on a balmy day in Long Beach, shivering next to some off-duty lower-back-branded stripper, miserably cupping his shriveled junk in his hands whilst the lesser-known Hilton sister has her fully-clothed picture taken to launch the branding campaign for the “Nicky O” hotel chain her daddy gave her. All those acting classes and modeling lessons are really paying off now, aren’t they, Sir Laurence Olivier? I mean, without your flaccid man bits hanging about there, how else will weary travelers know that Nicky O is the one hotel that really lets you whore it up? Put this in your portfolio, fierce-nuts: you’re today’s Daily Douche!

ICYMI: Liza Minnelli and David Gest’s Unaired Pilot


We are completely obsessed with all programming happening over at VH1 (it’s nearly bonus time, OK?), and can’t help but feel really let down that the following nugget o’geen, The Liza Minnelli and David Gest Show, i.e. Newlyweds III: The Horror, never made it to air. (Their divorce may or may not have played a part.) Check out the first 10 minutes of show below (it might be all you’ll need), but if you’re feeling particularly Unfrozen-Caveman-Lawyerish, you can see Part II and Part III by clicking on the part you’d like to see.