LISTEN UP: I Got A Case Of The Blues…


  • Neiles Life has a bunch of tracks off the new We Are Scientists B-sides/rarities LP. No word yet on why a band with 1 album is releasing a B-sides/rarities album though.
  • So Much Silence posted a B-Side from The National titled “Warm Singing Whore”. I’m not exactly sure what that means.
  • If you don’t have “She Sends Kisses” by The Wrens on your iPod, head over to Badminton Stamps and fix that right away.
  • My Old Kentucky Blog posted tracks by Rufus Wainwright and Stephin Merritt from an upcoming compilation album based on the 10 plagues. Um. Interesting.
  • The post is over a week old, but I’d be doing a disservice if I didn’t point out that Aquarium Drunkard has the legendary Rolling Stones C**ksucker Blues EP. Head over there and download it before it’s too late.

ICYMI: The Rapture Descends Upon The Today Show


Meatloaf appeared on this morning’s Today Show to promote the third installment of Bat Out of Hell. And if ever someone looked like they were dumping a 55 pound load in their pants, it would have to be this guy. He seriously doesn’t hit a single note — except for the most important note, the high C that is Showmanship. Just promise us you’ll stick around for the end where the guy seriously loses it and gets up all in some leather girl’s grill.

Crikey! It’s A Cliched Crocodile Hunter Costume!


crocodile hunter.jpgAs millions of grown men and women prepare themselves for a weekend of excessive drinking while parading around in costumes that are either a) incredibly slutty, b) obnoxiously cliched or c) purposefully tasteless, we here at BWE would like to take a moment to make a simple request: This Halloween, please, whatever you do, don’t dress up as The Crocodile Hunter.

Are we urging you stay away from the Steve Irwin duds because it’s “too soon”? Absolutely not. Nelson de la Rosa, an 18-inch tall Dominican actor who was famously paraded around by Pedro Martinez during the Boston Red Sox 2004 Championship run passed away five days ago; if you want to dress up as him, you’re more than welcome (and honestly, we’d love to see how you pull it off.) But if you hit the town as our buddy Steve, you manage to pull off the rare double whammy of being both obnoxiously cliched AND purposely tasteless. And that’s never good. Not even with the “clever” addition of a stingray hanging out of your chest. Sorry, pal.

So stay away from the Crocodile Hunter this year. Unless, of course, you decide to whore it up and go out as The Slutty Crocodile Hunter. Three wrongs do make a right.

Madonna on Oprah For Make Benefit Glorious Man Borat


Borat has been surrounded by a lot of controversey lately, but luckily Madonna has come to his defense by going on Oprah to tell the world about this misunderstood man. Check out this clip from BWE editor Rob Vernola.

Things We’d Rather See Other Than Sienna Miller


POSTCOVER.JPGWe get a lotta crap for reading the NY Post, New York City’s premiere trashy tabloid. Sure, they have the political intelligence of a 4th grader in the Third Reich, and fine, their political cartoonists are kinda sorta gay bashy, but we don’t go there for the real news. We plunk down $.25 each morning to read the junky stuff: Page Six, the Pulse section, Marmaduke. Which is why we were dismayed — DISMAYED — to see that our favorite paper put one of the least deserving actresses on the cover today for no reason. Sienna Miller. Sienna Miller, on the cover of our celebrity bible! We were, to say the least, steamed. It seems like the Post needed our guidance.

So we compiled a list of Things We Would Rather See on the Cover of the NY Post Other Than Sienna Miller — check it out after the jump!

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Playing With Fire, Listening With Trepidation


Can’t wait till Tuesday to hear the new K-Fed album (wait… seriously, you can’t? What’s wrong with you?)federline fire.jpg AOL music is hosting a Kevin Federline listening party where you can stream the full album AND get some insight as to what all of the songs are about. Hear Kevin opine over how “League Of My Own” is a look inside exactly how he feels about “the industry,” and how “Dance With A Pimp” is about “loving women.” And make sure not to miss the song where he says “things that people don’t know” about him, “World Is Mine”. Now in the interest of full disclosure, I should probably mention that I didn’t actually listen to any of the above songs or the audio descriptions. Come on. I’m not a sadist.

Listen to Playing With Fire, and be silently judged by your peers, by clicking here.

ON THE SCENE: The mtvU Woodies Red Carpet (Pre-Leto)


Prior to Jared Leto of 30 Seconds to Mars attacking hobbits and bloggers at the mtvU Woodie Awards at the Roseland Ballroom here in NYC Wednesday night, there was the calm before the storm on the red carpet, and yours truly had a great time catching up with Beck, Lady Sovereign, my man Ghostface Killah, Gym Class Heroes, The Subways and more assorted artists who didn’t feel the need to show everyone how tough they could be while wearing guyliner. Check it out!

While You Were Not Watching CBS News…



SPOILER ALERT: What’s Going On Tonight?


cook island.jpg

Grey’s Anatomy is a repeat, a couple of shows are airing recap episodes, and the only thing you’ll be watching on FOX tonight is another low rated baseball game. But despite all that, there’s still a bunch of stuff worth watching. Here are a few:

  • It’s a flashback episode of Smallville. Time to get all caught up.
  • It’s recap Thursday! Survivor brings you up to speed as well.
  • Ugly Betty rocks a Halloween episode tonight, complete with Judith Light cameo.
  • Somebody’s going to be forced to repeatedly answer the timeless question: Deal or No Deal.
  • Eddie Vedder and surfer Laird Hamilton kick off the second season of Sundance’s Iconoclasts tonight.

So what are you watching tonight? Let us know in the comments. And if anything crazy happens, tell us! We hate missing stuff.