SPOILER ALERT: What’s Going On Tonight?



Beck, TV On The Radio, 30 Seconds To Mars, Lady Sovereign and Feist won’t be the only people attending MTVU’s Woodie Awards tonight; we’re going to be there too, liveblogging the whole damn thing. So make sure you check back here throughout the night to get the inside scoop on what’s going down.

Of course, we don’t expect you to get all your nightly entertainment through the blog (though it’s cool if you do.) There’s a lot going on in TV land tonight, including:

  • Dita Von Teese gets the ANTM contestants in touch with their “sexy side.”
  • Liz gets set up on a blind date by her boss on 30 Rock.
  • Survivor’s Boston Rob drops by Sci Fi Investigates in an attempt to investigate where his 15 minutes went.
  • The Biggest Loser chubbies do some calorie counting.
  • The Top Chef contestants do sushi.
  • And on Lost, not a lot happens and questions remain unanswered.

So what are you watching tonight? Make sure you leave Comments all night long if you see anything crazy… anything crazy on TV, that is.

…Of The Day


  • LIVEBLOG: We here at BWE.tv won’t be the only people liveblogging the MTV Woodie Awards tonight. The lovely Miss Modernage will be typing away too. (The Modern Age)
  • NEVERMIND: I bet Kurt Cobain would hate being on Forbes’ “Top Earning Dead Celebrities” list if he was alive. Then again, if he was alive he wouldn’t be on it. So nevermind. (Forbes)
  • WE CARE: The new Gnarls Barkley video for “Who Cares?” is a little bit Gnarls and a whole lotta Blacula. These guys just don’t miss, do they? (Pitchforkmedia)
  • WAIT FOR IT: How I Met Your Mother fans: Submit your best Barneyisms today! (Lindsayism)
  • RHETORICAL QUESTION: What happens when people stop being polite and start getting real…ly desperate? Just ask Robin from Real World: San Diego. (IDLYITW)

Thinking About Carson Daily?


I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not the hugest fan of Carson Daly. My aversion began many years ago when he refused my free labor as an intern on his talk show — no matter how many roses I sent to him — and lingers to this day whenever my dial happens to land on NBC between 1:35 and 2:05 am ET. (Looks like they won’t hire me now, either.) But my passive dislike of the man is nothing compared to comedian Kate Spencer, who spends nearly every minute of every waking hour in a continual cloud of Carson Daly hatred. Watch this video (which, fair warning, features Tara Reid‘s “goose-egg areola“), and see how your hatred compares. (Link via The Apiary)

YOUTUBULAR: Everybody Spies Sometimes


Do you like Best Week Ever? Comedy? Laughing in general? Well, according to this article in the New York Observer, none of that existed before Spy magazine.

Had it not been for Spy, of course, there never would’ve been a Gawker Stalker (Spy loved maps, anonymity), nor Ashton Kutcher’s Punk’d (Spy loved pranks), nor VH1’s “Best Week Ever” (Spy loved postmortems).

Well, thank God for Spy. Here’s a great video from Spy’s old “How To Be Famous” series. This is The Montalban Experiment.

Link via Gawker

BWE INVESTIGATES: What Else Is Paris Hiding?


It was reported this week that Paris Hilton has been hiding her weed (or as she calls it, “personal interestingness supplement”) in her teddy bear while traveling. This shocking revelation left us wondering what else Paris could be hiding, so we some hard-hitting invesigating, boldly going into the den of sin itself – her bedroom! – to see what kinds of contraband we could uncover. Roll your Mouse over the blue dots to see Paris’ hidden treasures!

This Christmas, Get Your Dog a Glamour Shot!


PUP2.JPGAnyone under the age of 30 should be familiar with Glamour Shots, the portrait studio in suburban shopping malls around the country where, for a nominal fee, one is painted to look like a $5 salloon whore/gay gigolo, placed in a cowboy hat, tarred, feathered, and turned into a wallet-sized photograph. (Examples seen here, here, here and here.) We assumed Glamour Shots went the way of slap bracelets and Kriss Kross, and were shocked to find out that the store still exists! And not only are they still around, but now they’re catering to dogs.

You probably thought your dog was just as sexy with or without makeup… But boy will your mind be changed when you check out the Glamour Shots Pet Gallery. Note the twinkle in this hounds eye as he is nearly strangled with an emasculating feather boa. And nothing says “Happy Hanukkah” like a Golden Retreiver photographed against his will. But don’t sweat it, camera hog: You too can join in on the fun and engage in a heavy petting session Christmas card the whole family will cringe-oy!

If you still have your Glamour Shots, we’d love to see ‘em. E-mail them over to us at info@bwe.tv!

ICYMI: Bob Dylan Is Like A Rollin’ Over In His Grave


The cast of The Times They Are A-Changin, the new Broadway musical featuring the music of Bob Dylan, dropped by The View this morning to butcher perform the classic song “Like A Rolling Stone”. What ensued looked like a bad skit on Studio 60. Thank God Bob isn’t alive to see this.

Wow. That certainly wasn’t “Blowin’ In The Wind”. Just blowin’.

THE DAILY DOUCHE: Douchin’ the Night Away


douchefight.JPGAnyone who’s ever wondered why Los Angeles is such a wonderful place to live need look no further than the “Hollywood wildlife in its natural habitat” footage found here (language NSFW), taken outside of the ironically-named “Privilege” nightclub, depicting Sean Stewart, “really famous” son of Rod and brother of Kimberly, participating in a verbal-turned-violent battle with some other LA night-clubbing greasemonkey over who is “better than” the other. The best parts are the high-brow insults (“my grandfather has a better hairstyle than you!”), the spitting in the face, the cool cursing, the drunken partygirl’s declaration that these guys “are f*ckin’ stupid”, and the Kimberly Stewart going on into the club to grab a Vodka/Red Bull while her douchebro gets into an idiotic shoving match with some other people whose parents’ success has left them with an preposterous sense of entitlement. This is the Hollywood dream in action, folks – and everyone involved in it gets to share the honor of being today’s Daily Douche!