AD WIZARDS: Turn This Cable Ad Up to “11”


What you are about to see is the latest music video clip from Early Edison – the hippest, hottest new band of indie rockers to hit the New York/New Jersey scene since The Strokes started singing about their previous evenings of getting wasted back in ’01. Dripping with raw rock power and dangerous amounts of pure sexual energy, the boys from EE know how to rock the house – and wire it up with the convenience of cable on demand. They’ll even let you “hold their remote control”.

Watch The Office At The Office



If you notice a shortage of posts today, here’s why: by clicking here you can watch every single episode of The (American) Office. Every single one. From The Pilot to Ryan’s Initiation, with every Jim, Pam and Dwight moment in between.

So yeah, I’m not doing any work today. I’m going to watch my favorite episode (“The Injury”), the few that I’ve missed, and every one that guest stars Amy Adams. You do the same. Then in a couple of hours lets meet back up over here and talk about how awesome Creed is. See you then.

Link via Gorillamask

While You Were Stitching Your “Slutty Nun” Costume…



Best Night Ever: October 24th!


Alex Blagg is here to bring you the absolute best of Tuesday night television, including Dancing with the Stars, Friday Night Lights, Veronica Mars and Joan Rivers!

SPOILER ALERT: What’s Going On Tonight?



It’s hard keeping up with all the good stuff on TV these days. You make one little mistake and BAM! suddenly you’re the person laughing uncomfortably at the water cooler the next morning because you missed something. That’s why we have to help each other out. Here are a couple of the more notable things happening on TV tonight:

  • Joan Rivers has a brand new stand-up special on Bravo.
  • Veronica Mars helps a guy figure out where all his inheritance money is going.
  • Peg Bundy guest stars on Boston Legal.
  • The NCIS team needs to figure out who tricked them into walking into a warehouse rigged with a cellphone bomb.
  • Christian shows his softer side on Nip/Tuck.
  • The Detroit Tigers attempt to cheat their way one step closer to a World Series Title.

Let us know what you’re watching. If anything crazy happens, post about it in the Comments here (because we’re sick of missing all the good stuff.)

…Of The Day


    lucy liu.jpg

  • SAVE THE DATE: Tomkat officially becomes Mrs. Tomkat on November 18. Suri remains a bastard. (Bricks & Stones)
  • INCREDIBLY SPECIFIC DEMO: Meet Nemesis, just your typical gay identical twin ex-Jehovah’s Witnesses-turned-pop stars. (Radar)
  • GYLLEN-BALLS: Jake Gyllehaal one ups pal Lance Armstrong by strutting around New York City with TWO balls. (Cityrag)
  • FERGIE RIP-OFF: Ugh, that woman from No Doubt is totally trying to sound like that chick from the Black Eyed Peas. (Popbytes)
  • SHAKE IT LIKE A POLAROID PICTURE: Beyonce, and Lucy Liu. Okay, now just Lucy Liu. (Celebutaint)

SHOW AND TELL: Niiiiiiice


Here are some of today’s most memorable pictures, along with our thoughts. Click the orange “left and right” arrows to flip through them all.

American Idol Contestant or Porn Star?


CLAY AIKEN.JPGThis is one of the most difficult challenges Details has ever posed. Judging from a small portion of a person’s face, you have to guess whether you are looking at an American Idol contestant… or a porn star. Seems easy enough, right? Not really, when you consider that nearly every man and woman from the hit Fox reality show is painted and frosted to look almost exactly like a porn star. Even Elliot Yamin ya’ll… There is one obvious difference here. Most of the girls from American Idol would still be working had they gone into porn. And the good news: Neither Ruben Studdard nor Clay Aiken are featured… though we’d like to submit the picture at right for consideration.

24: Special Extended Day 6 Trailer


24.JPGWayne Palmer is President! Chloe O’Brien is a brunette! JACK BAUER MUST BE SACRIFICED!!!!


S… sorry. I don’t know what came over me. But if you’re a 24 fan and you watch this, I can’t guarantee that you won’t react the same way. You’ve been warned.

Worst Halloween Costumes Of All Time


VillagePeople.JPGRetrocrush has an unbelievable list of the Worst Halloween Costumes of All Time… in a universe where “Worst” actually means “Most Really Awesome.” Any child of the 80’s will appreciate a world where one toy manufacturer answered the question “What’s creepier than that robot maid from Small Wonder?” with “A vinyl dress and eyeless mask made to look like creepy robot maid.” And how else is a small child expected to be Scott Baio from Joanie Loves Chachi without the aid of a garbage bag suit and Ken doll head? He’s one of a kind, world. (Link via Cityrag)