ICYMI: Does Hogan Really Know Best?


I’m not going to say anything mean about Brooke Hogan’s um, “performance” on The Tyra Banks Show yesterday. Not because we work for the same company, but because her father is the f**king Hulkster, in case you’ve forgotten. So on that note, I hope you enjoy Brooke’s INCREDIBLE performance on yesterday’s Tyra. The way she… dances and um… sings is really, really… um… great. Yeah.

What’d you think? You can be honest… it’s much less likely he’ll hunt you down than me. Unless you’re The Iron Sheik, of course.

BWE CONTEST: Win Ben’s Boots


kweller.JPGWe love Ben Kweller and Ben Kweller loves his boots. That’s why he wants you to have a pair.

It’s Contest time. We’re giving away a pair of cowboy boots (donated by Justin Boots), a signed BK poster and a copy of Ben’s new self-titled LP to one lucky BWE.tv reader. On top of that, a couple of runner ups will receive a signed poster and a CD.

All you have to do to enter is click here and leave us your name & email address. That’s it. The winners will be chosen at random next week. Good luck!

(And by the way– if you don’t win, that shouldn’t stop you from picking up this album. It’s damn good.)

THE DAILY DOUCHE: Rush Is Right Retarded, As Usual


In his predictably deluded response to a Missouri campaign ad featuring longtime Parkinson’s Disease sufferer Michael J. Fox explaining the importance of stem cell research, conservative radio host and all-around buffoon Rush Limbaugh claimed that Fox’s heart-breaking disposition is the result of either a) “going off his medication” (ironic, coming from a pill-popping junkie) prior to his appearances to cynically emphasize the tragic nature his illness, or b) the simple fact that he’s “an actor” capable of manufacturing such a performance (having seen Life With Mikey, this makes total sense). Rush Limbaugh saying inflammatory, idiotic shit isn’t really breaking news, but it has earned that fat tub of worthless lard the honor of being today’s Daily Douche.

Orphan’s Godfather Already More Involved Than Guy Ritchie


RUPERTGODFATHER.JPGWhen one is forced to pick the Godfather of their brand new bouncing baby fake-orphan, you must look to your nearest and dearest, those who are simply a DNA-chain away from actually being related to you. For Madonna and Lil’ Orphan Davie, this man was none other than perfect-leading-man-but-he-likes-dudes Rupert Everett. Madge and Rupee have been Biff’s for years, and Everett is well-known for his involvement in various AIDS charities which have led him to spend time in Africa. For questions left unanswered, Davie can peruse Everett’s diary entries over at the Daily Mail, which cover such Godfatherly subjects as the smell of Julia Robertssweat and his on-screen love affair with Sharon Stone.

One puzzle piece that hasn’t fallen into place is Guy Ritchie‘s take on all this. The actual adopted father of this boy (remember, his biological dad is still alive) hasn’t been seen or heard during this entire controversy — though there has been speculation that he is upset over the entire thing. Could this possibly be some sort of silent protest? We really really hope so. It might just make us forgive him for that Swept Away business.

ICYMI: Remembering The ‘The’ Bands


Remember way back in the day… like 2002… when the ‘The’ bands were supposed to take over music? Bands like The Strokes, The White Stripes, The Vines and The Hives? Well, things didn’t work out the way we thought they would. Years later the most important contribution from any of those guys was The Hives inspiring “Hey Ya” (which definitely counts for something.) Today Stereogum posted a medley from those inspirational rockers on Swedish TV. Taking a page from the Weird Al playbook, they put their own twist on a handful of songs from artists like Outkast, The White Stripes, The Three 6 Mafia and more. So grab your denim jacket and remember a much simpler time by watching it now.

ICYMI: Leader of the Free World Doesn’t Use E-mail


This clip from a CNBC interview with President Bush is just priceless. Our Dear Leader says he uses “the Google” sometimes (ever try googling “miserable failure”, W?), and admits to being particularly impressed with the Google Maps satellite technology, which he uses to keep an eye on his ranch in Texas (and is also, presumably, his secret weapon for hunting down Osama and other terrorists), but says he “never uses e-mail” over concerns about what people could be sending him (guess it’s above and beyond the capabilities of the US government to get the President a secure address safe from all those Nigerian Attorneys trying to rid themselves of dubiously aquired fortunes – you know he’d fall for it). While it seems almost laughably absurd that our own president is terrified of a technology my 80 year-old grandmother mastered 5 years ago, at least we don’t have to wory about him “Pulling a Foley”.

SIZZLER: JJ Federline Is Dy-No-Mite!


JJFed.JPGWell it seems that the CSI (Celebrity Stuff Investigations) experts over at TMZ have finally solved the Britney Spears Baby-Naming Mystery that has been plaguing the tabloids and gossip blogs since reports surfaced last week suggesting that Sean Preston’s new baby bro, whose name was originally reported as “Sutton Pierce”, might not in fact share his sibling’s sunscreen strength-inspired initials. According to the official Birth Documents TMZ obtained through their shadowy network of Public Record Operatives, the Spears-Federline’s newest little cheetoh is actually named Jayden James Federline, and will henceforth be referred to by us only as “JJ” or “J-Fed”, and always succeeded by the popular 70’s sitcom catchphrase, “Dy-no-mite!”

LISTEN UP: It’s Time To Party (And Jog)



  • For a limited time only (read: until it gets pulled), BiBaBiDi has the 45:33 long LCD Soundsystem track intended to keep you occupied on your next run. Download it and hit the gym, fat ass.
  • Andrew W.K. does his best Ronettes impression on the track “Don’t Call Me Andy” off his new album. Naturally, Fluxblog has the goods.
  • Even better than the RZA track posted on Scissorkick today? Learning that he’s been working with Young Dirty Bastard, ODB’s son.
  • The Cold War Kids cover everybody from Lawrence Welk to Fiona Apple over at My Old Kentucky Blog .
  • And finally, I Rock I Roll posted an mp3 of The Changes covering “Sexyback”. Finally, and indie rock version you’re allowed to love.

PROPPED: MyHeritage Surprisingly Accurate


TELETUBBS.JPGThe folks over at Say No To Crack ran a little experiment at facial-comparison-website MyHeritage: What celebrities do our favorite cartoon characters/ex-president’s look like? Here’s the good news. Bill Clinton most certainly looks like Bill Clinton. (While we’ve always thought him and Hillary shared an eerie resemblance, she’s nowhere on the list.) Here’s the unsettling stuff: Does Minnie Driver really look like Gollum? And Jenna Elfman might be two shades of cray cray — but we’re having trouble seeing her resemblance to Shrek! Wait… actually, that’s geen. Though nothing can top Tinky-Winky as Lance Bass. Check out the rest of the comparisons here — and thanks to reader anitabath for dropping this! Got something you want to share? Drop It now!

The Slow & Steady Decline Of Mr. James Burke



According to Life & Style magazine, 20-year-old model James Burke was recently spotted making out with the one and only Courtney Love. Right now you’re probably asking yourself, “who is James Burke and why should I care?” Well, you should care because this boy is in trouble… and he needs our help.

For you see, less than one year ago Mr. Burke was linked to supermodel Kate Moss. Shortly after their fling fizzled out, James moved on from a cocaine-snorting model to a cocaine-snorting actress (allegedly): Lindsay Lohan. Most would agree this was a step in the wrong direction. But still, nobody could of predicted what would come next; a 42-year-old ex-junkie/stripper who goes by the name of Love.

It’s clear that James Burke’s love life is spiraling out of control. From Kate to Lindsay to Courtney– who could possibly come next? Anna Nicole? Natasha Lyonne? Andy Dick? He’s just a child. Somebody needs to stop him before it’s… too late.